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I can remember my first encounter with Dragon’s Lair, and yet I can’t remember my first kiss (and that was only a month ago, when I went visiting Jason Masters, and only his mom was home.)
“¢ Robert Florence (411 Bleep Street 11.29.02)


Hi, I’m Bebito Jackson, and my column is better than a Ducktales episode!
Enjoy the quote? I did. I got such a great response to my 411 Games Quotes (thanks again Jason!), that I’ve decided to put my favorite quote for the past week at the top of my column. Don’t we just say the most wonderful things around here?

411 Games is now back in full force! Did ya miss us? Of course ya did! Expect everyone to be in the swing of things this week, as we all return from vacation. I personally missed Masters’ Final Continue Report, Pankonin’s Friday News Report, and Eric’s Super Hyper Alpha Gaming Whatever The Heck This Column Is Called Report. I’ll be happy to read them again, and you will too.

No sense in dilly-dallying so let’s get right on it. Behold the “Even Bebito’s Interview Skills Suck!” edition of the Down-Lo. If you don’t know, here’s the deal: the higher the DOWN-LO RATING the higher the chance that the rumor will shed its wooden skin and become a real little boy (scale 1-10). As always these are just rumors (which is why you read me in the first place), so you just have to deal with it if these thing don’t pan out. Enjoy. I do.

This is the Down-Lo.
Who here loves Sonic Team? Hands? Oh wow, quite a few of you! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Then you’ll all love this little morsel:

Here’s the mandatory EGM rumor of the week. According to the aforementioned magazine, following the release of the Xbox version of Phantasy Star Online we should be hearing about the newest project coming from Sonic Team. Here’s the kicker. It’s their first outing on Sony’s PS2. Plus, there’s a strong possibility that it may not be a Sonic The Hedgehog game. Sounds good to me. I own a PS2. Not my problem if you don’t…
The “almighty” Q-man promised to keep us informed when more info comes to light. Pfft, “almighty” Q-man my petoot.

There’s a good chance that if this game is in development that it will end up on the Xbox. So listen up.
Game developer Irrational Games has posted 2 new job openings that have started quite a bit of speculation. One is for a Senior AI programmer who will be tasked with the design and implementation of sophisticated tactical FPS AI (that’s first person shooter artificial intelligence for those not in the know) for one or more PC/Xbox titles. The second job posting is for a 2d/3d artist who is responsible for building and texturing world models in Max for an upcoming 1st person shooter.
The combination of these two job postings would leave one to believe that Irrational Games is up to something. What is that “upcoming 1st person shooter”? Those with wishful thinking believe a new System Shock game could be on the horizon. The series, which has garnered universal acclaim from critics, would be a mega-hit on Xbox. So soon after it would hit the PC, look for its console debut.
“Wishful thinking” seems to be right though, as no other evidence has presented itself, as of this writing, which would lead us to believe that a System Shock sequel is pending. Have some faith though boys and girls.
I’m not a very big fan of the racing genre. There are just a few I can stand. Let’s see, there are Rad Racer, Crazy Taxi (it’s sort of a racing game), the Gran Turismo series, and the Daytona series (except the fugly Sega Saturn version of Daytona 1). One racing series however, stands out above the rest as my favorite of all-time: Sega Rally.
It’s been a while since the last game in the series. Sega Rally 2 on the Dreamcast was the most recent taste gamers had of this legendary racing game. That looks to change very soon, with the official release of Sega Rally on GameBoy Advance!
You guys don’t care about that garbage and honestly neither do I. You want a REAL sequel right? Well the Down-Lo is that by the end of next year we’ll be playing a brand spanking new Sega Rally on a next-generation system to be determined. Let us all rejoice. Details as of now are scarce; I’ll keep you posted.
The rumor has been verified from so many different sources that it sounds pretty much rock-solid.
You know how I always say that I’ll keep you updated if anything new comes up concerning a rumor? I’m not just talking out of my behind there. I plan to keep up on stuff for you people. True, it’s only when I feel like it, but still…
Those who tuned into the Down-Lo last week may remember that I reported rumors of a console price drop for all three major game hardware developers. More info has come up that may lend further credence to the story. Here’s a quote from the Nintendophiles website that strengthens the price drop rumor for Nintendo’s GameCube:
“Nintendophiles has received word through our Head of GCN Department staffer Ahmed Abowath that the GameCube will be priced at $100. A friend of Ahmed works at a flyer company and he says flyers planned for distribution at Wal-Mart in the last week of December has the GameCube priced at $150 Canadian dollars, which would be $100 dollars in the U.S.”
The site was to have further information to confirm or deny the existence of the flyers. No word as of yet.
I honestly believe that if the price drop were to happen, it would have already come about last week in advance of December’s holiday shopping rush. I’ve seen stranger things come about in this industry before though, so don’t be surprised if it still goes down.
My name is Bebito Jackson, and I’m addicted to RPGs. There, I said it.
Everyone, including myself, nearly lost their minds when Square (makers of Final Fantasy) and Enix (makers of Dragon Quest) announced that they were joining forces on April 1st 2003. It’s a Japanese gamers’ dream come true.
The two companies have been very quiet about what this means as far as what we can expect from them once the merger is complete. There’s been a game sales projection announcement here, and a Kingdom Hearts sequel announcement there, but nothing to light the world afire. So when there’s no official statement and you want to know what the deal is, what do you turn to? That’s right, the Down-Lo *thumbs up, smile with teeth showing*.
One of the first things the merger may do is alleviate some pressure on Square to come out with a Final Fantasy every freaking year. That wasn’t always such an easy thing to do; especially with living up to the rep the series has quality-wise. Now that we have the Dragon Quest series in the equation, rumor has it that we may be seeing FF’s and DQ’s appearing on alternating years.
The next of the rumors circulating has to do with something from a while ago. Supposedly, Square has already starting work on a MMORPG (for those not in the know that means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that wasn’t specifically part of the Final Fantasy series. My opinion is that Square should get FFXI working properly and over here in the US first, but then again what do I know. Anywho, perhaps we can expect something that takes characters and themes from both major game worlds. Imagine a half Final Fantasy half Dragon Quest online role-playing game. That might be enough to pry gamers away from Phantasy Star Online. Maybe.
As of now these are all rabid speculation, so don’t put too much faith in it. Just keeping you all abreast of what’s out there.
And that’s the Down-Lo.

