Black Friday Contributions: Dorian Brown

Im a relatively new gamer. I had a nintendo 64 but barely played it so about a year after the consles launch I decided to pick one up. EB was over priced and tried to sell me “refurbished Xboxs” So I went to Superstore and bought it no problem. but thats not the main story.

At my EB (Still not knowing a whole heck of a lot about the gaming industry) I was fairly excited about a new game that came out called Fable (Huge Disapointment but anyways) I went in on three diffrent occassions asking about it clerk gave me a diffrent relase date and each saying theres was the right one. So I decided to say th hell with it and pre order it. Im guarnteed a copy right?


I waited around two days before I could actually go and pick it up and I was told that they had no more copys… Which was odd to me because an employee told me that I would have been guarnteed to get it if I came within two days.

So I asked when they would get there next shipment they said they would call me…and I waited…waited…waited some more. Finally a week later I called back and they said they should get a shipment today.

So I went into the store around noon and was embaressed when the guy snarked at me that they never recive shipments till later in the day to try back later…

That was it. I went over to future shop. Picked up the game and I havent gone to EB since.

– Dorian Brown

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