Inside Pulse 12

Alexander Lucard Listing

Retrograding 05.19.04

#4. Sakura Taisen Developed by: Red Company Published by: Sega Release Date: 09/27/96 Systems Released on: Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Game Boy, Sony Playstation 2 Well, this
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Retrograding 05.13.04

#5. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Developed by: Game Freak Published by: Nintendo Release Date 10/14/00 (Gold/Silver) 07/29/01 (Crystal) Systems Released on: Game Boy, Game Boy Colour Man, I knew it
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Retrograding 05.10.04

#6 SHADOWRUN Developer: Blue Sky Software Publisher: Vertigo 2099 Release Date: 1994 System Released on: Sega Genesis Two things before we begin. 1. Someone unobservant schmuck over at
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9. Koudelka Developer: Sacnoth Publisher: SNK/Atari (then under the infogrames name) Release Date: 11/30/1999 Systems Released on: Sony Playstation I know, I know. This game is a guilty
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#12 LUNAR: THE SILVER STAR STORY COMPLETE Release Date: 10/25/96 (Saturn version), 05/28/98 (PSX) Developer: Game Arts Publisher: Working Designs (Sega CD, PSX) Systems Released on: Sega Saturn,
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Retrograding 02.28.04

Before we start: Preamble Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 #21. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 Released: 1/26/04 Developer: Black Isle Publisher: Interplay Systems Released On: Microsoft X-Box,
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