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Review: Crime Stories (PC)

Crime Stories Developer: Artematica Publisher: The Adventure Company Genre: Adventure Release Date: 3/21/06 Crime Stories was originally released in Europe last year under the name Martin Mystere: Operation
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Review: Scratches (PC)

Scratches Publisher: Got Game Entertainment Developer: Nucleosys Genre: Suspense Adventure Release Date: 3/8/2006 We don’t normally review PC games here at Inside Pulse, but the times, they are
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Doom 3 (PC)

Doom 3 Developer: ID Publisher: Activision Genre: First Person Shooter Ah Doom. A classic instantly recognizable name if ever there was one. The first one is one of
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Review: Doom 3 (PC)

Doom 3 Genre: First Person Shooter Platform: Windows PC ESRB Rating: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence) Developer: id Software Publisher: Activision Release Date: 8/3/04 Official Home Page:
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