Iwata says NO to free Nintendo games on the Revolution

Rumors have been running rampant ever since E3 that the Revolution would have Nintendo’s past library of NES, SNES, and N64 games available for free download. Well, I’m sorry to say…that’s wrong.

“Nintendo president Satoru Iwata cleared everything up on famitsu.com. Iwata said that the retro Nintendo game downloads will not be available for free on the Revolution. Rather, Nintendo might give some away with each Revolution game you buy, do special promotions, and so on. They’re still deciding. The download service itself will be free, but the games will not be.”

So it looks like gamers are stuck shelling out cash for old games, just like they’ve been for the Classic NES Series on the GBA. Bummer.

Source: Famitsu.com, GamesAreFun.com