CHEAT! 7.23.03

Greetings, one and all, to the third installment of Cheat!, which is
two weeks overdue. Just in case you’re wondering why there wasn’t a column
last week, it was because of a family trip to Las Vegas. But now I’m back,
a little older, a little wiser, and a little poorer. ($200 can disappear
THAT FAST in blackjack?!?)

So this week’s game coverage is a bit longer than usual. Also since
we now have an official GBA section, I figure I’d include some good GBA
games here to give it a kick-start. And apparently, we’ve resurrected a
“Hints” section as well. I hope that my column had something to do with
it. (Probably not, but hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

In any case, I recently picked up a few games, including Legends of
Wrestling II for the X-Box. It was used, but considering it was free with
the two other used games I bought, I figured “why not”? I’m keeping it
solely for the inclusion of the interviews. Guys like Hogan, Lawler, Snuka,
Funk, and others go into how they got into the business, how they handled
their newfound fame, and tell some hilarious stories. (Funk had so many,
he’s got two bonus interviews to accomodate.) I say rent the game and watch
the entire interview collection, only to remind you that EVERYONE has paid
their dues. Everyone. Even Hogan. Bash them all you want, they still lead
some of the roughest and toughest careers in the world.

But I’ve talked a bit too much now. Keep your eyes peeled for the BRAND



If you like to see cars crash at high rates of speed, this is your game.
Too bad the cool stuff detracts you from actually WINNING a race, but you
gotta take the good with the bad.

Speaking of cars, there’s plenty for you to unlock. And here’s how!
(Courtesy of Gamewinners):

1997 Eclipse and 2001 Focus SVT: Complete the Custom championship two
times and get best score possible in the races.

Custom Compact car: Win the Custom Series Qualifier.

Custom Coupe car: Win all gold medals at the Split Second Grand Prix.

Custom Muscle car: Win Pursuit 6.

Custom Pickup truck: Win Pursuit 5.

Custom Roadster: Win all gold medals at Point Of Impact Grand Prix.

Custom Sport car: Win all gold medals at the Speed Streak Grand Prix.

Custom SUV: Win Pursuit 4.

Classic 1970 car: Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970 car
with the police car.

Drivers Ed car: Complete Driving 101 with all gold medals.

Oval Racer: Race Face-Off 2 against the Oval Racer.

Police car: Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal’s car before it
gets away.

Gangster car: Win Pursuit 3.

Hot Rod car: Win Face Off 1.

Stock car: Win Face Off 2.

Japanese Muscle car: Win Face Off 3.

Super Car: Win Face Off 4.



Another entry into the survival-horror based genre of games, and there’s
apparently some fun to be had in this one. Assuming you can beat the thing,
you’ll get some very nice bonuses:

Cinema Theatre: A new option at the title screen will appear and allow
you to view every cut scene in the game. Press R1 while here to view some
pre-production artwork as well.

Wardrobe Key: When starting a new game, you’ll start with a key to the
wardrobe in Alyssa’s room. You’ll have your choice of four other alternate
outfits, including a toga, a set of armor, a cowgirl outfit, and a revealing
black dress. Admit it. You just want to beat the game for the dress. Perverts.


GAME AND WATCH GALLERY 4 (Gameboy Advance)

It’s a bit old in comparison to the other stuff, but it’s one that I
haven’t been able to put down for a while. WAY to addictive”¦

The better you do in the various G&W games, the more stars you collect.
The more stars you collect, the more games and secrets you’ll uncover.
Here’s (hopefully) the complete list:

Collect 5 Stars: Unlocks the “Chef” game for play. (Modern and Classic)

Collect 10 Stars: View “Manhole” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 15 Stars: View “Tropical Fish” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 20 Stars: Unlocks the “Mario Bros.” Game for play. (Modern
and Classic)

Collect 25 Stars: View “Mario’s Bombs Away” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 30 Stars: View “Parachute” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 35 Stars: Unlocks the game “Donkey Kong” for play. (Modern
& Classic)

Collect 40 Stars: View “Bomb Sweeper” in the Gallery Corner Museum

Collect 45 Stars: View “Climber” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 50 Stars: Unlocks the game “Octopus” for play. (Modern &

Collect 50 Stars: View “Safebuster” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 55 Stars: View “Lifeboat” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 60 Stars: View “Zelda” in the Gallery Corner Museum.

