411MAX: News News Revolution 3.26.03

Hello and welcome to another Friday here at 411Games! I’m Alex Williams, and I’ll be glad to take you through a news-filled doughnut hole that is the Friday News Report.

(I gotta work on my analogies…)

Anyway, I got a few things to cover before I head into the “actual” news, so lets get them out of the way:

First up is Lee Baxley, who is officially resigning from the news report game. I can’t say that I blame him, really. News reporting is pretty demanding work, considering that most of us have other obligations we must attend to outside of 411. (Work, school, family, secret underground organizations, etc.) Turning in quality stuff every week can be quite demanding, and may not be as fun as we’d like sometimes. I’m a bit sad that Lee won’t be gracing us with a Mid-Boss Humpday anymore, but I also understand where he’s coming from. And besides, its not like he’s leaving for good, so I don’t have to say any “good-byes”, or anything. In any case, I’ll miss Lee on Wednesdays.

Next up are the DDR accomplishments. I’m officially up to 563 AAAs now! While it may not seem like much of an increase as my last reports, I look towards my new achievements as “quality” and not “quantity”. For starters, I finally got Sakura and the legend of MAX on Light, which are some pretty difficult ones on Light to begin with. And I WISH I had a picture ready, but I got my second 9-Foot AAA as well: Paranoia KCET: Clean Mix. Granted it was once an 8-Footer, bumped up to a 9 when 7th Mix arrived, but still, it’s one I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it anymore. Expect pictures as soon as I can upload them.

Also, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Ninja Gaiden and Pokémon Colosseum. Well, mostly PokéCol, considering that Ninja Gaiden is tough-as-nails, and made me throw my controller through more windows than I have windows in the house. Seriously, I realize the game is challenging, but couldn’t they have supplied you with an in-game tutorial of some kind? Or maybe an “Easy” difficulty? I mean, wow…

But thankfully, PokeCol allowed me to channel my rage into some productive Pokémon rearing. Just like “leveling up” in the GBA games, the task of Purifying takes a while, but ends up being strangely rewarding. That, and I must have spent too much time doing it, considering that I had 14 eligible Pokémon that could be restored once I reached that Celebi monument.

But you didn’t come here to read about fuzzy creatures with magic powers! You came for the NEWS. So……………..here you go!


TOP STORY: Wanna Sing Bemani For Konami?

So, do you think you have talent singing, but were too nervous to try out for American Idol? And can you read and speak Japanese fluently? Then you might have a chance to join the ranks of Naoki, DJ TAKA, TaQ, Scotty D., Be For U, SOTA, and others to produce music for future Bemani games!

Starting April 1st (no, this isn’t an April Fools Joke…I think…), Konami will accept applications for two positions in their Bemani division:

(1) A new member for their Be For U group (Dive, Firefly, Breakdown)
(2) A new solo artist

The application page can be found here, but its entirely in Japanese. So if you can read it, submit those applications! Your material could be in the next Guitar Freaks / Drummania game!

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun and DDRFreak.)

New Crash Bandicoot Game To Rip Off TWO DIFFERENT Sonic Games!

The more I look at the Crash Bandicoot series, the more I see how much of a wannabe rip-off it really is.

A new Crash Bandicoot game has just been announced for the PS2 and X-Box, entitled Crash Twinsanity. The plot of the game has Crash Bandicoot and his arch nemesis, Dr. Neo Cortex, team up to stop The Evil Twins, a new evil that has invaded Crash’s home.

The gameplay will reportedly revolve around playing as Crash and Cortex simultaneously and separately. For instance, Crash will use Cortex as a weapon when they are paired together.

Now is this just me, or did Naughty Dog take several pages out of Sega’s Sonic playbook, grind them together, and come out with this thing?

Seriously, you have the option of playing as good or bad characters (Sonic Adventure 2 / SA2 Battle), and playing as more than one character simultaneously, using other characters as weapons (Sonic Heroes)! Hell, Crash Twinsanity even steals the Sonic Heroes NAME SCHEME!

Announcements like these make my head hurt. A lot.

(Credit goes to Gamespot.)

GTA: San Andreas Details Found?

About two weeks ago, David Vaccari, a casting director, placed a listing for voice actors for the upcoming GTA: San Andreas with Shadowfax. The list called for three characters: Maccer, Mad Dogg, and Maria. The interesting thing is that character descriptions were also included, which might have revealed some plot details that…really weren’t supposed to be revealed quite yet.

The following character descriptions come directly from Gamespot:

On the top of the role’s reading script, Maccer is described as a “Manchester-born white male, 22.” The dialogue also gives a taste of Maccer’s personality, since it is taken from the 1999 film Human Traffic, which followed a group of young British clubbers on a drug-fueled night of partying. Coincidentally, Moff, the character who uttered the lines in the film, was played by Danny Dyer, the actor who voiced Kent Paul in Vice City.

The next character, Mad Dogg, is described as “Black American Male, 23.” Judging by the script, Mad Dogg will not be the paradigm of social responsibility. His lines are those of O-Dog, the homicidal teenager played by Larenz Tate in the 1993 classic Menace II Society, and are drenched in hardcore profanity and mid-’90s gangsta slang.

Last comes Maria, referred to in the script as a “young Italian female.” The script is taken from the 1988 film Colors, which focused on two Los Angeles police officers’ efforts to stem the rising tide of gang warfare. The lines were borrowed from Maria Conchita Alonso’s Louisa Gomez, the Hispanic love interest of Senn Penn’s rookie LAPD officer in the film.

I tell you, this is some interesting stuff. And as soon as we dig up more dirt on this, you’ll be the first we tell!

(Credit goes to Gamespot.)

Console Fans Of True Crime: Streets Of L.A. Get The Shaft!

Well, at least compared to the PC version of the game.

It’s been announced that the PC version of True Crime: Streets Of L.A. will contain a LOT of additions to the present elements. Included will be:

–An additional 32 music tracks to the already existing music.
–New Weapons
–New Unlockable Characters
–New multiplayer games, like Street Racing and weapon / hand-to-hand combat modes.

Dang, this kinda makes the game on the Big 3 consoles look VERY unfinished, eh?

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun.)

Well, we’re light on the news today. My excuse? PokéCol. No use lying to you guys. I blew off WAY too much of my time with that game. At least Lucard understands…


Time to hand out more points!

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Fredrick Badlissi
Total: 555

Chris Pankonin
Total: 410

Chuck Platt
Total: 1110

Matt Yeager
Total: 315

And as we can see, BRYAN BERG has taken the lead once again, with CORY LAFLIN moving into 2nd Place for the first time! Will Lucard recover? Find out soon!


It’s a short Friday, but it’s a finished Friday. Now I can get back to PokéCol! And cuss some more at Ninja Gaiden!

Stay tuned next week when I hope to have some news on the next DDR Ultramix song pack. And also be on the lookout for my MTX: Mototrax review.

So until next week, be glad that you have a Spring Break. Because once it’s gone…it’s GONE!

Alex Williams, The Norwegian Athlete