Nintendo Reveals Box Art For Super Mario 64 DS?

Is this the box art for the Super Mario 64 (otherwise known as Super Mario 64×4) DS title?

Maybe is apparently the general answer from the gaming community. What is being agreed upon; however, is that a mock-up like this points too only one sign: Super Mario 64 DS is looking to be one of the launch titles for the Nintendo DS, or at the very least one of the games that will be released before Christmas rolls around. What is also critical here is that the box art does feature a rating (E for Everyone) along with an official Nintendo logo, which lends itself to the theory that this is, indeed, the official box art. The Nintendo DS is set for a November 21st launch date, and Nintendo is definitely banking on its handheld systems this holiday season. So, needless to say, Super Mario 64 DS would be a huge launch title for the Big N and would be one of the launch games that would enhance both sales of hardware and game software. Stay tuned to Inside Pulse for any more big announcements regarding the DS as the launch date draws ever closer.