Collect 65 Stars: Unlocks the game “Fire Attack” for play. (Modern
& Classic)

Collect 70 Stars: Unlocks the G&W History in the Gallery Corner

Collect 80 Stars: Unlocks “Manhole” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 90 Stars: Unlocks “Tropical Fish” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 100 Stars: Unlocks “Mario’s Bombs Away” for play. (Classic

Collect 110 Stars: Unlocks “Parachute” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 120 Stars: Unlocks “Bomb Sweeper” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 130 Stars: Unlocks “Climber” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 140 Stars: Unlocks “Safebuster” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 150 Stars: Unlocks “Lifeboat” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 160 Stars: Unlocks “Zelda” for play. (Classic Only)

Collect 170 Stars: View the Credits

Collect 220 Stars: View the Cast Credits

Another item to note is that if you’re good enough to score over 1,000
points (5 Stars) in any Modern game (any difficulty), you’ll unlock and
even harder mode for that particular game: Star Mode.

(Credits go to my sister and I for the top half of the list, and GameFAQs
for the bottom half.)


GOLDEN SUN: THE LOST AGE (Gameboy Advance)

Our GBA section is up, and this was our first review! So, we got some
secrets here that might keep you busy”¦

Name Every Party Member (Linked Game): When you’re naming Felix, press
Select three times to name your other party members.

Name Every Party Member (Non-Linked Game): To name Issac’s party members
in a non-linked game, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select while naming Felix(?). You should hear
a “ting” sound for confirmation.

Bonus Dungeon Access: If you’ve obtained all the Djinn from both games,
head to Contigo and use the Teleport spell in the circle in the middle
of town. You’ll be taken to a hidden dungeon.

(Credit goes to GameFAQs.)



A great debut for Link and the gang on the GC. The main story is a bit
short, but otherwise a great game.

Not many people know this (unless you count the hundreds of people who
went onto GameFAQs and/or bought strategy guides, but there are plenty
of cool little bonuses you get when you beat the game and save:

–Link wears the same blue clothing from the beginning throughout the

–Ayril will wear a different costume.

–You’ll be able to understand the ancient Hyrulian language.

–You’ll start off with the DX Camera in your inventory. (It allows
you to take color pictures.)

(Credit goes to GameFAQs.)



Please explain to me why “card fighting” is so popular in video games
now? I mean, really, most of it just doesn’t work on consoles. Oh well,
we got another one right here with the Lost Kingdoms series. Here’s how
to unlock some characters for play in Versus Mode. (Courtesy of GameFAQs):

Helina: Defeat the neutral element boss monster in the scared arena
(2nd Area) and rather then returning to the beginning continue west to
another battle arena. Fight Helina in this arena and defeat her. You must
have a skill level of 6 or higher in neutral ability and have defeated
the 1st battle arena bosses and the unknown man blocking the arena exit
(or if second time or more an extra kendarie knight). This can be done
at any time during the game. Defeat her and she appears in the character
roster in vs. mode

Katina: After you defeat Thalnos in the Scared Battle Arena 2, head
north to another arena. Fight Katia and beat her. When you win, the ”official”
mission will end and it will automatically take you back to the world map.
At this point before you can do anything, it will ask you if you want to
”Take on Katia’s responsibilities”. This message is asking you if you
want to download your card collection from the original Lost Kingdoms and
add it to your current collection (this is the only time that you can do
this action for the save file). If you want to, select ok then yes. In
any case, save your game and when you load up the file in vs. mode, Katia
will appear on the character roster.

Kendarie Warrior: Defeat the Kendarie Card Master Boss (not the lower
Kendarie Knights) in the Kendarie Fortress in the first region. Save your
game and when you load it again in vs. the Kendarie Warrior becomes available
for choosing.

Leod: To play as Leod VIII in VS just beat him in the Royal Tower Middle
Level then save your game.

Rashiannu: Beat the Royal Tower Upper Level (This final normal stage
for single player mode). Then let the game save the completion settings.
When you load up that data in vs. mode, Rashiannu will be available in
the character roster.

Thalnos: After you beat Helena and Leod in the Scared Battle Arena 2
(you can only fight Leod here after you beat the game), go to the northern
most door in the area and go in. Fight Thalnos and after you beat him save
your game. When you load this data in vs. mode, Thalnos will appear on
the character roster.

Urbur Cultist: Defeat one of the cultists that you encounter in battle
(most likely, the first one you’ll meet is in Ruldo Forest, but any will
do), then complete or abort the stage you’re on. Save your game and when
you load your file in vs. mode, the Urbur Cultist will be available to
play (the character is marked as ”unknown” on the list).



The first true sequel to Doom precursor, it was awaited by many, and
doesn’t appear to disappoint.

Believe it or not, you can actually unlock the original Wolfenstein
3D game to play! All you need to do is beat the single player Campaign
Mode, and it doesn’t matter which difficulty either. Ah, memories.

(Credit goes to GameFAQs.)



