The Angry Gamer 09.23.04 – Shitty RPGs Strike Back

I swear, Square Enix must have me on their shit list, along with Lucard. Keeping with their current business model of unoriginality, SE recently announced another sequel to another crappy Final Fantasy game. The latest slap in the face to hardcore RPG fans is Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus. So now we’ve got a sequel to a crappy game that was original a rehash of the game before it with pretty 3D graphics to entice fanboys. I could fill pages and pages with why FFVII is so horribly overrated, but I’ve done that before, and we’re complaining about the sequel here. And they already did this shit with the abominable FFX-2! Sheeyeesh.

Then there’s the whole matter of my disgust with Square buying out destroying Enix, but that’s a tale for another time. I will give them credit for allowing the godly Tri-Ace to create another game (Radiata Stories), however. (Note for geeks: Tri-Ace created the amazing Valkyrie Profile, rightly listed as the #1 RPG of all-time here at Inside Pulse. You haven’t played an RPG until you’ve played that!)

These latest moves by SE are unacceptable. C’mon, guys, you used to produce great games. Xenogears. Final Fantasy VI. Seiken Densetsu. Chrono Trigger. Brave Fencer Musashi. Threads of Fate. Even Super Mario RPG and Kingdom Hearts (though those are only half SE, since they didn’t come up with the characters, etc). There’s no excuse for you to crank out complete shit, based on your original golden track record.

If SE must go down the sequel road, then why not some sequels to classic games of yore, that weren’t overhyped beyond compare? I don’t think anyone would complain about getting a new Act Raiser game, or a real sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi. Just cancel this festering FF nonsense once and for all and move in a new direction. It doesn’t even have be a completely new one…something different would be nice for a change. Ever wonder why the heavy RPG fans hate SE? Now you know.

Sequels just need to stop sometimes. Even my beloved Mega Man X series should’ve stopped at MMX5 (as series creator Keiji Inafune had originally intended). But hey, as long as fanboys drool over Cloud’s spikes, and fangirls drool over Sephiroth’s silver locks and lipstick, SE will likely continue to flood the market with feces.