Pulse Cannon

So, the clock is ticking, and there is but a mere month before the next generation officially kicks off. Microsoft’s silver and green console is inching closer and closer to store shelves, and people are marking off the days one by one.

So since it’s close, I figured I’d list all of the new features coming on the 360 that I’m excited about.

1: Umm..
2: Errr
3: Damn, gotta be something.

Yes, it’s true, I have just about zero hype for this new console. I find myself more excited for the next Nintendo console than I do for this, and after the last generation, that shocks me. Just about every game is a rehash, and those that aren’t just don’t grab me.

I guess I’ve got a month to find out if this thing is for me, or if I’m gonna wait till something, probably Halo 3, grabs me.

Onto other things. Sorry there’s no news worth talking about this week, so it’s back to the old “what did O’Reilly play this week routine.” I got a chance to sit down with SSX 4, and got some quality Battlefield 2 time. I’ll save you the pain of hearing me bitch about Battlefield 2 though, and focus instead on SSX4.

Firstly, they used Iron Maiden for the intro. I don’t know whether to be offended or not. They picked the song because its titled “Run to the Hills”, but they butchered the song so the political message that made it a cool tune is just gone. Anyway, once I got past the intro I found myself settling right into the game. The big addition is the option of snowboarding or skiing, but during my rental I didn’t really find myself falling in love with the game like I had with previous ones. I guess I think the series could probably use a rest before it loses it’s fan base the same way Tony Hawk did. Not enough change and too little time has passed since the last game to make me want to play this for anything longer than rental. But then this is EA, so SSX5 and SSX 6 are probably already in the design stages.

So anyway thats all for the Cannon this week. Hopefully something interesting will happen to make the juices flow. Have a pleasant week.