411MAX: News News Revolution 02.13.04

Welcome to 411MAX! The column that’s called 411MAX because if I called it “Gamer’s Pre-Hangover,” “The Hitchhiker’s Almanac,” “End-Of-Week End-Boss,” or “Thank God It’s Friday,” someone on the staff would be VERY angry with me.

So, what’s new with me, you ask? (Even if you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you. Deal with it.) I’ve once again outdone myself in the world of DDR. For starters, I got my second-ever arcade AAA in the form of Right Now on a 5th Mix machine. (Again, it was on Light, this time a 3-Footer, but an arcade AAA is still an arcade AAA.)

But that ain’t nuttin’ compared to THIS:

Bow down and WORSHIP ME!

I AAAed my first ever 9-Foot song.

For those who can’t read the song banner, the song was Irristiblement. Again, it was 9-Feet. I hit every step perfectly on my shiny metal pad. 90,000,000 points out of 90,000,000 points.

For the record, yes I did it at home. But it doesn’t matter to me. For weeks, months and YEARS I’ve been practicing at home. And now, I’ve gone so high, it’s not even funny. This is a CATASTROPHIC-LEVEL SONG! Most people DREAM of perfecting even the EASIEST of them! Not many players have come this far, either at the arcade OR at home. But now I can say that I’ve reached one of the ultimate milestones of this game. There’s not much higher I can go from here.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping any time soon. There are still TONS of step patterns I’ve yet to complete. Never mind that I’ve done 438 AAAs already. There are plenty more where those came from, and I’m going to ace as many as possible.

Me and my baby. My baby and me.

However, you probably didn’t come here to witness my grand achievement. You came here to read news. Therefore, you GET news! LOTS of news! So, ON WITH THE NEWS!

Nintendo Console Confusion

One advantage to this “new” format I’m running is that if I write something up at the beginning of the week, and it changes mid-week, I can re-write it so I can include all the changes. This is one of those stories.

When Monday rolled around, Nintendo announced that they were going to concentrate more on the handheld market, and announced that they were working on brand new peripherals that would expand on connection between the Gamecube and GBA, as well as the upcoming DS system. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also claimed that the Gamecube has “not reached its full potential yet”. Leading some to believe that Nintendo would delay their next-gen console for a while and focus on the preexisting hardware.

So then, rumors started to fly. Nintendo wouldn’t debut their new machine until 2007. Nintendo was supposedly done with home consoles all together. It made very interesting reading to see people who knew nothing of Nintendo’s plans talk out of their asses as to what was going to happen.

Finally, Nintendo stepped in to officially quiet the rumors down. They clarified their position, stating that they’ll release their next console when Sony and Microsoft do, which should be between 2005 and 2006. They also stated that the next console (codenamed the “N5”) would officially be on display at E3 2005.

Considering we have over a year to wait, we have very few clues as to what’s in store for Nintendo’s next machine. The did state, however, that it will be centered around new types of gameplay, rather than becoming another “all-in-one” type system with tons of technology stuffed into it like PS2 and Xbox successors are. (Games, Internet, DVD-Player, CD-Player, etc).

So there you have it. To sum it all up, Nintendo’s going to come up with new, innovative ways to use all their existing hardware, and they’ll give us all a sneak peak at their next-generation hardware in a year and three months. It’s good to see that Nintendo is stepping up to the plate in regards to the handheld market. Considering that they’ll have some serious competition in the form of Sony, building up their portable division is a good move. The DS might falter, but the GBA is still going strong.

In any case, now we know what the plans are, only time will tell if they come to fruition.

(Credit goes to Gamespot, Games Are Fun, and 1Up.com)

Over 20 Million Served

Now for some Nintendo news that’s more CONCRETE.

Reuters has reported that the Game Boy Advance has sold over 20 million units in its 2 1/2 years on the market. This includes both the original and the SP models. These are incredible numbers, considering the original Game Boy only sold 2.4 million units and the Game Boy Color sold 14.3 units during their 2 1/2 years on the market respectively.

You see, Sony? THIS is what you have to contend with. So far, it’s 20 Million to none. Lets see if you can catch up…

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Sega Throws Some Money Into A Black Hole!

Well, Sega has announced they are going to waste some of their money. Well, technically they said they were going to develop two new N-Gage games. However, that basically means the same thing, now doesn’t it?

The games in question are Virtua Cop and Alien Front. Both games will feature Bluetooth multiplayer features, as well as online ranking via the N-Gage Arena.

In other news, once Sammy caught wind of Sega’s latest announcement, they purchased 5,000 shares of Sega’s stock, and sent it to bed without any supper. Sammy was quoted as saying “There will be NO support of dead handhelds in THIS house as long as I’M in charge!” Sega grumbled, went to its room, and snuck out the back window to begin development.

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Sega Uses More Of It’s Money For Worthwhile Purposes!

In other Sega news, they’ve said they’ll support Sammy’s arcade hardware. This is the first time that Sega has officially announced its working with Sammy since the acquisition of Sega’s stock.

They’ve also hinted at working with the upcoming DS and PSP handhelds. While not officially “announcing” support, they’ve commented that they have a DS development kit, and they are prepared to release PSP titles when the system launches.

So it looks like Sega apologized for its bad behavior, and promised to behave. Sammy also apologized for flying off the handle like that, and returned 1,500 shares of stock as a peace offering, but with a STERN warning as to not do announce games for the N-Gage again.

