Encore Extra Stage News Report 10.31.03

I forgot. Scaring people doesn’t work very well with text over the Internet.

Anyway, welcome back to the Friday News! And today is the special Halloween edition! Which means I can skimp on the news and flex my creative muscle!

EW: Excuse me? Skimp on the news?

Well, only for the week! Anyway, the news may be light, but I put most of the effort into…well, you’ll see.

Anyways, introduction Over. News: NOW!
TOP STORY: DDR Ultramix Song List Revealed!

Yay! DDR news! Great DDR news!

Anyway, Konami has recently released the base song list to the upcoming DDR: Ultramix. Now, this list does NOT include hidden songs and downloadable content. This is what will be available when you turn on the game:

.59 / dj. TAKA
ABSOLUTE (Cuff-N-Stuff it Mix) / Thuggie D.
BALLAD FOR YOU / NM feat. Thomas Howard
CANDY HEART / Riyu Kosaka
Castles In The Sky / Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha
Do That Thang (M*A*S*H Radio Edit) / MASAI
DROP THE BOMB -SySF Mix- / Scotty D.
DXY! / TaQ
Electro Tuned (the SubS Mix) / TaQ
exotic ethnic / RevenG
Healing Vision / DE-SIRE
INSERTiON (Machine Gun Kelly Mix) / Thuggie D.
KEEP ON MOVIN’ (DMX Mix) / N.M.R-typeG
Keep Ya Body Movin’ / Thuggie D.
Kind Lady / OKUYATOS
La Señorita Virtual / 2MB
Let the beat hit em! ~CLASSIC R&B STYLE~ / STONE BROS.
Let’s talk it over / SHIN Murayama feat. Argie Phine
Look To The Sky (True Color Mix) / SySF feat. Anna
LUV TO ME *disco mix* / tiger YAMATO
ON THE JAZZ / Jonny Dynamite!
Quickening / dj. TAKA
Ready Steady Go / Paul Oakenfold
Sana Mollete Ne Ente / Togo Project feat. Sana
Secret Rendezvous / DIVAS
Sexy Planet / Crystal Aliens
Shiny Disco Balls / Who Da Funk
So In Love / Caramel.S
SUPERSTAR / D.J.RICH feat. Tail Bros.
Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic / jun
There 4 You / Thuggie D.
TRIP MACHINE ~luv mix~ / 2MB

Also, on DDRFreak, there were a few more songs that were confirmed by Daniel Tyrrell himself. So, here are some of the hidden and downloadable songs as well:

Colors / dj TAKA
MGS2: Mission R / LED

Future Downloads
Mind Parasite / Tomosuke
What Is Love / Tomosuke

Anyway, so this makes 44 songs confirmed to be on the base disc. This leaves 7 songs to the imagination. (There will be 51 total.)

Now, for my take:

With most of the songs revealed, this looks to be an INCREDIBLE first effort. There is a great variety of difficulty of songs that we already know of, and a great selection of exclusive material. This version even gets several KOs that America has been clamoring for a long time now. And if you don’t like these songs, there are always downloadable song packs to think about. And they could be ANYTHING.

Honestly. You Japanese purists need to grow up. And fast.

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun and DDRFreak)
Ninjas Like Posters. Sorta.

Looks like there will be a special deal when you pre-order the new Ninja Gaiden game from the Tecmo website. If you order from them, you get…A POSTER!


Go here to pre-order the game from Tecmo’s site and take advantage of this opportunity.
A Story That Makes Alex Lucard Happy

So, what makes Lucard a happy camper? Easy. Atlus publishing an SNK game.

Yeah, you heard me.

Atlus is going to be publishing the GBA game King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood for the US market. There will be 21 characters, a story mode, and a special point system that will allow you to buy secrets. It’ll be coming out this December.

You’re welcome, Lucard.

(Credit goes to Games Are Fun)

Okay, so the news is light, but I have my reasons. (School stress, for one…) So, lets skip straight to the…
Encore Extra Stage News Recap

Last week, I debuted it. This week, I continue it! Haiku time, baby!

