Preview: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PS2)

Game: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
System: PS2
Genre: Music/Rhythm
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET)
Publisher: Konami of America (KOA)
Release Time: September 2004

Say what you will about the Dance Dance Revolution series, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these games have swept the nation, providing a unique experience that simulates dancing to music by hitting arrows on the ground with your feet.

At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, Konami offered a post-E3 build of their latest PS2 title, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, for fans and onlookers to try out. And what has Konami included in the game thus far? More than ANYONE thought possible…


From what was revealed at Comic-Con, it looks like this year’s song list will be incredibly diverse and balanced, even more-so than DDRMAX2, which relied heavily on Trance music. Here are the songs included on the recent demo, split into easily digestible categories:

Licensed Songs

Non-Exclusive (Also Appeared In Japanese Mixes)
Don’t Clock Me – Popula Demand featuring Get Fresh Girls
*Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix) – 4 Reeel
Kick The Can – Bus Stop
Miracle – St. Jannaro
Never Ending Story (Power Vocal Mix) – DJ-AC-DC
*Only You – Captain Jack
The Reflex – Duran Duran
There You’ll Be – DJ Speedo feat. Angelica
Wonderland (UKS Mix) – X-Treme

Exclusive (Never Been Seen Before)
Diving (Radio Edit) – 4 Strings
*Go West – Pet Shop Boys
*Kids In America – Kim Wilde
*Move Your Feet – Junior Senior
Music (Bostik Radio Edit) – Darude
Planet Rock (Swordfish Radio Edit) – Paul Oakenfold vs. Afrika Bambaata and the Soulsonic Force
Simply Being Loved “Somnambulist” – BT
Y.M.C.A. – Village People

Karaoke Revolution Crossovers (Songs Taken from KR, Remixed for DDR)
Bizarre Love Triangle
Ladies’ Night
Like A Virgin
Waiting For Tonight

Konami Original Music

Non-Exclusive (Also Appeared In Japanese Mixes)
A Stupid Barber – Sho-T
Do Me (H.I.G.E.O Mix) – Moustache Men
Firefly – BeForU
Janejana – T.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed & Emi
Jet World – Mutsuhiko Izumi
Love Love Sugar – DJ Taka featuring Noria
Mobo*Moga – Orange Lounge
Paranoia Eternal – STM200
Pink Rose – Kiyommy & Seiya
Theme From Enter The Dragon (Notorious Mix) – B3 Project

Exclusive (Never Been Seen Before)
*Your Rain (Rage Mix) – Akira Yamaoka feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Returning Songs (Music Featured In Past American DDR Games)
59 – DJ Taka
Bad Routine – DJ Spugna
Drop Out – NW260
Ecstacy – D-Complex
Higher – NM feat. Sunny
i feel… – Akira Yamaoka
I’m For Real – Slake
Peace Out! – dj nagureo
So In Love – Caramel.S
Tsugaru – RevenG vs. DE-SIRE
Wild Rush – Factor X

NOTE (1): Songs with a “*” in front of them will also feature their music videos.

NOTE (2): Two other songs that were featured in previous builds of the game were not present on this version. No word yet if they have been pulled altogether, or are simply being saved for the final version in some fashion. The missing songs are:

Can’t Stop Fallin’ In Love -Speed Mix- – NAOKI
Sweet Sweet (Heart) Magic – jun

Despite whether these songs make it in the game or not, the final song list will consist of over 70 tunes once everything is unlocked.


Many of your favorite DDR modes from the past return, including several new ones that will be COMPLETELY exclusive to the US.

–Oni Mode (also called “Challenge Mode”) returns from DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution. Players will go through various song courses, but must keep a combo going without breaking it. Play ends when a combo is broken four times.

–Nonstop Mode returns from DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution. Players will go through various song courses, but guided by a standard life bar. Play ends when the life bar is depleted.

–Mission Mode is a new edition to the PS2 DDR series. Not much is known about it, however, many believe it will be akin to the “Challenge” mode found in DDR Ultramix on the Xbox. Players will need to complete songs (or parts of songs) under various conditions.

–Workout Mode returns, allowing players to see how many calories they’ve burned off while playing the game.

–Edit Mode returns, allowing players to construct their own step patterns for any of the songs.

–Training Mode returns, allowing players to practice certain songs they may be having difficulty with.

–Party Mode is a new edition to the PS2 DDR series. Here you’ll be able to play various mini-games completely unrelated to the main game, as well as use the EyeToy camera to enhance the gameplay in new, never before seen ways. The following is a list of what you can do, with or without the EyeToy:

With EyeToy

–Hands & Feet: A single player game where there are two “hand” icons on either side of the four main arrows. Players must wave their hands over the icons with the EyeToy, along with stepping on the arrows, in time to the music. This adds a brand new dimension to the core gameplay.

–Clean the Screen: A single player game where paint fills the screen, obstructing the arrows. Players must wave their hands over the screen to wipe the paint away in order to see what they are doing.

–Watch Me Dance: Up to two players can play. This is essentially the main game mode, except all the backgrounds are replace with the player(s) thanks to the EyeToy. The only benefit? You watch yourself dancing to the music.

–Coconut Panic: A non-DDR game that involves both the dance pad and the EyeToy. Players must rapidly step on the left and right arrows in order to shake trees with coconuts on screen. When the coconuts fall, players must catch them thanks to the EyeToy. Players must also protect themselves from oncoming thunderstorms by holding the Up arrow to activate an umbrella.

NOTE: Other mini-games involving the EyeToy will be included, though none were explained in-depth.

Without EyeToy

Hyper Dash: Up to two players can play. This game is reminiscent of “Track & Field” game on the NES involving its special mat. Players compete in a race by rapidly pressing the Left & Right arrows in succession. Pitfalls can be activated by pressing the Down arrow, slowing the opponent up. Players can avoid the pitfalls as well by pressing Up.

Feeding Frenzy: A single player game where each arrow corresponds to a specific food. Animals will appear on screen, and you must feed them with their favorite foods by pressing the right arrows. Quick timing and reflexes are a must.


A few other items of note:

–To accommodate the use of the EyeToy, the interface has been given a major overhaul. It no longer resembles that of DDRMAX or DDRMAX2, but sort of a fusion between DDRMAX2 and the PS1’s Dance Dance Revolution. The game’s HUD has also been upgraded, with videos now being shown full-screen.

–Dancing characters have been confirmed as far back as the pre-E3 build, but were still present in this version. Not only are characters included, but America will receive exclusive ones as well. The two displayed at the demo were Rhythm and Blues, a man and woman respectively.

–While not “officially” confirmed in the song list, it has been “unofficially” confirmed by a Konami representative that “The Legend of MAX” will be included in the final song list.

Expect to see Dance Dance Revolution Extreme in stores this September.