Retrograding Mailbag 07.28.03

Okay: first things first. SF part 4 of 5 goes up this weekend. And if you missed it, the Minneapolis Star Tribune had an interview with me last week where I talk about 411Games and the VG industry in general. Sadly, it’s not on their online sit however. Once again, I’m taking steps towards being way too legit for my own good. Still, it’s good to know major sources of media look to 411games and myself as some of the most credible people in the industry.

On that note, I decided to do a little something extra with the mailbag this week. I’ve decided to show you some of my own correspondence to staff members and readers so people can see what goes on behind the scenes.

First up is my correspondence with polecat about his Clock Tower 3 Review. Let me first say Polecat normally does a good job and this correspondence is more based about me being an Anal f*ck towards game genre’s I adore. And Clock Tower is one of them…

Alex’s letter to Polecat:
—– Original Message —–
From: “Alex Lucard”
Subject: Your clock tower three review

Couple problems.

1. RE was not the first survival horror game. Alone in the Dark Was. And Clock Tower 1 (The first fear, japanese only) came before the first Resident Evil.

2. Capcom did NOT invent Clock Tower. Clock Tower was invented by the late great and quite dead Human. Capcom bought the Clock Tower license from the dead company’s remains and then butchered the license.

3. Technically, Clock Tower 3 in the US is actually Clock Tower 4. The real Clock Tower #1 was never released in the US. Background info like that should be in the review.

4. In a previous Retrograding I actually took a pretty good look at the entire Survival Horror genre from its roots to its current state and addressed the history of the Clock Tower series. I’m really dissapointed to see a fellow 411staff member making some major errors like this after it was already covered a few months back.

Don’t get me wrong. We ALL make errors. All of us. Me (especially!), Bebito, Chris. Everyone on the team. But the history of the series from the scissorman on down is on 411.

I agree though, Capcom RUINED the license and ruined Scissorsman, which is actually one of the most popular video game characters of all time in Japan, by taking his name and giving it to a rather crappy knock off. Both Scissorsmen are dead after all.

I actually got an email from a guy named Dave that actually brought this to my attention. Here’s the body of it.

“The newest 411 Games review of Clock Tower 3 really, really sucks in terms of background information.

The errors of saying Capcom invented the survival horror genre, when the Clock Tower series predates the RE series, that the series is Capcom’s, when it was originally developed by the amazing, but now defunct Human Entertainment (sniff), ugh.

That really irked me.”

And that was the letter. It did come off rather mean, full of myself and almost rude and I did apologize to Polecat after the fact. And here’s his response.

Okay, I’ll apologize for that. I am NOT a fan of the Survival Horror Genre (The only decent games in that vein so far have been the first Silent Hill 1 and System Shock 2 to my tastes). Thus I was working on a strickly common level knowledge, and the little history of the genre that I do know. I didn’t know about the look back on the survival horror genre myself (I don’t
know how i missed it, I tend to follow your column, but apparently I did), so I apologize on that count.

A little late for me to take it back now, so I can only apologize for it. Admiddetly I was focused a little on making fun of the game too. Having never even SEEN the previous incarnations of Clock Tower carried in a game store or played, much less played them myself, some of my errors when it comes to the history of the series were likely notable.

Either way, I apologize. I wrote this review some 2 or 3 weeks ago… it’s been waiting for Pankonin to put it up.

– Polecat

This isn’t to insult Polecat in anyway. I just know all of us tend to put happy sugar coated letters from our fellow staff members in our columns or in my mailbag, and I just wanted to show you all we do have disagreements and different opinions at times. That’s life, right?

Next up is a series of letters with a man named Jason about Star Wars Galaxies.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Gygaxies joke had to do with Gary Gygax of D&D fame. Because people will do whatever they can for that extra +1 in whatever…

And no one roleplays in the online massively multiplayer online games because the games themselves just don’t encourage it. Sadly, it does encourage getting that whole 2 points of Intelligence so you can have just enough mana to cast one more spell of whatever. And people will do WHATEVER it takes to get those 2 points. Having religously played Everquest since it’s release up until December 2002, I can honestly say I came across only a handful of roleplayers. Most of them were usually piss poor (in game) with shoddy equipment because they didn’t feel like going the powergamer route. It’s truly a sad thing because stuff like EverQuest and ESPECIALLY Star Wars could be a thing of beauty (from a roleplaying persepective) if it weren’t so number focused. And if that was the type of thing you’d be into, of course. Jason

I then asked Jason if he could recommend any Online RPG’s to my readers that actually focus on ROLE PLAYING. Here is the response.

