411 Games Rumor Down-Lo 09.02.03

411 Games Rumor Down-Lo 09.02.03




Hi, I’m Bebito Jackson, and welcome to the “Express Edition” of the Down-Lo.

It’s “Express” because I’m streamlining today. Even though it’s being broadcast to you on your normal Tuesday, I’m writing this bad boy on Friday because I won’t be able to get to it on Labor Day. So if we’re short on jokes, Rumor Monkey references, and retarded skits, please forgive me for this week. Don’t worry, I’m sure the thing will STILL end up being 50 or so pages long. I don’t know how to write anything short anymore.

Some Random Notes:

– I have a cat now. His name is Harlem. Bella took him in from her previous owner as a favor because it was getting too hard for her to take care of him. So now we have the first addition to the Jackson family. He used to stare at me like he was going to pick out my eyes in my sleep… but after I fed him and he shed all over my house, he seems to be coming around. Good thing too, otherwise I was going to… Well. I don’t want Bella to know just in case I still have to do it.

– And that’s it. I’m short on time…

Let’s get cracking. Enjoy. I do!


This is the Down-Lo.


Here’s some stuff about Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid series that you may find interesting taken from GamesAreFun. Take a look:

Hideo Kojima, while being interviewed by Famitsu at ECTS, has said that while concepts for “Metal Gear Solid 4” are already being discussed, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the last one he’ll be a direct part of. What does this mean for series loyalists? No need to worry. Fans will recall that he only assisted in Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel’s making and that turned out to be a grade-A Metal Gear game.

If this announcement instills a sense of deja vu, it’s because this isn’t the first time Kojima’s called it a day to directing. During the making of MGS2, he said he would eventually hand the series’ reins over to someone else. Since no one ended up being fit for the task, he took it upon himself one last time (he probably wanted to leave the series on a better note). hm, Snake’s last mission.

This may not even happen. People were saying that he might not be involved with the third Metal Gear Solid, remember? Look how that turned out. But if he does decide to take a much-needed vacation from the series, let him. We’ll get more games anyway. And he’ll move on to create something else even more impressive.



Kingdom Hearts. Fun, but awkward. A skillful joining of the Disney and Squaresoft universe in some ways. A letdown in others. Not my cup of tea exactly, but it was an enjoyable diversion for the time that I spent messing around with it. Well I’ve been talking about the sequel to this game for as long as there’s been a Down-Lo itself literally. And now it finally looks like we’ll be able to see the thing for the first time fairly soon. The President of Disney Consumer Products, Andy Mooney, made some comments during the recent GC2003 trade event in Germany which seemed to imply that we would be seeing Kingdom Hearts 2 at the Tokyo Game Show this September. Though Square Enix hasn’t released anything official to agree with this claim, developers end up showing everything at the TGS anyway so it’s more than conceivable.

Okay… you know how people, mostly unimaginative game “journalists” always make those played out comments that what they’re reporting on is so obvious that the subject is basically non-news. Well this one could basically be considered non-rumor. And that’s a TRULY sad category to put something in. So I’d better come up with something else to pad up this story a little bit.

*looks through notes*

Ah! Here’s something! Did you know that Minnie Mouse doesn’t really exist? It’s just Mickey in his transvestite wear. The guy has a fetish for stuff like that. That and interspecies sex. No? Not interesting enough? Alright…

*looks through more notes*

I banged Bella like 200 times on our anniversary! She’s in the hospital recovering, but should be home tonight to cook dinner and be ready for round two, so that’s all good. Huh? No good? Not even videogame related? Sigh… ok…

*looks through the last of the notes*

Well… here’s all I have left. Disney has plans to make an animated Kingdom Hearts TV show. You don’t care about that do you? Yeah, you do? Ok… well it’s not known what market the show will be released in (Japan, USA, or Europe) but the product is popular enough to see release in all venues so perhaps we’ll be seeing cartoon versions of Cloud and Sephirowhatever running around on our TV screens soon enough. And that my friends… is a scary, scary, thought.



