411MAX: News News Revolution 10.07.03

Hello everyone, and welcome to a condensed version of 411MAX this week, in honor of the Yom Kippur. Yes, I understand that it has come and gone already, but its still the holiday at the time of this writing. So please forgive me for this being a no-frills edition.

Also, I apologize for not having CHEAT! in last week’s column. Something weird happened, and the thing got deleted from submission to posting. We still haven’t figured out how it happened yet. Anyway, things WILL be back to status quo next week.

In any case, ON WITH THE NEWS!
We Can’t Give These Away…Wait, Yes We Can!

Well, as of midnight, the N-Gage officially hit stores. It’s a pretty safe bet that all of them are still sitting on the shelves.

No, seriously, I’m sure at least SOMEONE is playing it right now. In fact, some might be playing them with free games. Last night, selected retailers in LA, NY, and Chicago were chosen to hold a “Midnight Madness” and “Dawn Madness” offer to celebrate the N-Gage’s arrival. The first 100 people who actually picked up one of these things from those retailers also got a free game to go with it.

Come on, people, you still have time to take them up on this offer! I hear that each location has about 80 free games left! (Man, this is too easy…)

(Credit goes to Gamespot)
A GREAT Alternative To The N-Gage

This may be old news, but its worth repeating anyway.

The GameCube is now only $99.99. Not only is it that low, but GC sales have gone WAAAAAAY up! Four times as much, in fact!

So, what would you rather get for $350 this holiday season? An N-Gage and a game? Or a GameCube, Memory Card, Controller, and up to SIX games? Hmmmm, let me think on that for a second…

(Taken From The 411Games News Board)
Don’t Fix It When It Ain’t Broke…But If It IS Broke…

I hate it when a company releases a game filled with glitches and has to develop a “fix patch” for it. (But I LOVE Morrowind! Yay!)

(Ahem) Anyway, the game in question here is The Temple of Elemental Evil, and the company releasing the patch is Atari. The patch is in the works, and will offer technical fixes, fine-tuning, and a slew of other features to correct any inconsistencies they missed during development.

You see, THIS is why I don’t play PC games that much.

(Credit Goes To Gamespot)

So I couldn’t come up with a decent title for this story. Wanna make something of it?

Anyways, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance has been reduced to $19.99 in price, as well as added to the “Player’s Choice” lines (or equivalents thereof) of the PS2, GameCube, AND X-Box.

Honestly, this is the best MK out these right now, so its worth $20 if you haven’t shelled it out already.

(Credit goes to a href=”http://www.gamespydaily.com/”GameSpyDaily)
Another Music Game With An Odd Controller? Sign Me Up!

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo and Namco have teamed up to bring you one hell of a game! A music game starring Donkey Kong! Titled Donkey Konga, players will have to keep in time to the music with a special drum controller packaged with the game. From the looks of it, it’s gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeet”¦

And speaking of looks, click the link below me to gain access to some awesome pictures of the game! This is gonna be cool, I just know it!

Anyway, the game is set to be released at the end of the year in Japan, with other releases scheduled in Spring 2004.

(Taken from the 411Games News Board)
Plugs & Shills That Pay The Bills

Top Billing

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Parting Thoughts

Again, I’m sorry for this week being so short. Next week will be different, I promise.

Until next time…

Alex Williams