(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Jade Empire – Part 2

The Colorful Cast of Characters

Who are our unlikely heroes and who are the people that choose to follow them? And we’re wondering, who are the colorful characters that are going to oppose the protagonists of our story?


Tiger Shen
Slow and steady win the race, right? Tiger Shen may always be mislabeled as a brute. He’s got the muscles and the stamina to take on just about anything. Since you can choose any kind of fighting style for any character, he doesn’t have to be a rock. He can be as quick and light as he needs to be. Although from the look of him, I hope he can talk better than a caveman.

Furious Ming
He’s Shen’s polar opposite. Too many people would overlook Ming in a bar fight, but he’d be the first guy to smack a punch in your face. He’s lighting in a bottle and while there may be questions about the gigantic tattoo on his back, no one is willing to ask him about it directly to his face.

Wu the Lotus Blossom
She is the balance between strength and speed. While she may take a more moderate approach, it allows for more flexibility when in strange situations. Don’t let Shen or Ming know that dirty little secret though. We don’t want them getting any funny ideas. In fact, I’ve found that Wu can be one of the better choices for someone starting out with this game because she allows more margin for error.

Lu the Prodigy
Lu is the male version of Wu. As strange as that last sentence sounds, it’s basically true. He’s also a balancing act when it comes to strength and speed. His combination of strength and magic make him a valuable character if you don’t like the thought of Wu jouncing around on your screen. Although, that may be a rare preference indeed.

Radiant Jen Zi
Tiny and petite, this little woman will give you a run for your money. She’s categorized as a fast character, just like Furious Ming. For fast attacks and furious counter-attacks you can count on this little sprite to be quick on the draw. However, she had none of the brute force you can get with Tiger Shen.

Scholar Ling
Busy burying her nose in dusty books, Ling has earned the name of a scholar. With moderate agility and moderate strength, she doesn’t seem a likely candidate for a warrior. Until, of course, you come to appreciate the fact that all the studying has paid off and Ling is quick to learn all she can about magic. Starting off in the game she is the most powerful magic-user you can pick.


Dawn Star
She is the uncanny and spiritual child that has been learning martial arts at Two Rivers longer than anyone else. While she has almost mastered several styles of combat, Dawn Star is not interested in pursuing life outside of her garden. Because she was born under a red dawn star(thus her name) she has been scrutinized and also seems to have the ability to be sensitive to things in the spirit realm.

Chai Ka (the Heavenly Gate Guardian)
Ah yes, an immortal monster that is probably a cousin to Kiss. Chai Ka is all about ordered thought and infrequently steps into the lives of mortals. Only because of the current threat to the Empire does he decide to stir into action and give the “mere mortals” a chance to fight by his side.

The Black Whirlwind
Alright, so forget about my remark on Tiger Shen. The Black Whirlwind is a true descendant of the caveman. He’s dirty, uncouth and not to mention, always drunk. If you need an extra hand at your side that can fight off unimaginable odds, he’s your man. Just don’t let him convince you to elect him as Emperor.

Kang the Mad
Kang may be eccentric, but you wouldn’t call him crazy to his face because you need to use his inventions. Not always concerned about the mechanics of things, Kang spends a lot of time on appearance. He believes a great deal in being inoffensive to the spirits because he knows they have the ability to take you out of the sky on a whim. There’s nothing like falling to your death in a flying machine because you made a great spirit angry.

Henpecked Ho
Although he says he prefers the quiet life of running his inn with his nagging wife, Ho somehow manages to come along and help you trade goods and make contacts along the way. As much as he keep insisting he likes the quiet life, he remains steadfast in your party to remind you how unwilling he really is to be there.


Emperor Sun Hai
He is the Emperor known to bring peace and prosperity back to the land. While the drought took hold of the land, he was able to bring the rains back and cause the land to be plentiful again. On the exterior all may seem well, but angry ghosts and spirits are stirring and there are whispers that Emperor Sun bargained with something terrible to bring water back to the Empire.

Death’s Hand
As the head of the Lotus Assassins and the right hand of the Emperor since the drought, his philosophy is that respect is best gained through fear. He is very powerful and most of his enemies end up dead. So the rumors that he may have more power than he should be allowed don’t pass the lips of those who want to stay alive. Who needs an Emperor who is a tyrant when you’ve got someone like Death’s Hand?

Villainous Creatures
Even without the two main antagonists there are plenty of evil baddies to choose from. There is a wide assortment of demons such as the horse, toad, elephant and rat variety. Each one has its own set of nasty surprises. If that’s not enough there is the fox and mask spirits, ogres, golems and evil magicians. This adventure is going to be chocked full of deadly creatures to keep our protagonists busy developing new fighting styles.