So I’m online right… and 411’s resident “arrogant elitist” Alex Lucard logs on, and we have one of our semi-daily exchanges. Little did I know that this would start something so shocking, that… well… I’ll let you see for yourselves:

bobEblaze: Oh! and one more thing! promise me you’ll email Camelot about what we discussed earlier. and even SEGA if you get the chance. especially SEGA.
Darquefyr: I will
Darquefyr: And dude, my old college roomie works for sega remember?
bobEblaze: then you have been holding out on me. and for that… i ashamed to call you friend
Darquefyr: Meh
bobEblaze: MEH
bobEblaze: FEH
Darquefyr: fine. I guess I’ll keep the new Shining Force game for the GCN for myself them
bobEblaze: um… how can i put this. you’d never give it to me, even if it existed.
Darquefyr: Yes I would
Darquefyr: And it does
Darquefyr: Haven’t you scoured Shining force sites?
bobEblaze: nope.
bobEblaze: not lately
Darquefyr: :-) That’s your #1 reason to buy a GCN right there
bobEblaze: GCN? i assume that means GameCube right?
Darquefyr: it’s coming. Moogie announced it through her kinship with every Camelot employee alive. And had to take it over her page a day later because it wasn’t ‘official’ yet
Darquefyr: And Moogie’s page IS the official SF page
bobEblaze: ok… gimmie a sec, i’ll look into this.
Darquefyr: Of course, It’ll probably be like Shining Soul for the cube
Darquefyr: But one is coming
bobEblaze: sigh…
Darquefyr: What?
Darquefyr: Shining Soul 2 is Awesome man> Seriously
bobEblaze: is Camelot involved?
Darquefyr: Yes
bobEblaze: ok… i’m more intrigued. but still… that’s not REAL shining force. but i’ll take what i can get. i’ll take out a second mortgage to get it if necessary
Darquefyr: lol
Darquefyr: I’ll get it for you. As a going away to Jeff present

*Bebito Searches The Internet To Find Out If This Is All True And Five Minutes Later…*

bobEblaze: i couldn’t find any such thing on it anywhere man. You’re pulling my leg. goodnight, bum.
Darquefyr: :-)
Darquefyr: Night man
bobEblaze: that’s a really…
bobEblaze: really…
Darquefyr: Evil thing to do?
bobEblaze: nite alex
Darquefyr: lol night bebs
bobEblaze: i’m saving this.
Darquefyr: What?
bobEblaze: Jeff comments and all…
Darquefyr: Why?
bobEblaze: Down-Lo material
Darquefyr: LOL!
bobEblaze: and also to remind me…
bobEblaze: that i OWE you.
Darquefyr: Wait until you see the ‘I Luv Jeff Watson’ webpage Chuck and I are making
bobEblaze: nevermind Watson.
bobEblaze: you crossed the line.
bobEblaze: may GOD help you
Darquefyr: :-)
Darquefyr: Awww. I’ll buy you Soul Calibur. Will that appease you?
bobEblaze: NOTHING will appease me…
bobEblaze: the line.
bobEblaze: you
bobEblaze: and crossed
bobEblaze: it was nice knowing you… Lucard
Darquefyr: LOL
bobEblaze: if THAT’S your REAL name
Darquefyr: Do you really need me to link you to the Shining game?
Darquefyr: Even TNL has stuff on it man
bobEblaze: i hate you
Darquefyr: Even email moogie
bobEblaze: you will die for this
Darquefyr: For which part?
bobEblaze: for what you did. for what you’re trying to do now. i’m going to grind up your bones and make soup out of them
bobEblaze: and then feed it to my cat
bobEblaze: and then kill the cat
bobEblaze: and eat him
Darquefyr: LOL!
bobEblaze: you’ve got it coming bad….
Darquefyr: bella will cry
bobEblaze: bella will eat him with me. I’ll just put it in lasagna or something. Italians like that.
bobEblaze: bella and i will feast on your grinded up, digested cat bones
Darquefyr: Then I’ll be Bebito poop!
bobEblaze: and even that will be burned in a blazing glory afterward
bobEblaze: you don’t mess with Shining Force
bobEblaze: it was nice knowing you.

Yup. A bonafide net feudy almost started. But just as my hatred for Alex Lucard was growing to mammoth size proportions, I bump into the guy in the halls of 411 Games headquarters and we have this exchange that almost redeems all:

Alex Lucard: (http://www.camelot.co.jp) Dick around and see what you can find Bebs.

Me? I personally can’t wait for my GCN to have SHINING FORCE COMPLETE!

