The Angry Gamer – Shame of the Year 2004

As expected at the end of any year, there’s loads of talk about the best games released over the past twelve months. However…what about the worst of the bunch?

There’s certainly been some shitpiles dumped on us in 2004. Be it a horribly designed game, a delayed and disappointing game, or just one that was overhyped beyond on all notions of reality, let’s take a look at a few of the luminaries for Worst Game o’ 2k4:

  • Fight Club (Xbox/PS2) – Take a good but overrated film, and turn it into a game, and what’s the natural result? A steaming bowl of shit. The real “Fight Club” of video games is and always has been fighting games. Stick with those.
  • Fable (Xbox) – A hotly anticipated title that fell flat on its face. Want proof of how lackluster this game is? Creator Peter Molyneux himself issued a statement apologizing for the game breaking so many promises. Do the math.
  • Nightmare of Druaga (PS2)Tower of Druaga was good. Even the “Hole of Druaga” game within Mr. Driller Drill Land was good. However, Nightmare most certainly is not. I’m all for bringing back long-forgotten licenses, but this game was such a horrible mess it makes me want to forget the original ever existed.
  • Ping Pals (DS) – The DS’ built-in PictoChat software is stupid enough. With Ping Pals, you’re expected to shell out $30 for…a glorified PictoChat. The game tries to entice you with mini-games and other such rubbish, but come on…you’re wasting your hard-earned cash on something that’s already built into the system, but with less frills and pointless crap.

I’d write more, but it’s mere days before Xmas, and you know how insane this season is. Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday(s), and if you live up north like I do, learn how to drive in the f*cking snow.