The Casual Gamers News Report 07.28.04

The Casual Gamers News Report 07.28.04

What happening everyone? Today’s report is going to be special and you want to know why? It’s going to be the last one from me. That’s right; your casual gaming representative is stepping down from the Wednesday report. But more on that later, right now”¦the NEWS

Atlus shows 1st quarter loss

One of 411’s favorite developers and publishers Atlus has reported an operating loss of 274 million Yen ($2.46 million). However this hasn’t got Atlus down as they expect to be back in black off the profits of upcoming games before the end of the fiscal year. Upcoming games include Shin Megami Tensei and Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner both of which are coming out this winter.

Visual Concepts to fix online bug in ESPN NFL 2K5

In response to some problems that some users have had online with the latest ESPN NFL game, Visual Concepts has announced that the already are working on a solution to login/roster problems and will have a fix out by Friday. Some Xbox Live users have also reported problems with being able to challenge other players. Currently they’re working on the issue and plan on having a fix by August 6th, but at this time they suggest that if you’ve had 4 challenges go unanswered to reset your Xbox.

While it’s a bad thing to even have these problems in the first place it’s nice to see Visual Concepts move so quickly to resolve the problem. Now we can all go back to wondering when the roster update with Brock Lesnar in it will come out.

N-Gage QD now out in the US

The updated version of the N-Gage will now be available in the US. The QD is an updated version of the original model the corrects some of the flaws in design that the original N-Gage had. For a more in-depth look at what specific changes were made check out the hands on impressions of the device that Liquidcross wrote.

I’m amazed that they stuck to N-Gage after the disappointment that they had from the original model, I’m glad they did if only because I love the commercial with the samurai’s at the laundromat.

Carmen Electra to be in Playboy video game

The game that will let you simulate being Hugh Hefner will feature Carmen Electra, but hold your hard ons, she’ll only be doing a cameo appearance for parties at the Playboy mansion. No word if she actually gets naked.

The game is starting to sound an awful lot like the magazine, a bunch of stuff thrown together that you could get for better or for free elsewhere and not enough nudity.

Christians Crazy Game Releases

Disclaimer: These release dates are never wrong. Ever.

July 25-31

July 26
Funkmaster Flex Digital Hitz Factory (P2)
Funkmaster Flex Microphone (P2)
Pure Pinball

July 27
Dog’s Life (P2)
Dragon Tales (GBA)
Hamtaro: Ham Ham Games (GBA)
Madden’s huge. So Game Crazy is having a Madden tournament to match it’s size! A week long Madden tournament. Monday to Thursday is qualifying tournaments, with the finals on Friday. Then on Saturday, play for the honor of your favorite Game Crazy and maybe win a copy of Madden 2005 for the Xbox! Stop into your local Game Crazy for details, or to size up! Starting August 2nd!

Christian: Really not much this week. ESPN NFL 2K5 will sell some more, but for something new, eh…A game that was pushed for 7 months, two I’ve never heard of. Pure Pinball might be good, as I love pinball, but we’ll see how it goes. Hamtaro may do well, I didn’t know it was so popular with the kids…Other than that, get prepared for Madden and stop by your local Game Crazy for the Ultimate Saturday Series and play Super Smash Bros Melee!
Matt: Ham Hams Games! Yay! Pure Pinball is just on it’s monthly delay till Take Two finalizes a release date, and I have no idea what all that other crap is. But who cares? Ham Ham Games!

Cheap, Cheap Sweep

Target has Hamtaro: Ham Ham games for $25.88


Are you still on the fence about ESPN NFL 2K5 even with the price drop to $20? Target has it this week for $15.88. Deals like this don’t happen often folks so if you’re a football fan get your ass to Target and shell out the $16.

Not much else out there for gaming deals. Head on over to to see if I missed some deals.

The Corner

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have. Actually I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride more than I have because most of the time I’ve just been half-assing this just to get it in on time. Why am I stopping? Time constraints mostly, I don’t have as much time during the week to play video games as I used too, and trying to do reviews and the report left with almost no time. Because I’ve been half-assing it I haven’t been enjoying writing this as much, and there’s no reason to continue writing something I don’t enjoy doing. I’ll still be doing reviews though.

I just want to take a second and thank everyone for sending me feedback, Christian for sending me the weekly releases, and Eric S for the fine pimping job he’s given me.

I’ve always tried to keep the reports game centered so I’ll cut the sentimental crap now and get back to it.

Are you a fan of card games like Magic the Gathering and/or Monopoly? Than you owe it to yourself to check out the game Culdcept. EBgames was selling it used near me for $11.99 (and should be selling it used at that price everywhere as Misha picked it up in California for the same price), as you’ve seen weekly, I’m cheap. Because I’m cheap I bargain dive for video games all the time. Know what I’ve learned from bargain diving? Some of the most innovative ideas for games nowdays are stuck in the bins going unplayed and unloved. Games like Culdcept, Magic Pengel, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Cubivore, etc, I’ve found for $20 or less. Sure many of the games you’ll find in bargain bins aren’t as well developed, but many times these are the games that are taking the risks that major developing companies are afraid to take. It’s a risk since sometimes the games in the bargain bins are there for a reason, like the fact that they suck. But if you find yourself getting sick of playing the same type of game over and over again, grab some cash and take a dive.

Pimps Up, Links Down

I’m not the only one giving up doing a report, Evocator Manes is bailing. Celebrate the occasion with me by going out and buying the new Fear Factory CD.

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ESPN NFL 2K5 -come on, you know you want to stick it to EA.
Spiderman 2 -My opinion? Good game, gets old fast. Now go read his opinion.

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Zip it up and zip it out folks, thanks for reading and be prepared for a familiar face to return next week.

I always said I was just keeping his seat warm ;)