Bebito: What are trying to accomplish with this Lucard. You want this to end badly don’t you. There’s nothing on the site about any new Shining Force. And we couldn’t read about it even if there was. I swear. You’ll pay dearly.

Alex Lucard: Oh Bebito. Silly unable to browse to a web page Bebito.

Bebito: Alex… I can’t read that jibba jabba. It’s all in a Japanese. There’s nothing on there about a GameCube Shining anything as far as I can tell. No pics, no nothing. Sorry man. I LIVE on the rumor circuit. If a Shining was coming to GameCube, I would have know months ago.

And I hate you.

Alex Lucard: The gist of it is that like SNK, Camelot is willing to re-release all three parts of SF3 AND the premium disc onto one GCN compilation is American interest is strong enough.

Bebito: You’re not kidding huh?

Alex Lucard: They’ve re-released SF3 THREE TIMES in Japan for the Saturn bebs. You know that.

Camelot talks about American interest in SF growing higher than even in japan or Hong Kong and thus a re-release makes financial sense if the fans truly want it instead of just talking about wishing they were in English.

Like I said man, Moogie’s OFFICIAL site had a comment about the new GCN Shining Game but it was taken off in less than 24 hours. And Moogie has direct contacts with the CREATORS of Shining Force.

And if any company is good at keeping secrets (other than Atlus) It’s Camelot.

This is the literal transaltion so the English might be weird in structure, but it’s so you get the exact thing they said, just in English

BTW Foreign Country is America.

Regrettable in the foreign country became sale only of scenario 1, but the fan of the foreign country which even now eagerly desires the English edition after the scenario 2 is many, even beyond own. In addition, the premium disk which is 3 scenario buyer benefits gathered the number of wonderful applications as a plan of this hand, occurred to the situation where dispatch is late with the consequence. Not only the country, there was application, from the fan in the world such as Hong Kong, America and Germany, it seems.

Furthermore, it becomes in fact production from this work will occur if foreign country demand is sincere.

Bebito: Alright man. I’ll take your word for it this time. Seriously. I’ll plunk this all in the Down-Lo. So if it’s false, please tell me now, otherwise I’ll be humiliating myself in front of the entire planet.

The only reason it sounds fishy to me Alex is that you changed stories. First it was that it was going to be like Shining Soul for the cube. Now you’re saying it’s a re-release of Shining Force. It STILL sounds like another one of your horrible horrible fibs.

Thank goodness I do a rumor column. I can write anything, and it won’t make a lick of difference if it’s true or not.

Alex Lucard: I WAS f**king with you last night.

Bebito: You son of a… I KNEW IT! I hate you, YOU RAT ORIFICE SUCKING…

Alex Lucard: But Moogie DID and still does comment on the forums at shiningforcecentral about the ‘next’ shining game. But in contacting Camelot today, I surfed their page, found the Shining link and clicked on it. And that’s what I found.

And freaked. :)

I copied the very last paragraph into English and put the translation here for you. I’ve also emailed Moogie to see if this IS the game in question or if there is something else. Like an SF4 in the works. I figure if anyone knows it’s her.

And now we wait. As of now we haven’t heard back from Moogie, webmaster of the Shining Force Central website, but SOMETHING is definitely up. If anything significant comes up during the week before my next Down-Lo, you’ll see it on the news boards posted by me. Promise.


And that’s the Down-Lo. Short and sweet.

Thanks to GamesAreFun and Spong.com for today’s stories.


The Phantom is real boys and girls. I know that we all used to believe that the thing was a hoax, and part of me still does. But Infinium Labs actually unveiled their super console seemingly doomed to failure to the world via the interent not long ago. And here’s some info from over at Kikizo Games detailing the ins and outs of the console. Interesting indeed.

According to Infinium, the machine will boast “blazing fast processor speed, cinematic graphics, and Dolby Digital Surround Sound” to deliver “a true high performance gaming environment.”

Phantom is described as the next-generation game console that supports PC games, games on-demand, game rentals, game demos and seamless upgrades. It also includes a broad selection of pre-loaded games, right off the shelf.

Vital details were revealed about the online abilities of the machine, which position Phantom as a true broadband content delivery station. Phantom is an always on broadband device, which allows gamers a wealth of options, from wireless connectivity to massive multiplayer capability, to allowing gamers to demo and experience games before purchasing or subscribing.

