Capcom Announces ‘Rockman EXE 6’

Capcom recently announced the much-anticipated sixth installment to its Rockman EXE series (aka Mega Man Battle Network), which will be released this winter in Japan. The games will be on the GBA, and once again come in two versions. Furthermore, the games will link with Konami’s upcoming Boktai 3. Last but not least, it’s rumored that this may be the final MMBN title; we’ll see if it holds true. Hey, if it frees Capcom up to work on Mega Man Legends 3, then it’s a sacrifice well worth making!

Anyway, you can check out some interesting new pics of Mega Man’s latest forms (could they be new Soul Unisons?) at Capcom Japan’s official site:

A US release of the games will likely occur in the summer of 2006.

Source: Capcom Japan