(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Jade Empire – Part 3

Spoiling for a Fight Are We?

Speaking of fighting styles, it seems like you’ll have an endless variety to choose from. The great part about Jade Empire is that you get to choose how you want your character to develop. If you like being a melee fighter that’s an option or you can channel some Chi to bring magic into the mix. The combinations can boggle the mind.

Martial Arts

Legendary Fists
This is the high speed attack with the low defense. While you don’t need to be highly powerful to use this move, you can remove enemies with lightning speed. There’s a reason this move is labeled “legendary.” Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.

This is the slow attack with the strong defense. If the enemy can’t hit you it’s easier to wear them down and use your enemy’s strengths against them. The beauty of the willow style is your ability to bend and not break.

Leaping Tiger
This style is the quick and strong at the same time. Named after the animal that inspired the style, imagine your character furious and strong with razor sharp claws that can sprout from their fists. This is one tiger you won’t be able to catch by the toe. Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.


Ice Shard
If you want solid spears of ice or freezing storms to surround your enemies the technique for you is one of ice. If you master this piece of magic you can even surround your foe with ice and smash them in one stunning blow. Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.

Paralyzing Palm
Nothing is more magical than stunning your enemy into submission. Strength is not the focus but the concentration is solely on control. Even if an enemy has a lot of health left the Paralyzing Palm technique can render them useless. Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.

If freezing to death is not your taste, perhaps you would enjoy something a little crispier. The fire attack can dole out huge amounts of damage that can leave your enemies reeling with smoke. Be wary, however, because some enemies may also be able to channel their Chi into a fire storm.

Bronze Golem
The Bronze Golem is one of the ultimate transformation magic techniques. You can capture any creature’s spirit that you have defeated in combat and use it as a style. Since the Golems are unstoppable behemoths, a master of this form will not only fight like a Golem but turns into one as well. There’s nothing scarier than looking a Bronze Golem’s fist in the face.

Storm Dragon
If you want a whirlwind of force, this technique is a great one to drive people back. The key to this move is the momentum you gain while moving forward. Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.

Horse Demon
This is yet another transformation technique. Since the Horse Demons are very powerful you adapt their characteristics of high power and defense when you invoke this magic. However, it also takes a lot of power to be powerful and your Chi can only last so long while you are in this form.


Twin Hams
This is just an example of what’s called an improvised fighting technique. Your characters can take objects from their environment and use them as weapons. As an example, you can find Wu the Lotus Blossom in the tea house smacking around a grunting pig with pieces of ham. Click here to see a clip in action, courtesy of Bioware.

If you ask the experts they’ll tell you that anyone with a weapon has the advantage. Nothing’s more classic that a sword. The longsword in this game travels the road of moderation. It’s an excellent combination of speed, power and defense when it comes to having a weapon.