It’s hard to recommend anything that would truly be roleplaying friendly. The “major” online RPGs are just powergamer playgrounds. They’re just everywhere and it’s just a tad disheartening that most advances in these games are done through a tried and true “treadmill” system. Everquest left me pretty jaded towards the whole online RPG thing, so I’ve pretty much lost
a lot of interest in those games. But the only thing that I might be able to suggest is A Tale in the Desert ( From what I remember hearing about it, it’s more social driven that numbers driven. But that was a few months ago, so things could have changed.
Unless you want to count $200 worth of D&D/Shadowrun/whatever books plus an IRC chatroom as part of the whole online RPG type of RPGs…

I know I don’t have to tell you this, but it’s always a good reminder that
to really enjoy an online RPG, you need to find a group of people that play
like you do. That’s one of the reasons why I stuck with Everquest for as
long as I did.

And that’s some good advice from a person really into his RPG’s.

Next up is a little situation our lord and master, Chris Pankonin and I had to deal with. Here’s a few days back where we had a quick IM conversation…

Chris Pankonin01: Alex?
Darquefyr: Hey
Chris Pankonin01: check this out..
Darquefyr: chris. We got problems
Chris Pankonin01:
Darquefyr: LOL!
Chris Pankonin01: LOL
Chris Pankonin01: wow, what were the odds of that?
Darquefyr: Wow. That’s creepy. Two exact posts at the exact same time
Darquefyr: It’s like that episode of family guy. Now we both have to say Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the same time
Chris Pankonin01: I suppose we should whoop some ass, how did you discover it? I was just bored and google searching
Chris Pankonin01: and I google searched my name and that popped up
Darquefyr: Yahoo searching.
Darquefyr: I wrote a friendly warning email
Chris Pankonin01: ok, let me know what they say
Chris Pankonin01: I’ll let Ashish and Widro know
Darquefyr: Cool. We should do a mass email to the games staff too

What was happening was was taking 411games content and putting it verbatim on their page without any credit or even putting our names on our work, let the metatags and the like were still containing our names so if we did a web search for our work, was coming up. Now here’s my correspondence with the website.

Hi. I’m kind of curious why stuff I’ve written is showing up on your
page verbatim with out any crediting me as the source.

In fact the same holds true for other staff members. Can I
ask why the specific writers are not being credited?

Their response?

Hey alexander, my bad…

Summer is our testing time, we’re trying out a couple of things. We started
the section a couple of weekes ago and seeing how things go… i should have
given you credit though. i’ll put it up a link to your site.

You’ll now note the give us credit on their main page, but also have removed their video game section completely. Score 1 for Pankonin and Lucard

And its time for an email from a Brit across the ocean defending his countries’ women. Now, he did reply to me right afterwards noting most of the smile faces that he had put in the letter had disappeared. And we went into a long talk about how yes, my comments were directed towards the Mockney and Ladette cultures now prominent amongst the younger women of the United Kingdom. But here’s the first letter as I seem to have opened a “English women suck/rule” debate in my inbox from all sorts of readers. Just remember people, I was going to MARRY a Brit, so most of my comments are joking. Except for the horrible cooking stereotypes. Cottage Pie? Fish Pie? Something that resembles meat in a pie? Yeah, that’s very true.

“And after a year of UK living, there was only one woman I ever saw that met my standards and the rest all I could see were bad teeth, thin hair and a beer belly starting to form. Or else there’s a lot of pregnant women in London. :-P”

Well after 25 years of living in the UK I’ve only ever met 2 or 3 English (note that’s ENGLISH, not BRITISH because the Scottish and iresh DO have hygiene issues…) women with really bad teeth, and they were heavy smokers. One of them was a Goth who refused to see the dentist and loved cola strings too, so go figure.

