Preview: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw (PS2)

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Release Date: October 2004
ESRB Rating: T
Publisher: THQ

The annual THQ release of a WWE title seems to come every October, and 2004 is no different with the release of WWE Smackdown vs. RAW, the fourth release on the Playstation 2 and the sixth in the series, which launched originally on the Playstation 2.

This year’s installment is set to feature for the first time online play via Sony’s network adapter. Not only will this be the first WWE title, but the first online wrestling game released in North America on any platform.

Create-A-Belt is debuting for the first time in the Smackdown series. At this point, its unknown whether the created belts will be used online, or just for offline battle between friends. This feature was last seen in the Gamecube’s Wrestlemania series.

For the second year in a row, the Smackdown series will feature legendary wrestlers. Among this years cast is the legendary Andre The Giant, who is in action against the Big Show in a few screenshots you will see below. Gamecube’s WWE Day of Reckoning include Bret Hart, Greg Valentine, and Andre The Giant among others. THQ has yet to release an official roster yet, but it is confirmed that Andre will be among the roster when the game hits the shelves.

Stay with InsidePulse Games over the next coming weeks as the release of Smackdown vs. RAW quickly approaches. Any new information from THQ regarding rosters, online play, or any other news will be found on our news board. In the mean time, check out more than two dozen of the latest screenshots!

Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Eric Bischoff
Create A Belt
Rene Dupree
Chris Jericho
John Cena
Backstage Action
Eddie Guerrero Entrance
Ric Flair & The Coach
The Big Show & Andre The Giant
The Big Show & Andre 2
Rob Van Dam & John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Jericho Trash Talks
Chrisitan & Jericho Confrontation
Kane & Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton
Shelton Benjamin Pins Y2J
The Big Show
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Stacy Keibler 2
Torrie Wilson 2