Preview: Madden 2004 (All)

Madden NFL 2004
Systems: PS2, Xbox, Gamecube
Target Release Date: August 2003

The most popular sports franchise of all time is set to return again this fall with Madden NFL 2004. After destroying all competition last season, the game looks to build off of 2003’s success with updated rosters, polished graphics, and improved gameplay.

Very few details have been released yet, however online capabilites on the Playstation 2 are likely to make a return. No word on whether or not the game will be available via Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

EA Sports has released the first five screenshots for 2004, all of which feature Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick. From the screens it is apparent that the all purpose Quarterback will be the spokesman for the 2004 edition.

Expect plenty more details on Madden at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next week. (May 14-16)411 will be at the event with live coverage from LA beginning this Monday, May 12th!