Cheat! 07.31.03

Welcome again to 411Games’ ONLY cheat-related column in existence! (Come to think of it, this may be the only cheat-related COLUMN this side of the web. I don’t go to those “other” websites, so I wouldn’t know.) As always, I’m Alex Williams, and as always, I’m here to serve you up some cheating goodness!

To be honest, I’m lucky that I haven’t taken another unexpected week off. The computer I currently use to hook up to the Internet is having some problems, as it can no longer read one of the hard drives. (The drive is okay, but the connection is screwed up.) So, we’re getting a new machine and swapping the internal components of this one with the new one. (Luckily, I can still connect to the Net, but I can’t save anything big.) So if you’re reading this now, it means that my “Internet” machine is still working and not dead. Of course, this point will be moot when I head off to Towson University in a month and get my NEW computer finally hooked up to the Net in my dorm.

On a completely unrelated side-note, I feel sorry for all those who got Tag Team storylines near the end of their careers in Legend of Wrestling II. Those things are brutal.

Anyway, before we begin, I will once again implore you to SEND ME STUFF! I figure I’d put it at the TOP of the column this week so more people will notice. Just e-mail me at with any cheat, walkthrough, or whatever you want to send, and I’ll put it up with your name slapped on it. It’s that easy!

Oh, and for those looking for the “nude code”, scroll to the bottom and read the commentary.

But once again, I’ve wasted precious space talking. It’s time to get to the proverbial “meat and potatoes” of this seven-course dinner. ON WITH THE CHEATING!

The first Castlevania game set in the future, and even includes an interesting twist. And yet they can’t get the rights to the name “Alucard”?

We got a bevy of stuff for this one. We’ll start by telling you how to get the various endings:

Bad Ending: Defeat Graham, but don’t collect or equip the Flame demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls.
Good Ending: Before fighting Graham, equip the Flame Demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls. After you defeat him, you’ll able to enter the black mist door and will fight two more bosses. Beat the first one, but lose to the second, you should then get the good ending.
Best Ending: Before fighting Graham, equip the Flame Demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls. After you defeat him, you’ll able to enter the black mist door and will fight two more bosses. Beat both to receive the best ending.

Beating the game with the Best Ending will also let you unlock the Boss Rush Mode, which is the standard kill-every-boss mode, and the Sound Test Mode, which is obvious. You can also unlock Hard Mode by getting at least the Good Ending.

You’ll also be able to enter several names to unlock special play modes:

NOSOUL: You won’t be able to use souls.
NOUSE: You won’t be able to use items.
JULIUS: You’ll be able to play as Julius Belmont. (NOTE: You can also use him in Boss Rush Mode assuming you cleared the game with him.)

(Credit goes to GameFAQs.)

Yes, I watch Dragon Ball Z. (The subbed version, anyway.) Yes, that is what prompted me to write a review. No, I did not expect the game to turn out so well. Yes, my readership has just been cut in half.

Well, the main secret in the game is that there are five hidden character trophies. Collect them all for a special surprise. Here’s how to get the trophies:

Goku: Finish the game to acquire his trophy.
Gohan: Get him to Level 50 and head to the “50 Door” to the north of Gingertown.
Piccolo: Get him to Level 50, find the missing Nameks, travel to Neo-Namek, and fight and defeat Cooler. His “50 Door” will be north of where the boss battle took place.
Trunks: Get him to Level 50 and head to the “50 Door” south of West City.
Vegeta: Get him to Level 50 and head to the “50 Door” located in the Northern Mountains.

Once you’ve located all 5 trophies, you’ll unlock a hidden playable character: Mr. Satan! (I refuse to call him the dub name.) Thrill is his incredibly weak power and his “Pose” special move! And assuming you get him to Level 50 (which should take about 3 years), you can find HIS “50 Door” in the middle of West City to access an alternate ending.

(I STILL say this is just Atari’s attempt at a sick joke.)

(Credit goes to GameFAQs)

Dammit, WHY did Mega Man have to go through such an evolution? Now its .hack//Mega Man! Don’t you deny it!

Well anyways, there IS a way to fight a classic character. To battle Bass, you’ll need to beat the game and collect the Navi chips. You’ll then receive an e-mail telling where he is.

