Square-Enix News for the masses

All the brainwashed Square fans will be salivating at these bits of news. I have two big announcements from the RPG giant here and one directly affects every Square fanboy’s dream…But first let’s give a few details on Square’s new MMORPG: Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion

1. Square is calling this a massively multiplayer online action RPG that falls into the strategy/tactical RPG genre. Apparently this makes this a whole new genre which actually does have me a little bit intrigued as to how they plan to pull this out.

2. Right now it’s only set for a PC release, but of course as time goes on that may change. If this comes to the States, more information will obviously become available.

3. Check out the bare bones website for the game here:

Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion

And the second bit of news, sure to have your moms washing your Cloud sheets tomorrow, is a direct PS2 sequel for FFVII called Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus. Here are some tidbits.

1. This game will feature Vincent Valentine as it’s main character, and in terms of a time line it will take place one year after Advent Children.

2. The release for this is slated in Japan for 2005, so it’s actually not extremely far off, but yet not much else on this game is currently known, except for the possible Devil May Cry artwork influence for what few screens and artwork there is.