The problem is that you started in London . I’m not a racist but my god if there isn’t a shit load of foreigners in the capital city. The women with bad teeth were probably Spanish or Greek. Those thin haired women were likely 70 years old. I WILL accept responsibility for the beer belly girls, however.

Ever since the mid 90’s concept of the ‘Ladette’ has been practised by girls aged 13-40. It was meant to be a statement about how independent women are and how anything men can do, they can do better. IMO all it’s done is breed a few generations of fat sluts and irresponsible single mothers, plus it’s made all those football hooligans think they have a chance of getting laid if they beat the shit out of a 20 mile square block.

But I digress.

My mother is in her 50’s and has good teeth. My sister wore a brace for about a year and now has good teeth. *I * have been to the dentist my whole life and come out after 5 minutes being told I have perfect teeth. I only got a filling after I’d lived in Scotland for a year and that was due to living in such shite conditions. Every girl I’ve ever dated has had good teeth, or at least that’s what I’m assuming. They certainly weren’t bad teeth and TBH I’m more of a legs-and-ass man. None of my friends have bad teeth. None of my Lecturers have had bad teeth. None of my teachers or school friends had bad teeth…not even the ones who lived on hash fumes…

The list goes on and on but I feel I’ve said enough. When someone says that the English have bad teeth then they are just jumping on the generalisation bandwagon. Next thing you know we’ll see all the old classics coming out like “u put jelly on ur meet” or “they’re uptight and boring” or (my favourite) something to do with bowler hats, red buses and a stiff upper lip. I swear if someone has ever met an English man wearing a bowler hat in this day and age then I’ll meet said hat-wearer and knock him out for his sheer pompous audacity.

Next time you’re in England you should try going to Cambridge or Bournemouth for the REAL women. They are the hotness capitals of the country as far as I’m concerned. Then again, even London is excellent at about 6pm onwards if you visit the right bars. I’d quite happily spend the rest of my life at Canary Wharf peering at the short skirt wearing beauties letting off steam after work.

Anyway; try not to read this letter as a flame since I don’t mean it that way. This is just something of a pet hate of mine so I may have been a little enthusiastic.




Okay I lied. Here’s commentary from us both.

You know man, you’re right. I probably shouldn’t have started in London. But it’s where I had to live.

Most of the women I met were Itallian or English though.

I chalk the bad teeth up to the smoking and the even larger soda consumption
you guys have then we do. Soda acid and tar = icky teeth.

And god yes, I f*cking hate the Ladette phenomenon London has. And Mock-ney.

Just remember I’m dating a Brit, so I can’t find them all that bad, eh ;-)

His response.

Thanks for the reply.

This email is just to ease my own guilt. It seems that when I wrote the first letter and then copied it into yahoo, the editor deleted all my smileys. It made the email seem soooo much more harsh than it was but luckily it you didn’t take it the wrong way. Sorry if it came across like I was trying to own0rz u or something. :)

That’s all. Thanks for your time.


Hmm. More Goth chick commentary. And it’s not the only one in this mailbag. Again, I seem to have started something here at 411games with nonstop Goth Chick commentary from the staff and readers. Too bad there aren’t any goth chicks on the staff though. Or any girls for that matter. Girls DO game people. And the numbers are growing.

Speaking of which…

Hey! Hadn’t dropped you a line in a while, just thought I’d see how you’re doing. Welcome back to the States! I appreciated your mentioning me in your column a couple of months ago… yes, there are women who are into Cthulhu! I’ve continued to waffle on running a pbem due to the constraints on my time, but I’m getting closer to wanting to do one, since I haven’t gamed in
what feels like forever. I’m looking at the Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep or Beyond the Mountains of Madness, but I’m starting to think that a period game would tax me a little too much (I had an abortive start to BtMoM for that reason a while back), so I’ve also been taking a hard look at Delta Green. I was never really into the X-Files, but I do like the way that the whole Cthulhu Mythos has been updated to modern times, and I could much easier run a game set 5-7 years ago than 50-70 years ago. I’ve never played any Delta Green though, have you? If so, any thoughts on the setting?

