Pulse Cannon

Well here inside the Inside Pulse secret underground headquarters, where I man the Pulse Cannon defending the base from the hordes of bad reviews, Halloween has just passed with plenty of little gouls and ghosts staying home it seems. I can’t understand why either. Maybe it was the Activision head on a stake in the front yard last year. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, I hope you all had a wonderful evening.

So anyway, sometime last year a story got published that described a phenomanon in England called Toothing. The story explained how people in England were taking their Blue Tooth equipped messaging devices and sending out general messages like “I’m on south bound train and horny, any women like to join me in second car?” Etc. This provoked both an outrage and at the same time a surge in Blue Tooth equipped messangers. Another story surfaced around the same time describing something similar, called dogging. Again in England. I think this involved taking pets out for walks and then finding a nice place to let the dogs do their business while you did yours. Or something. Whatever, both were investigated and turned out to be hoaxes. Or at least whoever was doing it had the good sense to quit while they were ahead.

At any rate, along comes Nintendo with their Blue Tooth equipped Nintendo DS, and their game involving dogs which actively seeks out other DS users with the game. So you knew. You just knew. Actually, I didn’t know. But I’m shocked that I didn’t know. This should have been obvious. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you www.nitendogging.com. Of course, this too could be a scam. Or it could be true. Either way it shows you just what can occur when a company doesn’t consider what might happen if they choose to include a feature like dogs barking at other owners. I doubt interactivity meant this. But then again, DS does say it’s good to touch. Either way the reasons for me getting a DS are climbing…and that’s the Pulse Cannon.