Welcome to the newest feature of my column! I’ve become sort of a super-celebrity here at 411 Games. My Down-Los are known the world over. *looks around to see if anyone is buying it* So, I’ve decided to use my star power to highlight other talent here at 411’s many sections. It will be in the Spotlight that I present some of my favorite writers and columnists by means of interview and gaming discussion. I’m sure all of you want to know, just as badly as I do, what games my fellow writers like to play, so why not find out together? Enjoy. I do.

Chris Hyatte is over at the wrestling section of 411. He’s among the funniest people that I’ve ever read there. And rumor has it, he’s the reason why my “boss,” Chris Pankonin, started working at this site in the first place. Should be a good interview:
This is the Down-Lo Spotlight.
Bebito: Thanks for joining me Hyatte.
Hyatte: Is this the part of the site where grown men discuss dolls?
Bebito: Err, no. That would be the 411 Figures section. This is Games. Anyway let’s get started. Where you from Chris?
Hyatte: Rhode Island
Bebito: How old are you?
Hyatte: Too old to be anywhere near the 411 game section.
Bebito: What exactly do you do here at 411?
Hyatte: Midnight News, And Another Thing
Bebito: So how did you end up writing for the site?
Hyatte: They asked
Bebito: Really? They asked? I tried to get a job here and I practically had to beg Ashish for this slot.
Hyatte: The name “Bebito” does not put fear and awe in people’s hearts, I guess.
Bebito: Most of my readers already have you as their favorite columnist. We were curious though, who your favorite columnist at 411 was, beside yourself of course?
Hyatte: 411 has other columnists?
Bebito: Cute. *looks through notes* Ok Hyatte, the readers of my column want to know: In your opinion, what is the best videogame ever made?
Hyatte: EVER? Kingpin
Bebito: Wasn’t expecting that. Kingpin, eh? Oh, I remember that. It’s on the PC right? Why Kingpin?
Hyatte: Because it’s violent, bloody, you need a brain to play, it takes logic to advance, and you can burn people up. Plus Ving Rhames’ plays the bad guy in non-credited role
Bebito: I guess games where you can burn people up are a plus. Not my sort of thing, but to each their own. So what are all the game systems you currently own…
Hyatte: My brilliant imagination. The best game system ever!!!
Bebito: Ok… In that case, what is your favorite videogame console of all time then?
Hyatte: I stopped after Sega Genesis. I play games through the PC now
Bebito: What!? No consoles after the Genesis? You missed out on so much! What made you stop and switch to the PC?
Hyatte: Because the whole deal where every two years your games are shit and useless and you look like a loser if you don’t spend hundreds more to upgrade everything and get all NEW games that’ll last two years before becoming obsolete…. that became too much for me. I got a computer, liked the graphics…. you can play just about any game on it. And your computer only becomes obsolete after like, 5 years… so you get three more years out of it.
Plus, computers also have the added feature of storing all my hidden children’s porn… when the Cube is able to do THAT, then I’ll think about it.

