Pokemon Lands On The Nintendo DS

It was only a matter of time people. A new handheld system from Nintendo obviously meant Pokemon was going to be making the transition as well, and it now seems that Pokemon Emerald may be the last Pokemon game to grace the SP. Nintendo today announced, along with most of the DS launch titles, three new Pokemon games for the dual screen handheld. The two sequels to the Pokemon RPG series will be called Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, however some confusion has already been started as some sites are reprting Pearl is actually going to be Platinum and vice versa. However no details outside of those names exist for those titles right now…although I would wager a guess that these are the games where we will be introduced to the 4th generation of new Pokemon.

The other game is entitled Pokemon Dash and is an action/racing game that pits players against each other as they race for supremacy on a place called Pokemon Island. The game will make use of the dual screen technology of the DS, using the stylus pen to control Pikachu as he races through the course. Pokemon Dash will support up to six players at one time. In addition to this it is already known that when you have both a Pokemon Dash cartridge and a Pokemon Emerald cartridge inserted into the DS at the same time a bonus Pikachu map/course will open up for you. More details to come here at Inside Pulse as they are released.