Still running your “immersion” rpg game? I thought with your move, things might have gotten a little uprooted with that. How’s that going for you?

Oh, and you’ve *almost* convinced me to get a GBA. Finances are tight, and I really don’t need something ELSE sucking my money away, but it sounds like I could have a pretty small library of games and still have plenty to entertain me. I think I enjoy human contact too much though; most of my female friends aren’t really into video games, and my male friends tend to like them a little TOO much and be sort of hypercompetitive… well, we’ll see. I should be getting a raise in a month or two, so that may be a good way to spend it.

Anyway, welcome back from your hiatus; I still load up the “classic” 411wrestling page whenever I go to 411mania, and I always scroll down to the
bottom to see if there’s a Retrograding article there somewhere.

Keep up the good work!

(not a goth)
(not fat)
(proof of both attached)

Yes. More readers need to send me pictures. And staff members. You know how few of us actually know what each other looks like here. Tis the problem with email based jobs. No actual human contact.

And Leanna, just go to That page is ALWAYS littered with my ramblings!

Delta Green isn’t my bag. I like Victorian and 1920’s Cthulhu only. Modern Cthulhu just doesn’t get me excited. And as I said in email, video games are a want. NOT a need. As great as I think the GBA is, don’t ever buy one, or any system. Or any game for that matter if you DON’T HAVE THE FUNDS! Food, clothes, rent, and necessities all come before some cheap electronic entertainment.

I’m such a great salesperson, aren’t I?

Y’know, in Fargo’s defense, we do have a really cheap movie theater. Better than renting movies. And, um… a couple nice parks. And… um… a gaming store that shrink-wraps all it’s games so you can’t skim through them. And… I
think there’s a pawn shop with used games somewhere…

Okay, yeah, Fargo sucks. But we’ve got a decent comic store.


I assume Ian was speaking of “The Omni.” Since this letter we’ve chatted a bit as I love hearing from readers near my home. Lets me know what the people close enough to lynch me think. So who’s reading this in the Twin Cities? Let me know!

Oh. And MORE goth chick emails. Didn’t this used to be about VIDEO GAMES???

Alright I have a few things to say about the whole goth girl thing. First off I DJ on the Goth\Industrial\EBM\Futurepop etc scene, doing
mainly electronic stuff(Mesh, Negative Format, Covenant, Icon of Coil, VNV Nation, and synthpop, just to give an idea-and I’m not a huge fan of
Goth music). Yes, there are heavy goth girls, but that isn’t the rule. I will say that rivethead women(EBM\Industrial fans) tend to be on the
hot side, in general. And as for goth chicks buying into the whole vampire thing, that’s somewhat rare. They are probably weird some other
way though, I will admit. But if you don’t like a subculture, its hard to understand it. But its often no weirder than people writing columns
about old video games, or people writing responses to said columns. And for a portion of the guys reading this, its the only place many girls will even talk to them. And just because people like to dress in black or vinyl dosen’t mean they are that bad. I know a good number of
computer programmers and other proffesionals who are in the goth\industrial scene. So don’t just write off everyone by one type. And keep watching for the rivethead chicks, too. The Negative
Format\God Module show last night in New York was thick with them.

Sorry, had to vent. Keep up the good work, Alex.

AKA DJ Fuligin

I swear. I will NEVER get why any readers thought I don’t like Goth. I mean, due to my name I’m rather forced into that subculture, like it or not. And as Eric S from 411wrestling learned, yes, Alexander Lucard is my REAL NAME. REAL. REAL REAL REAL. And if you’re enrolled in Saint Cloud State University this fall, you’ll be able to have PROFESSOR Lucard as your English teacher. Who’s gonna use a fake name at their day job, right?

Plus nearly every girl I’ve dated has been goth. Thankfully not the chunky kind. I’m pretty shallow in that regard. Just remember people I run around in vinyl and pleather myself, and used to edit a folklore of the dead’ magazine for professional authors years back.