Phantom runs on a custom Operating System on Windows XPe Kernel, atop a high-performance Intel motherboard. “Up to” 3.0 GHz processor speed with 256MB RAM is available, with an nVidia video card taking care of visuals (at least nVidia still have some kind of videogame contract).

The machine also boasts a 100GB internal storage device, which will most likely be upgradeable, Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound, 10/100 baseT Ethernet, wireless controller, mouse and keyboard, and best of all, a range of high-quality video outputs including “S-Video, RCA or component video and PAL.” In addition, the unit will fit into any 19″ entertainment center.

What do I think? I think the thing can’t decide if it want to be a PC or a console. And that may eventually be it’s downfall assuming it’s ever released. I’m not sure AT ALL how they plan to market this thing. But hey, a new console, is a new console. So we’ll see…


The Nintendo GameCube. A lot of you unbelievers have been down on this system as of late and I can’t imagine why. Some of the best games ever have just come out, and WILL just be coming out for this console in the next few months and if you’re among the weak that traded in their Cube for one of those “other” systems, then you’ll be sorry and I have no remorse for you. Only pity. But for you gamers who know what the 411 is, these screens are for you:

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (GC)

SONIC TEAM! SONIC TEAM! SONIC TEAM! Yuji Naka’s next non-Sonic related masterpiece (yes I know that I call all of them masterpieces but they really ARE) is set out on September 24th and I’ve got the latest screens and details! There are 4 playable characters, each with their own skill and style. The game contains several different types of eggs and every one hatches something surprising and helpful. Plus there’s even a 4-Player Battle Mode with 3 unique types of gameplay. But here’s the kicker, kids. It’s not completely confirmed but you can supposedly unlock classic games for your Game Boy Advance, including but not limited to, Puyo Pop, Chu Chu Rocket and NiGHTS into motherloving Dreams! Yes, NiGHTS! Are you drooling yet? Pleeeeease let this be true…

Killer 7 (GC)

The game is just beautiful looking. I’m not going to let me words distract you from enjoying what Capcom has given to birth to in what was surely a glorious labor of love. Just take a gander at the most stylish GameCube title coming this Winter.

Tales of Symphonia (GC)

It’s coming to the US people. It’s coming! The first original traditional RPG for the Nintendo GameCube looks fantastic. And it’s about time. Details are scarce, but WHO CARES. Look at the thing! This one is up there with Dragon Quest, Sakura Taisen, and Xenosaga on my list of “Games That I’d Trade Harlem To Alf For”.

Screens courtesy of GamesAreFun.
(*Disclaimer* If the links are broken, tough cookies, it’s not my fault.)


I can give atomic wedgies to Ashish and slap Widro in the face with dead pike eels if I want. And I’m not the most powerful person on 411 either; Hyatte could order them to assume mounting position for a coked-up bull who’s ODed on Viagra and they’d do it.
Eric Szulczewski — (Game News, Opinions, Etc., 08.26.03)

A very special thank you goes out to Eric S. for filling in for me last week. Eric made sure the site didn’t seem too empty on its Down-Lo-less Tuesday and for that I am grateful. He managed to piss off almost the entire Games staff along with most of my audience all at once with his PC ramblings; and as it was a glorious thing to watch, for that I am grateful as well. Do I agree with two words the guy said last week? Pfft… of course not. The man was talking INSANE. But, I’ll tell you what, if I ever need another column to sub in for the Down-Lo, it’s sure as heck going to be Game News, Opinions, etc.. So what if he’s wrong; it’s sure as heck entertaining! Go check out his column from last week if you haven’t already!

– ALSO: Be sure to read A Thumb To They Eye by Chuck Platt, here every Tuesday with the Down-Lo. Meaning that guy is on the site RIGHT NOW. So go check him out.


More feed for my bag baby. Yall know the drill. The more you write in, the higher your ranking, and the more likely you’ll get printed. Have fun!

Here’s the ranking going in ascending order:
– Dufus –
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Great column today! Congrats on the one year anniversary!

Now shut down the computer and celebrate with the Mrs.!

Peace, see you in 7,

— DVD Dann / Dufus

This was the general consensus from quite a few of you guys last week. Thanks a lot for your Happy Anniversary wishes everyone. Nice to know that I can take a week off without the internet panicking… for the most part anyway. :p

Here’s a word of advice. When they tell you to freeze the top of your wedding cake to save for your first year anniversary, they don’t actually mean for you to EAT the thing after you do so. It’s just to have as memento. Don’t be an idiot and actually try to consume the thing like me. My stomach is still turning. And Bella is still pointing and laughing.


