Contest: Win a Free Copy of Dead Space 3 From Diehard GameFAN!

The wait is finally over: Dead Space 3 was released today, continuing the saga of Isaac Clarke as he attempts to survive Unitologists, Necromorphs and escalating harsh environments. Fans will likely have their copies already pre-ordered, but for those who haven’t yet had the chance to pick the game up, here’s your chance to get a copy free of charge, courtesy of Electronic Arts and Diehard GameFAN!

Here’s how you do it:

1.) List all of the Dead Space media in chronological order (IE, in what order it occurs in its own continuity, not in the order it came out),

2.) Post it as a comment here with a valid email address and name/online handle so that you can be contacted should you win, (email will be in your Disqus profile and not displayed publicly)

3.) Like this post on Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus via the buttons above,

and that’s it! Simple, right?

The winner will receive a copy of Dead Space 3 for their console of choice, and up to fifteen additional responders will receive a free game rental code from Redbox, so you can rent Dead Space 3 or whatever else you might desire.

Note: this contest is open to anyone, as distribution will be handled by DHGF, but these will be US copies of the games, so bear this in mind when entering. You’ll receive notification in a week along with a request for your shipping details should you win.

Additionally, I’ll be running a Livestream of the first couple hours of Dead Space 3 over on my Livestream channel around 9PM EST tonight, 2/5/13, approximately, and we’ll be giving away a few free Redbox rental codes there as well, so feel free to stop on by and check it out!


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