The Angry Gamer – Spoiled Rotten

The advent of the internet may have facilitated near-instant communication across the globe, but man, can it be a buzzkill for gamers. Sure, getting news from the E3 floor is nice, but the cons often outweigh the pros. The biggest offender? Message boards.

How many times have you signed onto a message board, clicking on a seemingly innocent thread, only to have retarded fanboy completely ruin a new game’s ending? And with horrendous grammar and spelling, to boot? Precious few gamers know how to mark their spoilers, or shut their mouths in general. Message boards are definitely a read-at-your-own-risk activity if you’re big on secrecy.

Sometimes, even the big gaming sites are guilty of horrible spoilers. Using a true example from about two years ago, there was a headline that proclaimed “Boktai‘s Django to Make Cameo Appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 4.” Well, thanks, f*ckstick. I didn’t even click on the damn article, but already, part of the game has been spoiled. It would have been a lot more satisfying if I didn’t know about the character’s cameo appearance until I found out myself while playing!

This shit needs to stop. Of course, I have no illusions that it ever will…but one can dream, yes? Just as idiot fanboys pop up faster than weeds in real life, their spread to the cyberworld shows no sign of letting up. We can take small consolation in the fact that some message board moderators clamp down on these spoiling bastards in the meantime. Gaming sites? No such luck…