Hey there,

Here’s a quick, anal-retentive games geek FYI for you (and I don’t know why I just said FYI. I’m English. I’d normally say ‘piece of jolly
interesting news, what!’): Virtua Fighter was in no way the first 3D fighting game. Off the top of my head I can think of 4D Boxing (4D not a typo), for P.C. and Commodore Amiga, which was released in around 1989/1990, I believe.

Yeah, thrilling, I know.

Just thought I’d mention.

— Andrew Dean / Dufus

You’ve got to be kidding me dude? I’m not even going to comment on that. LOL.


Hi, I’m Bebito Jackson, and just for the record, I was a virgin up and till the day I married Bella. No hanky panky spanky.

You know, if you really saved yourself until your wedding day (and props to ya), I believe that there was no hanky, I believe there was no panky… but if Bella is THAT hot… I think there HAD to be some spanky.

Anyway, I used to love Fighting Vipers. I’d always play as the bull-dyked woman, I forget her name, but damn I used to love that game. And I am not a big fighting game fan, but there was something about that game. I think it was the throwing people into and through the cage that I liked. I am now looking forward to the new game.

Unless, of course, it’s made by Sega. :p

As for Nintendo, much as I like the GameCube (and would like it SO MUCH MORE if they dropped it down to, say, $50), I do think they need to drop out of the console race. It passed them by and it’s their own damn fault. Focus on making the console games for Sony and Microsoft and then focus ALL hardware energies on the handheld. Much as I love the PlayStation, I also know Sony has a reputation for shoddily-made products. If Nintendo can make the GBA even better (a tough task from what I’ve seen) and just focus on that, Sony wouldn’t have a chance. That really is the way they should go, so of course they won’t.

And those pics of Driver 3 and GT4 DID make me smack my momma! Needless to say she wasn’t too appreciative. I told her why I did it, then she smacked ME! The nerve! Plus the fact I’m 25, but whatever…

And dammit, where do they keep finding these Asian girls with their giant breasts. I NEVER EVER EVER see them except in your column. Grrrr. That doesn’t mean I want you to stop, though.

That interview with Grut was insane. BUT, it did lead to the Line(s) of the Column:
bobEblaze: you honkies are always trying to keep us down
bobEblaze: you guys and the spics

Anyway, enjoy your week off (although, I suppose, this is printed after you’re back, so I hopeD you enjoyED your week off) and I’m sure Eric S will (er, was) a fine temp.

— Jim Moore / Down-Lo Devotee

For the purposes of maintaining my image as a provider of a clean, wholesome family entertainment column, I will err… be abstaining from commenting on my pre-marital “spanky” status whilst dating Bella. *cough*

I remember the Fighting Vipers chick you are referring to. She’s Ok. My character per choice was Honey. That girl looked like she came straight out of a dominatrix-style warped Candyland universe with her super dolled up red mini-skirt and highly provocative outfit, so of course that was going to be my character. She may have seemed sweet and innocent, but when I had her do her patented “bend-over-show-your-panties-booty-attack”… WHACK! Straight through the wall, baby! I was one of those cheap bums who would take advantage of newbie players by constantly charging up my “Power” move while their back was up against the edge of the arena and kept blasting them with it while the player was unaware how to counter until, well… WHACK! And in the airport stages with the planes taking off in the background I used to have this sadistic streak in me where I’d try to make my opponent fly so far out of the arena that they’d get run over by said aircrafts rolling down the run way. Sadly to no avail… but that didn’t stop me from trying. Ah, the memories…

And did you just say that Nintendo needs to dump out of the console race?? Why? So you can purchase Sony’s own, by your admittance, shoddily made Playstation products? I’ll never understand why everyone in the world complains about Sony, and yet and still buy they’re stuff all the while making fun of the (for the most part) superior competition. Boggles the mind man. Boggles.


I gotta say man, this issue of the Down-Lo rocked my world. Hilarious skit, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution praise, hot Japanese babes, and the Sega Ages movie makes this one of my favorites.

And thanks for the kind words regarding my column. Its always flattering to get feedback like that. That, and you brought me out of a very bad mood this morning/afternoon.