Ultramix now has
A bunch of songs now released
This is getting good!

The N-Gage will now
Sell for $199! Well,
Until November

THUG has lots of songs!
Over seventy so far.
Are there any more?

Mirra’s and Acclaim
Dropped their lawsuits recently.
Mirra won’t do porn.

Nintendo will give
Away SMB for the
SP in Japan

Sony’s laying off
20,000 employees.
Could this be a sign?

King of Fighters game
Published by Atlus? Hey, wow!
Two cool companies!

Snoop Dogg in True Crime?
Okay, he’s a cool guy, but
This is kinda dumb.

Happy Halloween!
Eat a lot of candy, and
Get sick! (I’m kidding!)

Hey, are you confused?
Read all the past news reports
For some more details.

Now that’s out of the way, here is the special piece I promised. In honor of Halloween, its the First Annual 411Games Halloween Party!
Special: One Weird Costume Party

(The scene opens at the 411 Games offices after hours, decorated from head to toe in an orange and black scheme. Various objects have been included to induce fright, including ghosts, bats, cheesy Frankenstein and Dracula standees, and copies of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. So far, Williams, Baxley, Berg, and Eggplant Wizard have arrived. Williams is dressed like Ghaleon from Lunar, Baxley looks like FFVII’s Cloud, Berg is decked in Parappa the Rapper attire, and Eggplant Wizard is…well, himself. Even the Rumor Monkey’s there, dancing in the punch bowl. We pick up on the conversation here…)

Baxley: So, you’re Ghaleon this year?
Williams: Yep. Gotta go with my favorite villain!
Baxley: Wouldn’t it make more sense if you were to dress as Dragon Master Alex?
Williams: Huh?
Berg: Yeah. I mean, “Alex” was in Lunar, you guys have the same name, etc, etc…
Williams: Well, Ghaleon’s cool! Much cooler than that Parappa costume YOU got, Berg!
Berg: Oh, please! Parappa is the DEFINITION of cool! (Starts posing like a rapper.) Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!
Baxley: Stick with your day job, Berg.
EW: I concur. Lest you want an eggplanty fate…
Berg: No, no, I’m just fine!
EW: Good. By the way, Lee, that’s a top notch Cloud costume.
Baxley: Thanks, Mr. Wizard! Hey, our gaming god complemented me!
EW: Yeah, I figured I’d give you ONE before Lucard sees you and kills you.
Baxley: …Oh shit…
Williams: Speaking of which, here he is!

(Lucard arrives with Liquidcross. Lucard is wearing a long coat with a large hat, while LC looks like Zero from the Mega Man games.)

Lucard: Yo, guys.
LC: Lookin’ sharp.
Williams: Thanks. Nice Zero costume there, LC.
LC: They didn’t have Mega Man X in stock, so this was my second choice.
Berg: Hey Lucard, weren’t you supposed to wear a costume?
Lucard: This IS my costume!
Baxley: Wait a second! Why are you dressed as D from Vampire Hunter D, Alex-1? It’s supposed to be GAME theme this year!
Lucard: Why are you dressed as Cloud when you know Bruce and I will kill you?
Baxley: Touché…wait, Bruce?
Berg: Who the hell is Bruce?
Lucard: My symbiotic partner! (He raises his left hand.) Say hi, Bruce!

(About a minute of awkward silence passes.)

EW: Uh, Alex-1? That’s a happy face drawn in marker on your left hand. It’s not real.
LC: Just ignore him. He’s been like this since the drive over here.
EW: Ah…
Lucard: Don’t deny Bruce! He has feelings, just like you!
Williams: SURE, Lucard.
Berg: We believe you. *Snicker*
Lucard: (Wanders into a corner) No one understands us, Bruce. But soon…soon…

(At this point, Chris Pankonin arrives. He’s dressed as a voodoo doll, yet is wearing a three-piece suit.)