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Sluggin’ It Out On The Xbox

So, any Metal Slug fans in the house? Hands? Anyone? (Put your hand down, Lucard. We already know YOU are.) Okay, second question: Any Metal Slug fans who own an Xbox? Hands? (Lucard…)

Well those who raised their hands to both questions: you just took directions from a computer screen! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

(CUT! That was a HORRIBLE line!)

GAH! Eggplant Wizard! You’re back!

(You were supposed to announce that Metal Slug 3 is coming to the Xbox! Not insult those who actually rose their hands!)

Fine. I’ll do it YOUR way…

(Good. Take two. ACTION!)

To those who raised their hands to both questions, you’re in luck! Metal Slug 3 is coming to the Xbox this May! While I may not know everything about it myself, Metal Slug 3 seems to be a fan favorite for SNK fans. They’ll also be happy to note that it will take advantage of an Xbox Live leader board, where players from across America can upload their best scores and see who reigns supreme.

As far as a PS2 version…um…well, there probably won’t be one…uh…DID I MENTION THAT I AAA’ED IRRISTIBLEMENT ON HEAVY?!? Here’s another pic in case I forgot!

My grand achievement…at ANOTHER ANGLE!

Couldn’t resist. Heh.

(Credit goes to 1Up.com)

Ninja Gaiden Update

Last week, I reported that the three NES Ninja Gaiden games would be playable in the upcoming Xbox version. Well, it turns out I need to modify that statement a bit.

It’s true that Ninja Gaiden 1-3 will be playable, but they’ll be the SNES updates from the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy cartridge. The graphics and sound are touched up a bit, but there really isn’t that much of a difference.

Which means we STILL need to watch out when Jaquio bleeds on the staff…

It’s 2AM…Do You Know Where Your Mother Is?

I’m thoroughly convinced that the following is made up, but I’ve been wrong before…

According to a study recently released by America Online, it turns out that women over 40 years old are the largest demographic that play online games.

Now before all you Neverwinter Diablo Everquesters start flame bombing me for not saying that the “19-year-old college freshman with pimples that live with their moms and don’t see the sun for months at a time demographic”, hear me out!

The study concluded that the 40+ women demographic play mainly puzzle and word games (ex: online crosswords), but spend over 50% more time playing them than men, and they play on a more daily basis than men do. They’re favorite time to play is between 12:00 and 5:00 AM. Also, 20% of these women managed to forge friendships online, and carry them to the offline world.

Now, without insulting anyone woman who is over 40 and might be reading this, I can understand why this must be. A large group of these women must be stay-at-home wives/moms who have the time to play these word games on sites like Pogo.com, as well as meet people. Either that, or I’m way off the mark here.

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

Sony Can’t Wait For The PS4!

Sometimes, you gotta wonder how far Sony will go to keep their Number 1 spot. They’ve already got the PS4 in its preliminary stages! Well, they’ve at least started development on a new super-chip more powerful than the Cell.

Here’s Gamespot with all the specifics:

According to multiple media outlets (including Reuters), Sony and Toshiba are beginning development on a new microprocessor that will be smaller and more powerful than their Cell chip. No project code name has been announced for this new chip, which is expected to be completed by late 2005.

The new chip will be designed with a 45-nanometer circuitry, an architecture that is much narrower than chips used in the current market. Narrower circuitry allows more transistors on a chip, and also allows for a higher maximum clock speed. It can also reduce the size of the chips, allowing the manufacturer to efficiently produce more chips out of a single wafer.

In the current market, 90-nanometer circuitry chips are considered state-of-the-art. PSX, Sony’s latest console product released last year, utilized a CPU with 90-nanometer circuitry. But even the PSX came under debate from researchers who questioned if its chip was completely developed under the architecture. Starting from this month, Intel is also releasing “Prescott” Pentium 4 chips for the PC that run with 90 nanometer circuitry.

The new chip with 45-nanometer circuitry is expected to run with higher capabilities and less energy consumption than the “Cell”, a 65-nanometer circuitry microprocessor that is currently in development between Sony, IBM and Toshiba. The Cell, which will be used for multiple products including Sony’s next-generation game console, is expected to begin mass production in early 2005.

Sony and Toshiba will invest 20 billion yen ($190 million) towards the new chip. Development costs and project staff will be split equally between the two companies. Toshiba’s laboratory in Japan’s Yokohama and Oita prefecture will be the site of the development, and approximately 150 engineers will be involved.

While no date has been set for the new chip’s mass production, analysts expect that it will be released in 2007. While the chip will have multiple capabilities and may possibly be used for a game machine, the two companies have not made any statements on what kind of products will use the new chip.

Pokémon on FIRE! And, uh…LEAVES! (Do they need to go into rehab for that?

A Pokémon RPG is always something to behold. And when one comes out, they fly off the shelves. This one is no different.

The GBA remakes of the original Pokémon RPG, Fire Red and Leaf Green sold over one million copies COMBINED within a WEEK of their releases in Japan. Fire Red sold 518,000 copies, and Leaf Green sold 485,000 copies.

You know that something is hot when a game goes platinum in less than a week. And Pokémon is HOT. No matter how many people say the RPGs are “kids games”. No matter how many times an RPG comes our way. They MUST be played.

(Credit goes to Gamespot)

And, there you have it. A nice little synopsis of what happened over the week.


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Well, we come to the end of yet another Friday, and I can’t think of a creative way to end the column…uh…FLUSH TOILETS! Yeah, that’s random enough to make you scratch your heads!

Coming soon from me will be reviews to Intellivision Lives (I FINALLY found a copy!), and Metroid Zero Mission. Expect one, if not both, of those next week.

Until next time, know that my talent knows no bounds!

They’re gonna LOVE me in Norway.

Alex Williams, The Norwegian Athlete