Cheat! 07.02.03

Please allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Alex Williams, not to be confused with Alex Lucard of Retrograding fame. You may have read some of my game reviews that have appeared on the site. You may not have. You may have skimmed over my additions to Lucard’s recent Retrograding columns, thus confusing our identities even more-so. (I wonder when we’re all going to reveal that Lucard, Jackson, Baxley and I are the same person?”¦)

Anyway, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to tackle an important area of video gaming that has gone unnoticed here in the 411. Lucard’s got handheld gaming squared away, so I figure I’d call cheats and tricks for myself. Hmmm”¦now that I think of it, it’s up to the Alex’ of the site to cover what others won’t. All we need now is a couple more Alex’ and we’ll have a kick-ass Arcade section up and running!

Seriously, this will be the OFFICIAL 411 column for all things cheating, hence the title. (I was originally going to call it “The CHEAT!!!,” but then I’d have this guy suing me big time.) It’s the goal of this column to provide you with a good sized selection of codes, secrets, tips, tricks, cheats, strategies, mini-FAQs, etc. every week. The content will vary depending on what I have at my disposal, but I’ll try to cram as much as I can to appease the masses.

As far as WHERE I get content from, most of these have been taken from magazines and other websites, such as Gamewinners and Gamefaqs. I can’t claim to have played every game listed and I have NOT discovered each cheat myself. That would just be wrong. However, if readers like YOU want to submit codes to ME to put in the column, I’ll gladly take them and give you proper credit. You could be FAMOUS!”¦well, sorta.

Oh, and for the record, I DON’T DO REQUESTS. Asking me for codes for Game X will not get them in the column any faster. If I find them, I’ll include them. End of story.

So anyway, let’s get this show on the road. ON WITH THE CHEATING!
THE HULK (PS2, GameCube, X-Box)

He’s big, he’s green, he’s got an extensive cheat menu. Enter these codes in the “Code Imput” menu in the Options screen. (These will work for all systems.):

TRUBLVR — Unlock Level Select
GRNCHTR — Unlock Unlimited Continues
GMMSKIN — Unlock Invincibility
FLSHWND — Unlock Regenerator
HLTHDSE — Unlock Double Hulk HP
BRNGITN — Unlock Double Enemies’ HP
MMMYHLP — Unlock Half Enemies’ HP
NMBTHIH — Unlock Reset High Score
ANGMNGT — Full Rage Meter
FSTOFRY — Wicked Punch
BRCESTN — Puzzle Solved

The rest of these codes will need to be entered in a Universal terminal within the levels themselves. You can find one in the Infiltration mission. (Again, these work on all systems.)

SANFRAN — Unlocks “Hulk Transformed” in the Movie Art section.
PITBULL — Unlocks “Hulk VS Hulk Dogs” in the Movie Art section
FIFTEEN — Unlocks “Desert Battle” in the Movie Art section
NANOMED — Unlocks “Hulk Movie F/X” in the Hulk Unleashed section.
JANITOR — Unlocks the Gray Hulk

Another hit movie, another multi-console release. Enter these codes after hacking into The Matrix. (These will work for all systems.)

CHEAT 0034AFFF — Maximum Firepower
CHEAT 1DDF2556 — Unlimited Ammunition
CHEAT 69E5D9E4 — Unlimited Focus
CHEAT 7F4DF451 — Unlimited Health
CHEAT 13D2C77F — Bonus Test Level
CHEAT FFFFFFF1 — Invisibility
CHEAT D5C55D1E — Unlock Multi-Player Sparring
CHEAT 7867F443 — Faster logos

There’s probably more than this, but they’ll have to wait until the next update. (If there is one. Please, Mr. Pankonin? Sir?)

Microsoft’s next shooter, and apparently according to Pankonin, it’s a good one. There’s a whole bunch of secret characters you can unlock for Multiplayer Mode by finding special DNA sequences in the single player missions. Here’s a quick list of where each of the DNA sequences are located:

Confed Marine: Mission 1 or Mission 6
Feral Colonist: Mission 2
Feral Outcast: Mission 3
Feral Shaman: Mission 9
Fire Hound: Mission 13
Gunthar Ghent: Mission 10
Hunter Lord: Mission 18
McTavish: Mission 14
Militia: Mission 5 or Mission 11
Outcast Shaman: Mission 7
Seer Follower: Mission 4
Seer Priest: Mission 8
Shadoon: Mission 12
Shrike Heavy: Mission 16
Shrike Hound: Mission 17
Shrike Soldier: Mission 15

It’s been out for a while now on the PS2 and GameCube, but the recent X-Box release gets the game in this column. Check out these codes to see if The Force (TM) within you gets even stronger. Enter them at the Code screen. (NOTE: These are for the X-BOX version of the game!)

Unlimited Ammo – NOHONOR
Bonus Objectives – ALITTLEHELP
All Multiplayer Levels – LETSDANCE
All Bonus Material – IGIVEUP

Oh, what the heck. I’m feeling generous. Here are some for the Gamecube version!

All FMV Movies – CINEMA
All Missions – GASMASK
Unlimited Ammo – CHOSEN1
Bonus Objectives – YUB YUB
Invincibility – 1WITHFORCE
Unlock Team Photos – SAYCHEESE
Play as Wookie – FUZZBALL
Play as Battle Droid – ROGERROGER
Play as Amidala – CORDE

(Note: The hidden characters are available in the Academy mission.)

And seeing as the PS2 version is crying in the corner out of jealousy’s sake, I might as well include a few codes for this one as well. Here ya go!

