Puyo Pop Fever is heading to the Nintendo DS

Puyo Pop Fever for the DS? Sega says yes. Possibly set to be a launch title, this game looks to be a pseudo-port of the Gamecube’s version, which leads me to a bit of uneasiness as I have had the misfortune of partaking in that experience as you can read here. The new DS Puyo Pop Fever does plan to take full advantage of the dual screen technology that obviously is the crux of the Nintendo DS. By using the stylus pen (or a finger) you will be able to control where you drop your Puyo’s and so on. Of course there will also be an option to control the game by using the D-pad as well for those of you who may not be as keen as “touch” gaming as others may be. Of note, there (thus far) is no word on whether or not the DS Puyo Pop Fever will have any wireless multiplayer action, but one could speculate that Sega certainly would be a bit remiss if it did not take full advantage of everything the DS will have to offer.