The Angry Gamer – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

As much of a Nintendo fan as I am, sometimes the Big N really irritates me. The latest infraction? Well, we all know that classic NES/SNES/N64 games will be made available for play on Nintendo’s upcoming Revolution console. Games will either be downloaded, or possibly included with new Rev titles. At first, fanboys were ecstatic, claiming that the downloads would be free. No dice. Nintendo prez Satoru Iwata himself debunked that, saying that the downloaded games would have a price attached. This is no shock, considering that Nintendo routinely charges $20 MSRP for 20-year-old NES games ported to the GBA.

The next big announcement was that the classic games may get a graphics and sound overhaul. The gameplay would be completely unchanged; it would just get an audiovisual update. See, this bothers me for a few reasons. One, those overhauls naturally cost money, and you can be assured that the cost will be partially transferred onto the consumer. Two…I’m f*cking sick of remakes. Yes, I know I’ve picked them up once in a blue moon, but this is getting way out of control. What the hell is wrong with leaaving the classic games the way they are?! If Nintendo’s trying to milk the nostalgia factor, this is the wrong way to do it. If you change the graphics and sound, then it is not the same game anymore. Compare the original Super Mario Bros trilogy with Super Mario All-Stars. They’re light-years apart, even though the basic gameplay is supposed to be identical. The same applies for the Super Mario Advance remakes.

I swear…just leave well enough alone, fer crissake. Being charged for old games is bad enough, and this newest dreck is just additional crap in our cornflakes.