So can we stop the Goth chick debate now? What was once a sarcastic comment written in an entirely sarcastic column has turned into a huge inbox problem for me. However if you ARE a goth chick and wish to write to me/prove you’re not a mammoth, feel free to. :-P

Next topic to fill up my inbox: Germans? Ex Nazi psychopaths reformed into techo/industrial/Trance addicts or secretly still harboring anti-aryan hatred? You be the judge!

Would that be a reference to Gary E. Gygax of Dungeons and Dragons fame?

Just thougth i’d make you happy.

John Derry NH

ps. Still play Adnd to this day.

And it did. TWO people caught an obscure pun towards the creator of Dungeons and Dragons.

PS. 3.5 sucks. D20 sucks. Cthulhu leatherbound 20th Anniversary edition RULES!

Now for a series of letters between myself and an obvious Nintendo fan who hated that I thought the Dreamcast had more of an impact on multiplayer gaming than the N64.

“But even before the Dreamcast set the standard we now take for granted, where systems have four controller plugs, there were multiplayer games, but they were a bitch to use thanks to the multiplayer adapter. Gee, Sega revolutionizing gaming? Who have ever believed that? That’s a column in itself baby!”
Um, what are you talking about? Have you ever heard of a console called the NINTENDO 64?! That had four controller plugs and it came out before the Dreamcast was even a rumour. Sega is a very revolutionary company for sure but it was Nintendo who set the standard of four controller plugs (which our good old market leader Sony seems to ignore). I figure you’ll get a million emails saying the same thing but I figured I should be one million and one.

Actually, this Ian Sewell is the only guy who mentioned it. What Ian missed was the entire gist of the column and how Nintendo repeatedly created new ways to do multiplayer games. And each one bombed as Nintendo was really the only company putting out software for the multiplayer platform. The Dreamcast actually had companies that weren’t Nintendo software companies doing games for the system.
Anyways, my response.
Re-read the column. The DC developers went out of it’s way to make 4 player games. The
N64 had very few 4 player games that weren’t Mario games or created by Nintendo itself.

If you want to be technical the atari 5200 had 4 control jacks as well, but how many 5200 4 player games can you name?

And I agree, Sony is it in to make money and thus makes you buy add ons like internet abilities and extra controllers. Sony is evil.
Very few? Have you ever even played an N64? Just off the top of my head I can name several 4 player games on the N64 off the top of my head.
Mario Kart 64
Star Fox 64
San Francisco Rush
Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Jet Force Gemini
Super Smash Bros
Mario Tennis
Donkey Kong 64
Perfect Dark
Duke Nukem 64
F-Zero X
Excitebike 64
Mario Party series

Now most of those are Nintendo games but realistically it’s pretty hard to think of N64 titles that aren’t. Still all of those have some sort of four player mode. To say that the N64 had very few 4 player games is ignorant.

Technically the Atari 5200 did have 4 control ports but it didn’t really affect the other systems released shortly afterwards. The Dreamcast, Gamecube and Xbox all launched a few years after the N64 and all of them have four controller ports. The PS2 is the only post-N64 console that doesn’t have four controller ports. To me that seems to indicate that the
N64 set the trend.

Again, Ian completely ignored what I had to say and went into fanboy mode. He gave me a list of games, and look at how many were Nintendo made games. Thus proving my point. And he again missed the fact I did point out in my column Nintendo did the leg work, but as usual another system/company/competitor took the idea and breathed new life into it at the correct time. That’s the downfall of Nintendo’s marketing strategies.

Again, as I mentioned, it was other developers that made 4 layer games for the DC. Nintendo, as I mentioned a lot in my article, tries something, maybe 1-2 publishers do as well, and it just doesn’t take off.

As the really good games on your list that you named came out after the DC did, which was doing 4 player and online crap right out of the shoot.

As well, if you read wayback to the Pre saturn days, Sega of Japan promised the system after the saturn would be even more multiplayer and online geared than the Saturn. And that the multiplayer jacks would be part of the system from the getgo. A bold promise to make when the Seganet just didn’t fly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little N64. I even have an extra Pikachu version just for the hell of it. But the N64 did nothing different from Nintendo’s previous attempts. They come up with the idea, it fizzles. Another company modifies the idea, and it takes off. Look at the old NES where there was an actual dance mat for it. I can name three games that used the pad. Now look
at how big dance games are. Nintendo invented rhythm games, but they by no
means started the trend. Konami and DDR Did.