Pankonin: Hey guys! Did I miss anything important?
Pankonin: What?
EW: What in the blue hell are you supposed to be?
Berg: You look like a…a voodoo doll…
LC: …in a suit…
Williams: …with a hairpiece.
Pankonin: Oh. Well, I couldn’t decided who to be, so I just combined my first two choices!
Baxley: Oh lord, you don’t mean…
Pankonin: Yes! I’m Voodoo Vince McMahon!
(The others groan profusely.)
EW: That’s almost an eggplant-worthy offense!
Pankonin: Oh, come on!
LC: Dude…that’s just…DUDE!
Pankonin: All right, I’m sorry, sheesh!

(At this point, Laflin and Platt enter. Laflin is dressed like an angst-ridden teen, while Platt is wearing nothing but a grass skirt and a baseball cap.)

Laflin: We made it!
Platt: We’re here!
Pankonin: Hey, Cory! Hey Chu…OH MY GOD, MY EYES!
Baxley: It’s that Adventure Island guy! Um…um…what’s his name…
Platt: Master Higgins, baby! Whooo!
Williams: Oh, for the love of all things eggplant…
EW: Why did I even have this party if it was going to give me nightmares such as this…
Berg: Chuck…buddy…NEVER dress up like that again.
Platt: Hey, at least I WORE a costume, unlike Cory and Lucard!
Lucard: (From the corner) This IS my costume! Isn’t it, Bruce?
LC: (Sigh) Would you STOP talking to your HAND and get over here?
Cory: Hey, I’m wearing a costume! I’m Spike!
Cory: From Buffy?
Cory: The Vampire Slayer?
Cory: You guys suck!
Williams: Well, looks like the gangs all here…
Platt: Hold on, where’s Bebito?
Lucard: (Comes back to the group) He said he wasn’t attending. Something about “having a life” and “making sweet love to his beautiful wife.”
Baxley: Hey, we have lives!
EW: Define playing video games all day and dressing as weird characters from slightly obscure games as “having a life”.
Cory: (Muttering) Explain being out of work for 15 years “having a life”.
EW: What?
Cory: Nothing!
LC: Kinda makes me wonder why Rumor Monkey’s here, though.
Williams: What about Freddie and Misha?
EW: Yes, they are rather late…
Pankonin: Well, their loss. More fun for us!
Berg: Who’s up for some N-Gage skeet shooting?
Others: ME!

(The party continues without incident…for about 20 minutes. The Rumor Monkey got out of the punch bowl, and into the sour cream dip. Suddenly, the door bursts open, revealing…Eggplant Wizard?)

E. Wizard: Sorry, I’m so late, guys. My car wouldn’t start, and I…GUH?

(Everyone looks at the second Eggplant Wizard astonished.)

Williams: What the…another Eggplant Wizard?
Lucard: What the hell…
E. Wizard: Hey, that guy in there is an impostor!
EW: No, THAT guy is an impostor!
Pankonin: (Getting in the second Eggplant Wizard’s face.) Look man, if you ARE the real Eggplant Wizard, you’re gonna have to prove it!
E. Wizard: Okay, fine.

(The second Eggplant Wizard pulls out a staff from thin air, raises it up high, and…turns Pankonin into an eggplant!)


Others: GASP!
Baxley: He IS the real deal!
E. Wizard: Anyone else want to try and doubt me?
Lucard: But if HE is the real Eggplant Wizard…who’s THAT one?!?

(The first Eggplant Wizard realizes he’s been caught. He removes his costume to reveal that he is…the Rumor Monkey!)

R. Monkey: EEE! EEE! AAAH! AAAH!
Others: GASP! AGAIN!
LC: The Rumor Monkey?!?!?
Berg: How the hell did he learn to talk?
Platt: Never mind that! If THAT’S the real Rumor Monkey…than who’s THAT standing in the sour cream dip?
“RM”: So, you’ve finally found me out, huh? *Thumbs up with teeth showing*
Cory: Oh, for cryin’ out loud….

