Sega announces their own plug-and-play device, Arcade Legends: Genesis

After Alex Williams announced here at Inside Pulse yesterday Atari’s “flashback” plug and play device, today Sega has plans for a device of it’s own that also throws us back to an earlier time in gaming. Here are some specifics for the so-called Arcade Legends: Genesis plug-and-play device:

1. The actual device is a two piece set, connected via a cord. One part mimics the old Sega Genesis controller (with an updated look, but the same physical design) and the second part is the actual system itself which looks like a Mini-Sega Genesis console.

2. It will contain six classic Sega titles:

Altered Beast
Sonic the Hedgehog
Golden Axe
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Kid Chameleon

3. The entire package will sell for around twenty five dollars, which makes it twenty dollars below Atari’s new device, but it also have fourteen less games then Atari’s machine which is quite a bit of difference in terms of content for your money.

Overall, the device does looks very sleek, and should be a decent collector’s item for those Sega fanatics who will need to own this little piece of hardware, and these classic (for the most part anyway) games that have been put onto the Arcade Legends: Genesis machine.