(Credit goes to GameFAQs)
NCAA FOOTBALL 2004 (Playstation 2, GameCube, X-Box)

Show your school spirit! Go on, show it! Well? I said SHOW IT, DAMN YOU! Don’t make me pull out the machete”¦

There’s not much here so far, but how about some fine and dandy touchdown celebrations? Not only will they excite the crowds, but they may also incite a 15-yard penalty! (Cheat!: We’ll tell you how to screw yourself up so you won’t have to.) Hold these button combinations when the word “Touchdown!” appears on the screen:

(Playstation 2)
L2+Square: Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, and beats his chest.
L2+Triangle: Player bows to the crowd.
L2+Square: Player spikes the ball, and shrugs his shoulders.
L2+X: Player does the Heisman Trophy pose.
R2+Square: Player will dunk the ball between the goalposts.
R2+Triangle: Player will punch the ball towards the crowd.
R2+Square: Player will kick the ball towards the crowd.
R2+X: Player will throw the ball towards the crowd.

L+X: Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, and beats his chest.
L+Y: Player bows to the crowd.
L+B: Player spikes the ball, and shrugs his shoulders.
L+A: Player does the Heisman Trophy pose.
R+X: Player will dunk the ball between the goalposts.
R+Y: Player will punch the ball towards the crowd.
R+B: Player will kick the ball towards the crowd.
R+A: Player will throw the ball towards the crowd.

(Credit goes to

It just isn’t Cheat! Without some sort of Sonic content within it, isn’t it? At least Bebito is pleased”¦

Here’s some fun stuff you might like:

First off, if you want an easy A ranking in a certain stage, all you need to do is collect EVERY SINGLE RING. Simple, really.

Next up is unlocking the Boss Attack modes. Beat the Hero story for the Hero Attack, the Dark story for the Dark Attack, and last stage for the All Attack.

Next up is Kart Racing. Beat Tail’s kart mission and Rouge’s kart mission to unlock both single player and two-player kart races.

Complete all the missions for a certain character to unlock a second kart for that character. Press Up when selecting their karts to access them.

Complete all the missions for a certain character with an A ranking to unlock a special costume for that character in Battle mode.

Complete ALL missions with an A ranking to unlock the special “Green Hill” stage from the map. (Ah, retro is bliss.)

As an added bonus, after all the emblems have been collected, link up SA2B with Sonic Advance. Maria’s voice theme will appear in the Chao Black Market for purchase. (A whopping 30,000 rings no less!)

(Credit goes to GameFAQs)

May the force be with those who purchased crappier Star Wars titles than this one. (i.e. Star Wars Bombad Racing)

Wanna toy with the voices a bit? It’s easy as plugging a second controller into Port 4. Now when you play, press the Black and White buttons on the second controller to adjust the pitch of the in-game voices. Make the wookies sound like rabid chipmunks. I DARE you!

(Credit goes to GameFAQs)

The perfect game for someone with a short attention span. Hundreds of mini-games to play, five seconds each.

First, here’s how to unlock certain full version games:

Jump Forever: Beat Jimmy’s first level.
Dr. Wario: Get a score of 20 or more in Jimmy’s first level.
Skating Board: Beat Jimmy’s second level.
Flyswatter: Get a score of 20 or more in Jimmy’s second level.
Paper Plane: Beat Jimmy’s third level.
Wario Sheriff: Get a score of 25 or more in Jimmy’s third level.
Pyoro: Play all 201 Mini-Games under each character.
Pyoro 2: Obtain medals on all 201 Mini-Games under each character.

Now here’s how to unlock the Two-Player games:

Chiritorie: Beat any level out of the first three grouping.
Chicken Race: Beat a second level out of the first three grouping.
Dong Dong: Beat any level out of the second three grouping.
Hurdle: Beat a second level out of the second three grouping.

Now here’s how to unlock some special modes:

Staff Mode: Beat the second Wario Stage.
Boss Mode: Beat the second Wario stage.
Easy Mode: Beat the second Wario stage.
Thrilling Mode: Clear the high score in Easy Mode.
Hard Mode: Clear the high score in Thrilling Mode.

But wait, there’s more! Now for some fun stuff:

Custom Music in Jump Forever: Get a score of 100+ points. The next time you play, you’ll be able to choose between 3 songs before you start.

Credits Fun: While in Staff Mode, do these tricks to mess with the credits:
–Hold L or R to change the “sharpness” of the music.
–Hold Up to change the flying objects into Hearts.
–Hold Left to change the flying objects into “W”s.
–Hold Down to change the flying objects into Triforces.
–Hold Right to change the flying objects into GameCube logos.

