[WWE] Supershow Spoilers for Raw and Smackdown

I’ll have a full write up for everyone tomorrow. I’m just ducking back home to give you spoilers because if I didn’t Widro and Double M would probably cut my brake lines.

Spoilers for those that care

Mr. Kennedy Beat Val Venis using the Mortis version of the Flatliner from when Kanyon first started.

Rag Tag champs Kane and Big Show defeated Smackdown tag champs MNM to unify titles? Not sure if it was for the gold or not.

Kurt Angle beat Simon Benjamin with the anklelock.

Eugene beat Simon Dean with a Rock Bottom

Rey Mysterio beat HBK via the 619 and then a springboard legdrop.

Melina won a Diva’s Battle royal, last eliminating Trish

Ric Flair made Steven Regal tap to the figure 4

John Cena beat Randy orton by DQ when bob interfereed.


LOD beat Cade and Murdoch with the Doomsday Device.

Matt Hardy beat Carlito

Chavo Guerrero beat JBL with a frog splash

Juventud won a CW battle royal

Chris Benoit beat HHH with the Crippler Crossface. As HHH tried to escape, Benoit turned into something crossed between a victory roll and a sunset flip in appearance.

Throughout the show there were memorials like they had for Owen. In all John Cena, Batista, Vince McMahon, Benoit, Big Show, and Chavo all gave some. Some on SD, some on Raw. The beginning of the show saw everyone come out for a huge memorial while Vince extolled the virtues of Eddie. Coach, Joey Styles (Who is now part of the announce team of RAW) and Jerry Lawler had a piece about 45 minutes into the show but the sound went dead and no one heard anything they had to say.

Biggest Pops (RAW):

1) HBK
2) John Cena
3) Ric Flair

Biggest Pops (Smackdown)
1) Chris Benoit
2) Chavo Guerrero
3) Scott 2 Hotty (Trust me. The crowd was loudest the whole night when he did the WORM)

Best match: Rey/HBK, also I have a special spot for Chavo/JBL match which has a really funny bit I’ll talk about tomorrow.

If you attended the event tonight and want to send a report in, please email matthew (at) insidepulse (dot) com. Also, PWTorch.com was the first major wrestling site with detailed spoilers up live from the show. We’ll have Lucard’s detailed write-up tomorrow.