— Alex Williams / 411 Games

You see… THAT’S what I live to hear. That’s why I do this. When something I’ve written makes someone’s day just a little bit better that it was before they clicked on it, I’ve completed mission objective #2. “Make people smile.” Although it’s nowhere near as important as mission objective #1, “Make myself laugh,” it does provide certain contentment, especially when I accomplish it for one of my friends in the form of AW over here. Thanks for liking the Down-Lo Alex2. Thanks even more for letting me know as such. It only serves as encouragement for my delinquent behavior. *thumbs up, smile with teeth showing*


I referenced the VF4: Evo v SCII debate in my new column this month. Here’s an excerpt:

“Now that Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution and Soul Calibur II have both been released stateside, the debate over which is better has turned nasty. VF4 fans say those who prefer Soul Calibur do so because they lack skill and the zen-like discipline necessary to master the complexities of Evolution’s engine. Soul Calibur fans argue that Evolution is simply a rehashed version of a year old game. I gave both games BUY ratings right here in this very column earlier this year, so I feel I’m the most qualified to settle this argument. To each camp I say: You’re both right. Soul Calibur II is gorgeously produced and is easy for novices to pick up and play. It’s the kind of thing two veterans can really throw down with but first-timers won’t feel like they’re in over their heads. Virtua Fighter, on the other hand, is so complex and requires such a huge time investment to master that novices can be easily intimidated. Let’s try this: Soul Calibur II is something you play, Virtua Fighter: Evolution is something you study. Like all good study material, though, Evolution rewards persistence and is more worthwhile in the long run.”

— Chad Thomas / 411 Games / www.news-4u.com

Somebody give this guy a freaking medal! Finally someone figured it out. Now you, *points at reader* yes YOU, go out and buy these games! If you have a PS2 and don’t own both of them yet, then STOP WASTING TIME. Shut off the computer now (and I don’t mean by clicking on the START button and waiting for it to power down, those are precious seconds; just unplug it), run, don’t walk to your car, and remember on the way over to your local game retailer that things such as stoplights, pedestrians (including the elderly, they should know better than to be in your way), and the speed limit do not apply to those on their way to pick up EITHER of these games. That’s right, I’m telling you to stop reading the Down-Lo NOW, and get your sorry behinds in gear if you do not own both of these gems. The retarded column’s almost over anyway! It’s just me gushing over Sonic Team again. GO!

(Disclaimer: 411Games, Ashidro, Bebito Jackson and their affiliates do not condone unsafe driving practices. Please use extreme caution while operating your vehicles at all times. Except when picking up Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and Soul Calibur II.)


Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg. Holy crap I want this game. You ALL should want this game. Chuck Platt, Alex Lucard, and I all soil our pants at the thought of this game. I mean truly. Chuck’s started wearing Depends because he knows that my Rumor Monkey is lurking around somewhere ready to show him the latest screenshots. And there’s no shame in it at all… It’s Yuji Naka’s first original platformer since Burning Rangers! So if you haven’t seen this thing in motion yet and you own a GameCube, you’re stupid. No really. I didn’t stutter. There’s a TON of demo discs out there containing this gem and not just in video form either. The blasted thing is playable. So again, you SHOULD have seen this game already. But just in case you’re too cheap to fork out the $5 needed to pick up the demo disc (which not only contains this game but also Soul Calibur 2, Sonic Adventure DX, and Viewtiful Joe among others) I’m providing you with this free downloadable video. Free! There you happy? Now go check the thing out. Sure the whole concept seems like Mr. Naka was smoking one too many of whatever Mr. Miyamoto was smoking when he came up with idea of plumbers jumping on mushrooms to save a princess from a giant turtle that throws hammers, but again this is from the creator of NiGHTS, Burning Rangers, and Samba De Amigo people. Do not take this lightly. It’s easily viewable on your good old Windows Media Player, so go on ahead and get to downloading. Only takes a minute or two if that.

Down-Lo Video Preview:

(Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg — 2.96MB WMV File)

Video courtesy of Kikizo Games.

Wow. Just… wow. I took the time to watch the DLV again before I decided to close out. I’m still speechless. God bless the Nintendo GameCube. God bless SonicTeam. God bless Yuji Naka. God bless us… every one.

I’m Bebito Jackson. Off to preorder the bloody game already. And to get some Depends.