(Credit goes to myself, and GameFAQs for confirmation.)

Considering there was no objection to this section from last time, it’s back for another go! This week, we look at two games which I feel are true diamonds in the rough, and ones you probably haven’t played for a WHILE. This week, the spot goes to:


I love this game. It’s one of the reasons I purchased a second Genesis since I traded my old one in 1996. (I still need a 32X and Sega CD. Can anyone hook me up?)

Anyway, this game has it’s own fair share of cheats:

Level Select: On the Konami screen, press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right. You’ll hear something if it worked. Then, on the title screen, hold A and press Start.

Very Hard Mode: At the Konami screen, press Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down.

Crazy Hard Mode: At the Konami screen, press Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right.

And since I might catch some flack for choosing an obscure Genesis game and glancing over the Super NES, here’s this week’s retro-desert:

SPARKSTER (Super Nintendo)

HA! It’s the sequel! Even more obscure than the first! And on a different system to boot! Wheee!

And here’s what I got on this one:

Crazy Hard Mode: At the Set Up screen, highlight Level and press Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, A, X.

And here’s a password to the last stage on Hard Mode:

Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal,
Crystal, Banana, Space, Space,
Apple, Crystal, Apple, Banana.

(Credit for both games goes to GameFAQs)

And now I got that out of my system, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for:

For most of you, this is what you came down for. You’ve probably scrolled right past my entire selection of cheats, passwords, easter eggs, unlockables, and other assorted goodies just to see if I revealed a way to get either Lara Croft or one of those hotties from DOA Volleyball to take off their clothes. By definition, this makes you perverts.

You don’t know how many times I’ve traversed message board after message board with people either asking for or “revealing” the infamous “nude code” games with busty women seem to have. “OMG!!!111!11 I foun d teh scret cod that gets lara coft nekked YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!11111!!1″ Those who have apparently FOUND these nude codes are all liars. They have nothing better to do than go on these message boards and display their complete lack of knowledge about everything. And for those who actually ASK about this stuff? They fall into one of two categories: (1) Prepubescent teenagers who have never seen naked women in their lives, or (2) Guys pushing their 30’s who never got laid and spend their Saturday nights jacking off to Miss October in Playboy.

There is a general rule of thumb to follow here concerning nude codes: There AREN’T ANY! Unless a certain game has garnered an ESRB rating of “Adults Only”, you won’t be seeing nude codes in ANY game whatsoever!

Right now, I bet you’re saying “But Alex, we’ve seen nude and lewd content in our games before!” And indeed you have. I have as well. So lets take a look at what the ESRB website has to say about this:

“How are the games rated?

“To get a game certified with an ESRB rating, publishers fill out a detailed questionnaire explaining exactly what’s in the game, and submit it to ESRB along with actual videotaped footage of the game, showing the most extreme content and an accurate representation of the context and product as a whole. Working independently, three trained raters then view the game footage and recommend the rating and content descriptors they believe are most appropriate. ESRB then compares the raters’ recommendations to make sure that there’s consensus. Usually, the raters agree and their recommendation becomes final. However, when the raters recommend different ratings, additional raters may be requested to review the game in order to reach broader consensus. Once consensus on a rating and content descriptors is reached, ESRB issues an official rating certificate to the game’s publisher.

“When the game is ready for release to the public, publishers send copies of the final product to the ESRB. The game packaging is reviewed to make sure the ratings are displayed in accordance with ESRB standards. Additionally, ESRB’s in-house game experts randomly play the final games to verify that all the information provided during the rating process was accurate and complete.”

(Taken from

So what it boils down to is that to get the game slapped with an appropriate ESRB rating, you’re going to need to disclose the full extent of the content you’re going to include. If the worst stuff you have is playing a game of horseshoes, the ESRB will rate accordingly. Same if you include a scene of hardcore pornography. As long as you disclose it to the ESRB beforehand, you’re perfectly okay. You may get slapped with a high rating depending on the content, but hey, such is life.

Getting back to the nude codes: If you’re going to include a hidden easter egg which makes your leading female run around in the nude, you’re going to need to say so in your report to the ESRB. Failure to disclose this fact could mean a LOT of trouble once your game ships and the easter egg is discovered. You let a game with a Teen rating get out with a nude code? There will be a factory recall within 20 minutes of the news of the code, guaranteed.