Fine, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m obviously not going to change your opinion so I’ll leave it alone. I certainly don’t feel that four player games on the N64 “fizzled” though especially considering the popularity and high sales of Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64, both of which came out well before the release of the Dreamcast.

And that’s the whole schebang. Agreeing the disagree. Goldeneye was a GREAT game and deserved the high sales. I hate Kart games, so I’m biased against Mario Kart. But again, I stand by my comments. Nintendo did it first, but another company made it really take off. Just like every other aspect of multiplayer gaming.

1.Anyone miss Ron Yip? I sure do…

R…on Y…ip? Uhm….uh….who? =]

2. Wouldn’t a Batman/Superman game voiced by Christopher Lee and Adam West
just rule?

Actually it would be terrible. Well, I guess Lee could do Superman, but Batman is a badass and West just brings out memories of a goofy Batman. The guy who does the voice for the Justice League would be pretty good though, I guess.

3. Why did they have to ruin an excellent RPG like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance by including platforming elements? ARRGH!

It is an easy way to be “creative” to combine genres. If the game sells well, the company can claim the game was innovative and that they created something new after 40 other companies throw out clones of it. If the game does not sell well, then they can say how they created something original, but people didnt like it and go back to making more clones of successful games.

Also, since I don’t really follow game sales, did Phantasy Star Collection do
well enough to warrant a PS4, Adventure, and Gaiden collection?

I can’t believe someone dissed Adam West to me. I’m so upset. Jack < Ceasar. Devito < Burgess Merideth. Pfiefffffffer < Julie Numar or Lee Merriweather. And I hope so about there being another PS collection. I know It’s in the cheap section of stores now, so it’s probably not likely. But I believe a PS4 standalone is going to happen. Why? Because it’s the best in the series according to most PS addicts. And I’d love to see it. About Evanesence, both descriptions are fairly accurate. They’re a nu-metal pseudo-Christian band with a goth looking chick that was a pretty good voice as a singer. Creed meets Linkin Park with an attractive chick with long black hair as the singer. I think that’s about the best description I can give. I think she’s a good singer, disagreeing with one of your other readers.

I’ve nothing else to say ‘cept rock on GBA.
Kamikaze Ted

Another strange set of commentary in my Inbox I have nothing to do with. And more goth chick comments! ARRRRRGH!

Let’s see… it’s update time! I just wrote a little article I’ll send Saturday called “Finder of Lost Childred: The Franchises That Died Too Soon.” I also wrote a review of Tietem Brown that compares it to Kafka and started an article on the things I want to see in an RPG before I die. I struck out on Guardian Heroes but number three is going to be Persona 2! I grabbed a copy off of E-bay on your recommendation. Number 4 will likely be Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete, a game I once owned, then sold, and now I’m seeking once again. Sakura Wars cracked me up because I mentioned grabbing a few to my girlfriend, mainly because of the robot designs, inspite of my atrocious Japanese. I’ve got Vampire Chronicles and the GAmeFAN guide for Vampire Savior, so I’ll probably leave it off the list.I’m unfamiliar with Thousand Arms, but the list maybe a little RPG heavy. I have Shadowrun, but I never got into it, also a funny suggestion as my piece on RPG’s mentions my desire for a cyberpunk game sans elves. Cardfighters’ Clash is a must, I’ll grab a copy even if it’s not on the list. Shining Force 2 will get the nod if I need another RPG, I’m burned out on Animal Crossing, and I’ve never heard of Hell Night outside of your articles. A shout out needs to go to Toy’R’Us, though, as they were hella helpful with the copy of One Peice Mansion I bought that contained no disc. Thanks for the help and get ready for cries for help when I can’t get through Sakura Wars.

Chuck PLATT not Pratt, a sticking point since age 5

Man, I love this guy. I really do.

