New Nintendo Fusion Tour Information as the tour gears up for launch

The Nintendo Fusion Tour is set to begin on September 18th, 2004. This tour, a major promotional campaign for Nintendo, has a combination of the latest in terms of hardware and software that Nintendo will be releasing as well as a lineup of bands that tend to fall into the emo/punk categories. Headlining the tour will be the breakout artists, “Story of the Year” and they will be joined by other bands like lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Letter Kills, Anberlin, and Autopilot Off. And yes, I have actually heard many of these bands, and while some are pretty damn good, others will definitely leave you wanting. However, if you’re here reading this then you’re probably not going for the music. So here is what you can expect video game wise:

1.The Nintendo DS: Nintendo seems to have big plans on getting this system some buzz with this Fusion Tour. No details have emerged yet as to if it will be a actual hands on experience with the DS, but I would have to say at some point Nintendo has to get this device into the hands of gamers, and with such a big fuss about this tour, this seems like the time to do that.

2.The latest Gamecube and GBA games will be on display at the Fusion tour, as well as games featured heavily in terms of sellers for the upcoming months.

3. Expect special booths, like a Pokemon themed one that will allow you to download tickets to your FR/LG cart to be able to capture the elusive Lugia and Deoxy’s.

However, since this is live music this show comes with a price. If you’re planning to go to one of the tour dates then you will be shelling out twenty bucks a piece to partake in the Nintendo fun. I know I’ll be there in Philly just to get my Pokemon tickets and a first hand look at the DS. As for you guys check out the official site for more information:

Nintendo Fusion Tour