(The fake Rumor Mokey sheds his disguise to reveal himself to be…Bebito Jackson!)

Jackson: That’s right! It was me! It was ME ALL ALONG!
Baxley: That’s Pankonin’s line!…Assuming he were still human!
E. Wizard: Oh yeah, right.

(Pankonin is turned back into a human while Jackson laughs maniacally.)


Pankonin: Remind me never to question Eggplant Wizard again.
Jackson: It was SO worth it to see the looks on your faces! HA!
Williams: And he was lecturing US on having a life?
Jackson: Quiet you! Or you’re BANNED!
Williams: …That doesn’t even make sense!
Jackson: Oh. Well, uh…QUIET ANYWAY!
Lucard: You know, Big Daddy Cool, if YOU’RE here…who’s making sweet love to your beautiful wife?
Jackson: Well…hmmm…that’s a good question.
E. Wizard: Oh, that reminds me. I invited King Hippo here back from my Captain N days. He said he was coming as Bebito Jackson. But he had to “do some errands” first.
Jackson: Do some…oh God…Oh my God…OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Bebito immediately breaks into a panicked run and smashes through the east wall. A Bebito-shaped hole is what remains.)

Jackson: (Running frantically) BELLA! DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! I’M NOT REALLY THAT FAT! BELLA…

(The rest of the participants stand silent for a good ten minutes. The image of King Hippo and Bella Jackson together, even in the same ROOM, is too much for them to comprehend. Even the Rumor Monkey is in shock. At this point, Fredrick Badlissi waltzes through the Bebito-hole dressed as Fulgore from Killer Instinct, with Misha in tow as Viewtiful Joe.)

Misha: Sorry we’re late. Fred’s car wouldn’t start, and my flight from England was late…woah, what happened here?
Lucard: You don’t wanna know.
Badlissi: Looks like we missed one hell of a party!
Williams: Bebito just left to stop King Hippo from putting the moves on Bella.
Badlissi: You’re right…I didn’t need to know that…

(A few more moments pass.)

Pankonin: Lets…lets never speak of this day again…

(The others nod in agreement)



(Sometime in the not-to-distant future…)

Williams: …and we never spoke of that day again.
Williams’ Grandson: But Grandpa! You just spoke of it now!
Williams: Quiet, Billy!
Williams’ Grandson: Jeffrey!
Williams: Whatever. You know what, Harry? You’ll thank me for these stories one of these days!
Jeffrey: Thank you?!? I go to therapy three days a week listening to you and your crappy stories! First I’m deathly afraid of eggplants! NOW I have to get the image of a fat boxer and Auntie Bella having SEX out of my mind?
Williams: Oh, come on, Franky! You’re old enough to appreciate the love between a boxer and a…
Williams: Never to young to start learning the basics, sonny boy!
Jeffrey: That’s it. We’re putting you in a home! Mommy!


(Wait a second! I get put in a home? Man, my future SUCKS! Damn you, grandkids who don’t exist yet!)
Plugs And Shills That Pay The Bills

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to skip on that today. The skit took up most of my time, and that was in the middle of other various projects I had to complete for school. So expect a massive plugging section come Tuesday instead.

Besides, Everyone on this site is FUCKING AWESOME! If any of them actually NEED my help to be read, they are seriously hurting for hits.
Parting Thoughts

Come back next week when I make apologies to the entire staff for including them in my demented Halloween plan! I’ll start with Bella Jackson. Bella, I’m incredibly sorry for dragging you into this mess, and having King Hippo possibly visit your house.

Anyway, check out Cory and Fred on Monday, Chuck and Me on Tuesday, Lee and Misha on Wednesday, Brian and LC on Thursday, and Alex & Alex on Friday! (I’m assuming. Although a double Alex Friday would be an awesome promotional tool…)

So until next time…uh…forget that whole party thing ever happened. Mum’s the word, right?

Alex Williams