The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Video Games 03.23.04

Well, it’s hard to believe, but it’s another Tuesday. Sometimes I wish time didn’t move so fast…
*Aren’t I supposed to be the pessimist here?
Oh be quiet.
Eh. I’m Misha, he’s Marvin. Time for news.
*That wasn’t very friendly, now, was it?
Quiet you… I still have that nuclear-powered electromagnet…


Half-Life 3 in the works

According to Swedish games magazine Gamereactor, the CEO of Valve Software, Gabe Newell, revealed the existence on Half-Life 3 at the Game Developer’s conference in Seattle. According to reports from a press briefing, he revealed that Alyx, an NPC frrom HL2, will be available as a player-character. He also promised more story revelations about the aliens.

Marvin: Well, this is all well and good… But CAN WE PLEASE HAVE HL2 NOW??
Misha: Marvin’s right. There’s no point working on 3 until 2 is out.


Sonic Advance 3: More screens

More screenshots of the game have been released by Sega, and can be found here, courtesy of No significant new information on the game itself (two-player or one-andCPU, tag-team style levels, 5 playable characters), but it’s apparently due for a Japanese release on June 17th. Mark it in your diary, Sonic fans…

Misha: This is good. This is very good. A true return to form for Sega’s mascot? I very much think so.


One small step for Halo 2

New screenshot! New screenshot… Yes, singular. One solitary new multiplayer shot of Halo 2 has ben released by Bungie. See it here. According to the developers, the shot is fairly reflective of the current state of he game, but not all the grpahical effects are in.

Marvin: ONE SCREENSHOT??? That’s just pathetic. Really, it is.


And it happens again

Doom 3, courtesy of gamesradar. Just the one shot, and no real new info, but hey, it’s a pretty picture.

Marvin: What is it with single-screenshot press releases? I know they want to keep the suspense up, but this is ridiculous…


Unreal shows everyone how it’s done.

Epic Games have announced a new Unreal game for the XBox. entitled Unreal Championship 2: Liandri Conflict, and they’ve done it style, a nice movie to get everybody going. Promised tweaks in the game include greatercharacter mobility (including personalised jumps and flips) and a choice of views (either first or third person), as well as a significatnly improved single-player mode.

Marvin: Now *this* is more like it. Lots of juicy publicity footage… Certainly, this is the game tha’s piqued my interest, rather that the two above…


Sega RPG sequel ahoy!

According to a recent interview with some of Sega R&D’s head honchos (including AM2’s Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka from Sonic Team), a sequel to classic RPG Skies Of Arcadia is in the works. Noroyoshi Oba also says that now his new Shinobi game is finished, he’d like to make more Ninja games. You can read the full interview here

Marvin: Well, the info sounds alright. And the talk of more Ninja games should keep Alex1 happy…

credit: kikizo games

GT4 Prologue goes PAL

After all the denials, all the no comments, it’s finally been confirmed: Gran Turismo 4 Prologue will be getting a European release at the end of May. containing four tracks from the full game (the Fuji speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, the Grand Canyon, and an Italian urban district), plus some bonus features that even Japan didn’t get (such as a “Making of GT4” DVD and a message from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi).

Misha: Well, it’s nice to see Europe not geting *too* badly shafted for once…


King Of the Colosseum

No, it’s not a reference to Alex1’s mastery of PokeCol. It’s a reference to a PS2 wrestling game (if you want to know more, ask Chuck. He knows about these things). Apparently, Spike are releasing a sequel to their game “King of Colosseum”. Screens are here, thanks to The Magic Box.

Misha: OK, slightly obsure that one. But I felt obligated to point it out for the benefit of those who’ve drifted over from the wrestling section. And for Chuck. I will say though, from the one shot, the game doesn’t look too bad…

credit: The Magic Box


Sorry guys… I’m tapped out for this week, and Marvin can’t be bothered, so the commentary is taking a week off. But what I will do is point you in the direction of a few tactical links… Check out some of these (don’t be scared), and then come back next week…

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