Preview: Viewtiful Joe 2 (GC, PS2)

Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom / Genre: Action /
Release Date: (GameCube) 11-16-04; (PlayStation2) 12-07-04

Viewtiful Joe is back and pom-pomier than ever. My, my, so busty too!

Oh no, that’s Sylvia.

For those of you who unlocked Joe’s tasty tart and her cheerleading duds in the original Viewtiful Joe and are turning blue waiting for more… Viewtiful Joe 2 will have you breathing and happy in no time. Viewtiful Joe had our hero rescuing a kidnapped Sylvia from Captain Blue’s Movieland, whereas Viewtiful Joe 2 reunites the two and has them traveling through various Movielands to fight for truth, justice, and pom poms for all!

After the basics being established in the original, our heroes can now focus on practicing that superhero shtick fighting a new evil that threatens Joe’s beloved Movieland[s]. What the plot lacks in sophistication it makes up for in innovation and creativity. Playing Viewtiful Joe was genuinely fun. Hell, watching someone else play Viewtiful Joe was fun. Viewtiful Joe 2 continues the 2D good times and then some.

This looks pretty kinky if you stare at it long enough.

This clip around offers two main characters each with different storylines and dialogue, brand new moves for Sylvia and Joe, and a new slew of enemies. Fortunately, Sylvia is greatly improved along with Joe and packs not only pom poms but a ray gun as well. The various storylines will definitely add to replayability and Sylvia as a co-lead is sure to appeal to some players, be they females looking to kick some ass she-style, or dirty cheerleader fetishists. Something for everyone! The new game features monsters to defeat and puzzles to solve as the first did and the ray gun’s long distance attack will come in surprisingly handy. Players of the original will be able to toy around with VFX (Joe’s power to SLOW, ZOOM, or MACH SPEED the action) and new attacks with the ray gun, newbies will find a whole detailed world to explore. Joe gains a REPLAY ability that will become your best friend or foe as you replay sweet attacks or painful blunders. You can even pack in three times the hamburger you just scarfed, chicks dig that.

Sylvia will be all over you after that sweet onion breath.

Anybody got a Tic Tac?

Besides Sylvia, the Six Machine is also getting more play second time around. The ability to transform into a bazooka, a drill, a race car, or even a submarine depending on whatever floats your boat (har har) makes the Six Machine indispensable and more enjoyable than before. The aircraft can now adapt to various encounters and puzzles throughout the game.

Viewtiful Joe 2 retains the stylized 2D flair that attracted so many to the original Viewtiful Joe. New environments including ancient Japan, a jungle, snowy mountains, and outer space will serve to showcase the even more grand and glossy graphics the sequel has to offer. Viewtiful Joe impressed with its combination of bold semi 2D/3D cel-style characters and background. Viewtiful Joe 2 takes the comic book fashion even further and creates beautiful backgrounds to admire while you decimate various movie monsters. Forty plus new ones yo. The characters and monsters are a comic book come to life and a beauty to behold. The change in graphics from the first to second aren’t mind blowing, but Capcom has done an excellent job of maintaining what was great about the original and giving it some tweaking for the sequel. The stages are more free and less linear this time around, giving a bit of leeway to the player as well as making more complex moves more difficult. We do love a Viewtiful challenge don’t we?

Joe’s looking just as viewtiful as he’s ever been.

This sweet lovin’ sequel will be available on the Playstation 2 and the GameCube. More multi-console fun for all with this release. Viewtiful Joe and Sylvia have the potential to become gaming staples, a twisted mix of Paper Mario and old-school Megaman combined. Although the Playstation fans will have to wait a little longer for their twisted mix, as the GameCube release is three weeks earlier (That’s what you get for not suffering through the N64 years and abandoning Nintendo you traitors) [Editor’s Note: You tell em’ Sarah!]. Either way, the game should be out just in time for Christmas, tell your moms and girlfriends. Or boyfriends. Secret Santas. Whatever.

Take them to a movie as thanks for the awesome gift.