411MAX: News News Revolution 7.2.04

Greetings, one and all! Well, maybe just the few people who click here on Fridays in at any rate. This is Alex Williams again, with all the Friday news you can carry!

Or at least all the interesting stuff that happened during the week. And truth be told, things are pretty dry lately.

But don’t worry! Once the next random, minor detail about GTA: San Andreas leaks, we’ll be ALL OVER IT!

In other news, I’ve gotten several new games this week. Needless to say, I’ve been keeping busy. So, here are my latest “acquisitions” with comments…

Ribbit King: Got it off of Lucard’s recommendation. It’s funny, its creative, and a nice diversion from the more fast-paced games out there. The GC version is worth every penny of the $19.99.

DBZ: Supersonic Warriors: It’s another Dragon Ball Z fighting game. But this one has one quality the others do not…it’s GOOD. The controls are easy, the action is fast and engaging, and the graphics are better than the PS1’s Ultimate Battle 22. Must have for the DBZ fans.

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling: I was a quasi-fan of the series until this game. Now I think I’m a full-fledged fan. Granted there are some graphical bugs that needed to be ironed out, but the fact remains now there are enough wrestlers here to create some awesome dream matches and match recreations. Plus, Larry Zybyzko’s (sp?) voice is announcing in the game. I can die happy now.

DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix: One of two import games I got recently. I purposely waited for this one, because no matter how good the songs are here, I was still paying $70.00 for only 44 songs. (Several of them I could already play in other imports and domestic games.) In any case, I’m still glad I have it. the game may be bare bones, but at least I get to play some old songs like Bye Bye Baby Balloon again.

DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix: Like you’re surprised. Its another import I purposely waited on, considering that I have a MAX2 arcade machine literally 5 minutes away from me. I basically got it to complete my PS2 import collection. Now I have all Japanese and American PS2 DDR games, outside of the US Extreme, which will be released in a couple of months.

And that should tide me over for this brand new month of July. Not many other games are coming out right now that occupy my interest.

But you didn’t come here to see random takes on random games, did you? You came for the NEWS…which for the most part has been nonexistent in the past week. But fear not! I managed to scrape as much as I could and smear it into this Word document! So, without further ado…ON WITH THE NEWS!

Sony: Analyst Predicts PSP To Miss March ’05 Release

Remember when I said the PSP wasn’t a good idea? Well, this report from analyst PJ McNealy is only adding more fuel to the fire.

He reports that Sony might miss their proposed March 2005 release time for their PSP. The reasoning? First, Sony hasn’t sent out demo units or development kits out yet. Plus, trying to make this baby into an all-in-one machine might create some internal problems for them.

Let me explain: the PSP’s features extend beyond the realm of simply video gaming. This thing will probably play games, play music, maybe even store pictures, etc, etc. So what Sony has to do is not only make initial units for game companies: they’re going to have to send units their other branches as well. Gaming, music, photography…EVERYONE will need some demo PSPs and development tools. This process will ultimately take longer than expected, and possibly delay the PSP’s launch entirely.

There you have it: one of the follies of making a game system more then a game system. ESPECIALLY one with technology we really shouldn’t be seeing for another five years or more.

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Square-Enix: Microsoft To Buy Out SqEnix!

There, that got your attention, didn’t it?

Actually, the headline to this story isn’t exactly true. The story DOES involve Square-Enix and Microsoft…and because of that, rumors will extend to the point where people will actually BELIEVE the above headline to be fact.

So, lets quell those rumors with the actual facts:

One of the SqEnix general managers, Michiro Sasaki, recently said that the company was looking into developing and publishing games on whatever the next Microsoft console ends up being. Microsoft is taking this as a good omen as they are trying to round up support from additional Japanese game companies to increase their presence in that territory.

So all you Square fanboys can stop having your heart attacks now. I’m just messin’ with ya. But keep a lookout on those message boards anyway. SOMEONE is going to post the headline as truth. Just you wait.

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun)

Midway: France Gets Mystified

Say, do you live in FRANCE? Well, congratulations! You’re the only country that will receive Mortal Kombat: Mystification! You lucky devils, you!

Well, actually, Mortal Kombat: Mystification is actually Mortal Kombat: Deception with a different title. The reason for the change lies in certain translation issues.

Okay, so maybe its not THAT special.

(Credit goes to Spong.com)

Jakks Pacific: Mortal Kombat To Become TVGames Game

In other Mortal Kombat news, Jakks Pacific has announced that they’ll be releasing the original Mortal Kombat as a plug-&-play TVGames controller game. The controller will reportedly be a replica of the original arcade set-up. The unit will retail for $20.

Of course, you COULD wait until Midway Arcade Treasures 2 comes out, which has Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat 3, and a host of other classic arcade games, which will ALSO retail for $20.

Man, that’s lame. Its like if Nintendo released several of their old games like Excite Bike on other systems and charged $20 for EACH ONE…wait…

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Tecmo: DOA Ultimate Delayed Until 4th Quarter 2004

According to the official X-Box Live website, Dead Or Alive Ultimate is now slated for an October 2004 release.

…That’s it.

Well, YOU try jazzing it up a little more than this! The release date changed! It happens! Games get delayed all the time! What else do you want me to say? The fact that Tecmo confirmed the slight delay? Okay, FINE. Tecmo confirmed the slight delay. HAPPY? I even BOLDED that specific sentence for you!

Sheesh…ungrateful perverts…waiting for more chances to see Kasumi’s jumblies jumble…ugh…

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Electronic Arts: Ultima X: Odyssey Is Dead

Looking for your MMORPG fix in the form of new titles? Well, TOUGH LUCK! Another game has bit the dust in the development cycle, and this time, its Ultima X: Odyssey.

The company decided on the cancellation in order to concentrate on the next Ultima Online expansion, as well as another Ultima Online game.

That about covers it. Not like there’s much ELSE going on, is there?

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun)

And that’s that. Again, not much of interest going on, outside of the usual. So lets drop the formalities, and go straight to the…


News You Can Use

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Well we come to the end of another column, which, admittedly, is a bit short again. This is what happens when news sucks and I can’t think of a decent commentary.

Next week will be the last column before I go to Vegas for my SECOND vacation this summer, which will net me one week’s break. I THINK I proved to the world that I can work a weekly schedule again, so one week away won’t hurt anyone.

Until next time, read the comics off of this site. They’re funny!

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