A next generation Sonic pinball title that’s nothing like Spinball.
That alone is enough to score at least a nine out of ten.

There are several extras in the game that are unlockable through Story
Mode. And heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrreeee they are!

Beat Knuckles: Unlock the Samba de Amigo table.

Beat Tails: Unlock the Slots game in Casinopolis.

Beat Amy: Unlock the Bingo game in Casinopolis.

(Credit goes to myself, and confirmed by GameFAQs.)



I feel sorry for those who purchased this game. The fact that the DEVELOPERS
THEMSELVES says it’s bad is not a good sign at all”¦

So for those who want to get through the game faster, here’s the level
skip/select code: pause the game and hold L1 + R2 + Down + Triangle. Then
release the buttons and quickly press Circle, Up, Square, Triangle, Right,
Down. There will now be “Skip Level” and “Level Select” options that appear
whenever you pause the game. (Thank you Gamewinners!)

Oh, and there IS NO NUDE CODE! I CANNOT stress this enough!


Well, that’ll do it for the main section this week. Allow me to introduce
a NEW section my little 411 section of mine called”¦


(Right now, either Alex Lucard is flattered, or frothing at the mouth.
Either way, the section name stands.)

Yes, once a week I’ll pull out a game or two LONG forgotten by the masses
and pull out cheats for it/them. This includes anything for the 8-bit,
16-bit, old defunct handhelds, and the like. To give the section an old
fashioned kick-start, let’s start with one of the all-time greats:

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Okay, it’s getting a facelift for the GBA later this year, but until
then, it’s got secrets that need re-unearthing. So, here ya go:

Warp Whistle Locations

Level 1-3: Neat the end of this level, you should come across a giant
white platform. Stand on it, and hold Down for several seconds. You’ll
end up falling through the platform, and end up behind the scenery completely.
Run to the right, and you’ll end up in a secret house with one treasure
chest. Open it to obtain the first of three warp whistles.

Level 1 Fortress: Make sure you’re Raccoon Mario before attempting this.
In the first part of the level, find the door, but don’t go into it. Instead,
fly up close to the wall, and over the top of the level so you’re on the
ceiling. Enter a hidden door on the far right, and you’ll end up with your
second whistle.

Level 2: On the map, one of the Hammer Brothers gives you hammer for
your inventory. Don’t use it until you get to the top-right corner of the
map. This should lead to a secret passage to a Toad House, and second Hammer
Brother. Defeat the Fire Brothers contained within to get the last whistle.

To use the whistles to skip straight to Level 8, collect at least two,
and use one. Once in the Warp Zone, use your second whistle to warp directly
to the Level 8 pipe.

Treasure Ships:

This is an interesting bonus that I discovered by accident back in the
day when I still had my NES. First off, go to any stage in Level 1. Now,
make sure you have EXACTLY 11 coins, and the last two numbers in your score
is a 10. Once you’ve done that, proceed to the end of the stage, and hit
the card block when the time is at an even number. When you’re back on
the map, the Hammer Brothers will change into Treasure Ships! These are
special hidden ships that contain ungodly amounts of coins, and usually
have special items at the end.

As for other bonuses, simply beat the game and start another. In your
new game, you’ll end up with 28 P-Wings in your inventory!

(Credit goes to GameFAQs and my shaky memory.)



Hey, you! Yeah, you! Would you 411games readers like to see your name
in a 411games column? Would you 411games staff members like even MORE space
with your name on it than you have now? Than all you have to do is SEND

That’s right, stuff. Whether they be cheat codes, secrets, easter eggs,
strategies, walkthroughs, or anything of the like, I need them! You need
them! And I want 411 to have them!

To contribute to this column, simply send me any cheats, codes, or strategies
you wish for any game you wish. Old, new, it doesn’t matter. I’m not picky.
Codes for newer stuff (such as PS2, GC, XB, GBA, PS1, and DC) will go in
the main section. Codes for older stuff (Sega Saturn and before) will end
up in Retrocheating. Any game mini-FAQs, walkthroughs, or strategies will
get their own section, and my extreme thanks. And every submission will
be credited to the people that send it.

This is your chance, people! This is your day! Send me stuff, and you
too can get your name in an Internet column! (Or for you staffers, get
your name up more times than ever! Viva overexposure!)



No mini-FAQ this week, on the grounds that (A) I’ve been on vacation,
and (B) No one has sent me any to post. Again, any strategies are welcome.
Just look right above you for sending instructions.

Next week, I’m preparing an interesting commentary for the latter portion
of the column. For anyone who’s ever looked for a “nude code” for your
favorite game featuring busty women, this is your thing.

Until next time, marvel at how many great RPGs go unnoticed thanks to
Final Fantasy.

Alex Williams