All Missions – DOORDONOT
Unlimited Ammo – SUPERLASER
All Multiplayer Missions – JORG SACUL
Invincibility – DARKSIDE
Unlock Team Photos – JEDICOUNCIL
Play as Wookie – NERFHERDER
Play as Battle Droid – TRADEFED
Play as Amidala – NATALIE

A GC re-release of a DC port, yet still holds up even after four years. There’s plenty of stuff to unlock here, including the entire set of Sonic Game Gear games! Wanna know how to get them? Collect emblems and complete the Mission Mode. The more you complete, the more you unlock! Here’s the complete list, for the curious:

Collect 20 Emblems – Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog
Collect 40 Emblems – Unlock Sonic Drift
Collect 60 Emblems – Unlock Sonic Chaos
Collect 80 Emblems – Unlock Sonic Spinball
Collect 100 Emblems – Unlock Sonic Labyrinth
Collect 110 Emblems – Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Collect 120 Emblems – Unlock Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Collect 130 Emblems – Unlock Sonic Triple Trouble
Complete 20 Missions – Unlock Sonic Drift 2
Complete 40 Missions – Unlock Tail’s Sky Patrol
Complete 60 Missions – Unlock Sonic Blast & Tail’s Adventure

(Note: I believe you’ll need all the emblems before gaining games from Mission Mode.)

Another great secret that’s exclusive to Director’s Cut is the ability to play as Metal Sonic! By collecting all 130 emblems, you’ll be able to play as Metal Sonic in Trial Mode. (He’ll be the spinning question mark.) He’s playable in all of Sonic’s stages, and has his own, special Metal Sonic emblems to collect. What do you get if you complete all of Metal Sonic’s stages? Well…a pat on the back, I guess, and the good feeling that you completed Sonic’s missions again. Other than that, you get jack squat. But hey, it’s Metal Sonic!

A fictional wrestling game that doesn’t follow traditional wrestling games? Perish the thought! Needless to say, where there’s a wrestling game, there are hidden characters. And here’s how to get them!

The first set is how to access certain characters available from the start in Story Mode.
King Muscle – Beat Story Mode with Kid Muscle
TerryMan – Beat Story Mode with Terry Kenyon
Blocken Jr – Beat Story Mode with Jaeger (aka Jade)
Robin Mask – Beat Story Mode with Kevin Mask
Sunshine – Beat Story Mode with CheckMate
Ramenman – Beat Story Mode with Wally Tusket (aka Seiutin)
Buffaloman – Beat Story Mode with Dik Dik Van Dik (aka GazelleMan)

This next set are completely hidden. Everyone except the last character listed can play in Story Mode.
Scar Face – Collect 100 Toy Capsules
Hanzo – Collect 200 Toy Capsules
Bone Cold – Collect 300 Toy Capsules
Warsman – Beat Story Mode with Scar Face
The Ninjya – Beat Story Mode with Hanzo
KinKotsuMan – Beat Story Mode with Bone Cold
PandaMan -Beat Story Mode with KinKotsuMan

So I haven’t come up with a clever name for this section yet. So sue me. It’s a new column.

Seeing as this is my first Plugs section, there’s going to be a LOT of them…let’s see if I can get everyone in…

My first plug goes to Alex Lucard, for he deserves it. We started our correspondance when I posted my first review for this site (Ikaruga), and HE posted a Retrograding Review of the SAME GAME on the SAME DAY. Needless to say, I was wigged out. However, he’s a great guy, and he does a lot for this site, writing upwards of three columns a week! You can find his latest work here and here.

Next up is Bebito Jackson. This guy has one of my favorite columns on this site: The Rumor Down-Lo. Using his own brand of wit and use of the Rumor Monkey, he gives us the inside dirt on what the future MIGHT hold for video gaming. That, and he’s a tired-and-true Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so he get’s an extra gold star. And I’m apparently part of 411’s Sonic Team! Excellent! Here’s his latest column, and here’s a great Sonic Heroes preview he put together.

Next up is fellow anime fan, Lee Baxley. He’s much more hardcore in that area than me, and that’s saying something. He’s got Wednesdays all to himself on the News Reports front. Click here for last Wednesday’s dealie.

Cory Laughlin (like me) is new at this column thing as he is our new news reporter. He does a great job of reporting, and offers some witty commentary to boot. You can check out his Monday report by clicking on his name.

Jeff Watson also has a debut news report up. He’s got Fridays covered. He’s got more of a mellow approach towards reporting, but if you’re looking for info, he’s your guy. Click on his name for his latest report.

And now, seeing as ALL of the games I’ve listed cheats for have been reviewed by the site, I’ll just list each review here to look at at your lesiure, including some extra ones. Trust me, they are all great.

The Hulk (X-Box) – Chris Pankonin
Enter The Matrix (PS2) – Lee Baxely
Enter The Matrix (X-Box) – Jeff Watson
Brute Force (X-Box) – Chris Pankonin
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (X-Box) – The Scotsman
Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut – Alex Williams (SHAMLESS SELF PLUG)
Ultimate Muscle – Nick Vlamakis
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits – Lee Baxley

And if I missed any fine columns for the past week, PLEASE don’t feel offended. I’m new at this, and there was a lot to cover plug-wise!

Well, how’s that for a first column? Good? Bad? Ugly? So ugly that you feel the need to come to my house and do nasty things to me with farm implements? (Sick perverts…) Please let me know!

Next week, I’m planning this column’s first mini-faq, focusing on Sonic Adventure DX emblem collection, and maybe looking briefly into Mission Mode. As for which games will be featured next week, only time will tell. Plus, if you feel the need to send codes to me, just click the feedback link at the bottom, and send away! I’m not to picky. Any cheat will do.

Until next time, find a copy of E.T. for the Atari 2600 and smash it to itty bitty pieces.

Alex Williams