Book Review: The Art of Destiny

The Art of Destiny Publisher: Insight Editions Release Date: 11/25/2014 Page Count: 176 Cost: $45.00 Get it Here: Since its release, I've seen a wide spectrum of opinions over Bungie's latest IP, Destiny. Be it positive or »»

Preview: Dungeon Defenders II (PC)

Dungeon Defenders II Developer: Trendy Entertainment Publisher: Trendy Entertainment Genre: Strategy Release Date: December 5, 2014 - Now Available in Early Access I loved the first Dungeon Defenders--absolutely loved it--which is why I was »»

Unboxing: Guilty Gear Xrd Playstation 4 Standard Edition (Sony PS4)

Check out these unboxing images of the PS4 Standard Edition! »»

A look at Palladium Books' 2014 X-Mas Surprise Package

For a decade and a half, Palladium Books has been doing a Christmas Grab Bag special. You pay a certain amount and get a blind purchase of Palladium RPGs sent to your door. This year you pay $42 plus shipping and are guaranteed a minimum of $84 in me »»

Book Review: The Curse of Khaine (Warhammer: The End Times)

The Curse of Khaine (Warhammer: The End Times) Publisher: Games Workshop Cost: $15.99 Page Count: 384 Release Date: 11/29/2014 Get it Here: The Black Library The End Times are upon us! They started back in September with the two book hardcov »»

A Look at the Castles & Crusades Leatherbound Editions!

Back in June of this year, I backed the Castles & Crusades Kickstarter. This Kickstarter by Troll Lord Games was to fund a sixth printing of the Player's Handbook in full colour. Stretch Goals were obtained so that the Monsters & Treasure and Castle »»

Unboxing of Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX Collector's Edition

While both Kingdom Hearts HD games have gotten their own limited editions in the form of artbook/case hybrids, it isn't until Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX that Square Enix made a collector's edition proper. It contains a steelbook case, an artbook (s »»

Diehard GameFAN Presents: Unboxing the Persona Q Premium Edition

If there's anything long-time readers know about me, it's that I love me some Persona in general, and Persona 4 in specific, so it was pretty obvious that I was going to go all-out attack on Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. I picked up the Collect »»

Unboxing: The Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL

It was time for me to get a new 3DS, so I went for the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL. I've been a fan of Persona since the PSX days and this particular 3DS was the coolest I've seen so far. Previously all of my GBA and DS' were Pokémon t »»

Book Review: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works Publisher: Read Only Memory Cost: 30£ (Kickstarter Backers)/35£ (Everyone Else) Page Count: 351 Release Date: November 2014 Get it Here: Read Only Memory's Official Website Like a lot of staffers he »»

Unboxing the Dragon Age: Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition

I normally don't do collector's editions of video games. They tend to be overpriced useless junk that just takes up space in your home. I've made the occasional exception like with Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mortal Kombat, and the two most recent Fallout »»

Book Review: Letters to Lovecraft

Letters to Lovecraft Publisher: Stone Skin Press Price: 13.99 Page Count: 290 pages Release Date: 12/01/2014 In the introduction of the book, the editor collecting this series of stories introduces the reader to H.P. Lovecraft and presents him »»

Book Review: Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration

Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration Publisher: Perfect Square Cost: $29.99 ($10.49 Kindle) Page Count: 151 Release Date: 10/28/2014 Get it Here: Although I do prefer Robotech and Transformers, I do »»

Unboxing: D&D Attack Wing Starter Set (Dungeons & Dragons)

On November 5th, WizKids/NECA will release their newest game, D&D Attack Wing, to North American audiences (Certain retailers in the States received theirs on 10/29). Attack Wing originally started out using the Star Trek license, but since WizKids a »»

Unboxing: Shadowgate

Wow. I had almost forgotten that this was coming my way. Back in October of 2012, I backed the Shadowgate remake Kickstarter. 3,468 people took part, helping to release a high def remake of the game many of us played on Apple IIes and the old Nintend »»

Book Review: Murder in Corvis (Iron Kingdoms)

Murder in Corvis (Iron Kingdoms) Publisher: Privateer Press/Skull Island Expeditions Cost: $4.99 Page Count: 152 Release Date: 09/25/2014 Get it Here: I'll admit something upfront. I've never been interested in Iron Kingdoms »»

Unboxing: Robotech RPG Tactics Wave One

Wow. Way back in May of 2013, Palladium Games (perhaps best known for RIFTS or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness utilized their Robotech license to create a tactical miniatures game. Now I've been a fan of Robotech since I was in sin »»

Book Review: Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers

Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers Publisher: Oni Press Cost: $25 (Physical)/$9.99 (Digital) Page Count: 50 Release Date: 10/11/2014 Get it Here: Back when I was still reviewing video games, I loved Costume Quest. In fact, it was »»

Ten Monsters I Want to See in Monster Manual II! (Dungeons & Dragons)

I know, right? For most gamers, the Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition Monster Manual isn't even out yet! I've already reviewed it though and honestly – I want more. Now, no Monster Manual is perfect, because there is only so much room and so some m »»

Mighty Monster Manual Mummies!

With the release of the Dungeons & Dragons, Fifth Edition Monster Manual, I thought it might be fun to do a look back at all five editions of the venerable tome. Of course, how to do such a thing – especially since my 4e Monster Manual is a digital »»

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