Diehard GameCAST: Episode 34 - EA drops online pass, Metro: Last Light, Resident Evil: Revelations, and more! (06.06.13)

This week's episode centers around EA dropping support for the Wii U and online passes, as well as a discussion about the controversy surrounding Chloe Sagal. »»

Diehard GameCAST: Episode 26 (12.19.12)

This week we talk more Wii U, the VGA's, and the implications of having a downloadable title as the Game of the Year. »»

Diehard GameCAST: Episode 25 (12.12.12)

This week's discussion is on the Wii U and our personal choices for Game of the Year. »»

Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Sony PlayStation 3) (12.07.12)

All-Stars Battle Royale is a good start, though it doesn't go far enough to be a must have game for Sony fans across the globe. »»

Ten Characters That NEED to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! (07.10.12)

With ten characters currently revealed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, there is still plenty of roster space to fill. While there are certainly some characters who are shoe-ins, I thought it would be fun to speculate on some less likely but still deserving characters who SHOULD be in the game. »»

E3 2012 Impressions: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Sony PlayStation 3/Vita) (07.05.12)

When screenshots for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale were first leaked, I thought they were fake. They looked very much like a Super Smash Bros. hack to me. Then, when the officially announcement came and there was actual footage of the game in a »»

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