Bebito: Hide children’s porn in the GameCube? You’re kidding right? Isn’t children’s porn illegal to begin with?
Hyatte: Who are you? The Feds? I pay my taxes, move along.
Bebito: *shaking head* So what PC game(s) are you playing now?
Hyatte: Kingpin rocks my world. I’m systematically still plowing through every level “Quake” has to offer too.
Bebito: I know you must be excited about the new crop of PC games. Which of the games coming out soon, are you looking most forward to?
Hyatte: Q-Bert: The Revenge
Bebito: Q-Bert: The Reve…? Is that even a real…? *sigh* Whatever. I’m not even gonna go there. Anyway, one of my favorite old-school games was Toejam & Earl. They’re back out now with a new game on the Xbox. I plan on asking everyone this, so please tell me Hyatte, do Toejam & Earl still got the funk?
Hyatte: I remember playing that game… and I know that the games I liked were pretty weak, coolness wise (I leaned towards super hero games… X-Men, Spider-Man, The Hulk, JLA vs Darkseid). So if I played it, it’s a safe bet it’s completely devoid of funk. It’s the Kelsy Grammar of the game world.
Bebito: Toejam & Earl “completely devoid of funk”? No way bro. They’re funkier than ever. You’re just not down with “The Power of Xbox!”
Ready Chris? I’ll say a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind…

(Videogames) – Fred Savage
(Nintendo) – Mario
(Sega) – X-Men
(Xbox) – The Rock shaking hands with Bill Gates
(PS2) – Where’s Pac Man?
(Grand Theft Auto) – Next on my list
(Sonic The Hedgehog) – Bad motherf*cka
(411) – Hyatte
(Triple H) – what can you do?
(Ashish) – funny guy
(Widro) – funnier guy
(Scott Keith) – complete opposite of a funny or funnier guy
(Chris Pankonin) – who?
(Bebito Jackson) – who?
(Hyatte) – hello

Bebito: Alright Chris, this is where I allow you to plug yourself. In other words, tell everyone why he or she should read your column and how great it is and all that jazz.
Hyatte: Oooh, there’s no need for a plug here.
Bebito: What do you mean by that? That was your chance to increase the readership of your column with all those that read me! *thinks about that for a second* Nevermind. One more question. A running gag around here (at least I think it’s a gag) is that I pretty much suck. Honestly though Chris, do I really suck?
Hyatte: Probably.
Yup, that’s what I thought.
Thank you for joining me Hyatte. If you won’t plug yourself, I will: Be sure to check out the Midnight News every Sunday night over at 411 Wrestling. If you think that Masters and Williams in the Games section give me a hard time, wait until you read what Chris Hyatte has to say about almost everyone. And I hear he even talks about wrestling sometimes too! Read him.
You can email Chris Hyatte at: glorydogfu@yahoo.com
And you can check out his latest column: HERE.
(Man, this was a disaster.) Be sure to check out the Down-Lo Spotlight next week, when I interview another one of our elite from the 411 family, with similar futile results!

I need your help people! If there are any game-related questions, or maybe even a couple non-game related that you’d like me to ask in the DL Spotlight, drop me a line and let me know. And if there were anyone in particular you’d like to see in the Spotlight from any section of 411, let me know that as well. If you (that’s right YOU *points at reader*) want to be in the Spotlight one day, then apply to be a writer for 411! We need a couple of good men (or preferably women), and not just here in the Games section either. Check around.
Again all feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading! Final Continue is up next. Peace.