Preview: Sega GT Online (XB)

After debuting on the Xbox with Sega GT, the franchise returns later this year with online play and several new modes in Sega GT Online.

Among the new features, you can race online in several different racing modes. The need for simply picking a car is enhanced with the ability to trade parts and actual cars with other gamers via the Xbox Live service.

For those of you who don’t have Xbox Live, or prefer playing by yourself, a new offline mode allows you to complete different tasks to unlock new cars, parts, and tracks as you progress.

If you previously played Sega GT 2002, you can transfer the save data onto the new game and take your customized cars online for some Live competition.

Along with old classics from previous games, more than 40 new cars are making their debut, including 70’s muscle cars all the way up to the latest high speed “rockets” from Japan.

Other new features include special weather effects, as well as “time-triggered” events that will occur during specific times during the course of the year.

Sega GT Online is shaping up to be the most complete Xbox racer yet. The game is currently set for release on November 4th at the “budget” price of $19.99. Be sure to check out the latest screens below and check back for more news on Sega’s racer as the release date draws near.