Hey, just a quick question…

Because of your columns (shakes fist at him), I’ve bought a Sega Saturn off e-Bay. I also picked up Shining The Holy Ark along with it (7 other discs as well, though they “came” with the system. Those being Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, NFL ’97, Nights into Dreams SAMPLE, Bootleg SAMPLE, Sega Screams Vol. 1 SAMPLE).

I was wondering if you had a “list” of games you could give me that you recommend picking up for the system? A lot of the RPGs are expensive as hades, though I’ll eventually pick them up as money becomes available. However, I might be missing out on some great Saturn games because I’m not aware of them. I’m looking for only US games right now, as I don’t want to get into importing until _after_ I’ve played the English language titles.

Anyway, hook a brother up, if you can.

Brian J. Blottie

Oh boy. Well I sent Brian a list of my Saturn games and decided that I might as well show all of you what a Saturn psycho I am as well…

01. All Japan Pro Wrestling vs Virtua Fighter
02. Albert Odyssey
03. Battle Monsters
04. Blazing Dragons
05. Blazing Heroes
06. Brain Dead 13
07. D
08. Dark Savior
09. Devil Summoner
10. Dragon Force
11. Fighting Vipers
12. Fire Pro Wrestling: Six Man Scramble
13. Guardian Heroes
14. Legend of Oasis
15. Lunacy
16. Lunar Magical School
17. Magic Knight Rayearth
18. Night Warriors
19. Nights Into Dreams
20. Panzer Dragoon
21. Panzer Dragoon II
22. Panzer Dragoon Saga
23. Princess Maker II
24. Shining Force III Version A
25. Shining Force III Version C
26. Shining Wisdom
27. Sakura Wars
28. Sakura Wars 2
29. Shining the Holy Arc
30. Sim City 2000
31. Slayers Royal
32. Slayers Royal 2
33. Street Fighter II
34. Street Fighter II Turbo
35. Street Fighter Alpha Gold
36. Virtual Hydlide
37. World Series Baseball II
38. World Series Baseball 98
39. Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
40. WWF In Your House
41. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
42. Dragon Force II
43 Radiant Silvergun
44. Shining Force III Version B
45. Soul Hackers
46. Marvel Vs Capcom
47. Sakura Taisen Columns

And that’s it. 47 wacky Saturn games. I likes me Saturn.

“Shark Jobber #3 unmasks himself and throws the mask at Shark Boy, saying your tired of being his pawn”

I know it wasn’t you who wrote that line, it just would’ve been so much funnier, in keeping with the gimmick, if Shark Jobber #3 said he was tired of being Shark Boy’s pRawn…

Jim moore

Damn those puns!

Here, Here Alex,

I just wanted to chime in with my opinion on your praise of River City Ransom. I agree with you 100 freakin’ percent! That game rocked and although I don’t have a GBA, I do have a Gamecube, so I intend to buy the game boy player and enjoy RCR when it comes out. I remember when I was younger, my brother and I had the NES and we were looking for a game to rent from our locale video store. We stumbled across RCR, and decided to give it a try after realizing that it was made by the same makers of Double Dragon. Boy, I couldn’t tell you how much fun we had playing it. Everything from the co-op game play to all the humorous elements found in the game, we had a blast. Hey! Do you remember some the cool names for the moves that you learn in the game? My favorite was “Stone Fist”! Needless to say I’m having a joygasm right now, thinking about when I finally get my hands on that game. I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Keep up the good work.


See people. You must all go out and buy River City Ransom. And I shall slay anyone on the staff that dares to challenge me for review rights to this GBA version. HULK WILL SMASH! And my favorite was Aero Circus. Flips rule.

A message from
Hey, I noticed that you are into retro gaming from your posts on 411wrestling. So you are welcome to join my upcoming group dedicated to 2-D Gaming that is apart of my 2-D Gaming website. I just started the group today, so I need more members after getting my website looking presentable. We would love to have you, and if you don’t want to or whatever, that’s okay too. Just thought I would invite you!

True Oswald

What the hell, right? I have no problem giving props to a fellow 2D gaming fan. So help the guy out!

Oh, and I’ll leave you with this weeks stupidest email…

id love to play smack down 5 i think it will be a cool game