Now granted that several games out there have featured partial nudity and lewd content. Games like Fear Effect (PS1) and Dead or Alive 3 (XB) both have cut scenes depicting women seen nude from the back taking steamy showers. Yes, you get to see their asses, big deal. But the fact was that the developers / publishers let the ESRB know of this, and let them view it for themselves. Plus, these cut scenes were more of an artistic endeavor, rather than blatantly saying “Hey! Look at this girl’s ass!” It’s just like that scene in NYPD Blue. That, and the fact these are CUT SCENES, not CODES.

Then we have BMX XXX, with strippers and the ability to create characters that are topless women. Same deal here. The ESRB was notified first hand, and the rating was influenced accordingly. And since there weren’t blatant depictions of sex, or even full frontal nudity, it skirted by with a Mature rating.

Speaking of ratings, here’s the official ESRB descriptions of game ratings from Teen on:

TEEN: Content may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older. May contain violent content, mild or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.

MATURE: Content may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. May contain mature sexual themes or more intense violence or language.

ADULTS ONLY: Content suitable only for adults. May include graphic depictions of sex and/or violence. Not intended for persons under the age of 18.

Therefore, scenes like those in Fear Effect and DOA3 are considered suggestive, and not graphic depictions. BMX XXX has mature sexual themes, but no actual ACTS of sex. There’s a big difference when comparing these to scenes of the nude female body from the front.

And thereby explains the rule above: You WON’T see nude codes UNLESS the rating is ADULTS ONLY!

But of course, that’s only a rule. And rules are meant to be broken.

There IS a “nude code” in existence.

Come on, you wouldn’t have seen the words “nude code” in the column’s teaser if I wasn’t going to include one, were you?

This is my favor to all you horny teenagers out there. The ONE and ONLY nude code in existence unless someone out there proves me otherwise.

The console game it’s for? You’re not going to believe this”¦

RINGS OF POWER (Sega Genesis)

“What?” you ask me. “I have to go play an old GENESIS game to see some titties?”

My answer? Yes. Yes you do. And if you want to see some titties so bad, go to a porn site. Or buy a copy of Penthouse. Or go get a girlfriend and get laid. Or SOMETHING other than this. Pixilated titties are not worth their weight in spewed semen. This code is strictly for fun. Taking it seriously is just pathetic.

(Spewed semen? Where did I come up with THAT one?)

Anyway, back to the code. The funny thing is that this isn’t even part of the main game. Rings of Power is just a mediocre strategy RPG released in the days of Phantasy Star II and Shining in the Darkness. I rented it once, and it’s not even worth playing these days. (By the way, that’s my opinion. Others may vary.) The code works only for the Naughty Dog title logo animation. While I had the game for rental, I flipped through an old issue of Tips & Tricks I had, and BINGO. A nude code. (Come on, it’s not a 411 exclusive. It’s just not as “widely spread” as some people would have liked.) Because I was curious, I tested it myself It took a few tries, but lo and behold, it worked. It is Alex Williams, and essentially, 411Games approved.

Now for the code itself. The unfortunate bystander we’re going to unclothe is this nice-lookin’, pixilated woman we see before the Naughty Dog logo appears on the screen. (The mascot looks like a cross between a dog, a moose, and Joe Camel, but I digress.)

Here’s the code: Plug a controller into Port 2 of your Genesis, and make sure the power is OFF. Hold Down/Right + A + B + C + Start on Controller 2, turn the power on, and continue holding them until the Naughty Dog title sequence. You’ll know if it worked or not if you see the mutant mascot first instead of the girl. Then just wait a few seconds, and there she is, with a hell of a lot less on. You’ll see her from the back, but you’ll get to see an ass and a nipple.

There you have it. The ONLY code that will take all the clothes off of ANYTHING. Just don’t come cryin’ to me when your Genesis controllers are all gooed up from”¦ uh”¦ entering the code so much! Yeah, that’s the ticket”¦

(Credit for this code goes to Tips & Tricks, GameFAQs for confirmation, and myself for double confirmation.)

Wow, this commentary thing is pretty cool! I may have to do them more often. (After the cheats, of course. They always get top billing.)

Next week, along with the normal assortment of cheats, I might go into some “engaging” thoughts about the upcoming Nokia N-Gage. (I know you’re out there, I can hear you groaning.) Is the new handheld console / phone a hit or a miss? Be here next week to find out! Maybe!

Until next time, laugh audibly at anyone who actively pursuits nude codes for games that don’t have them.

Alex Williams