CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Announced

Ubisoft has announced the next adventure game in their CSI franchise. CSI: Fatal Conspiracy will feature five connected cases, which lead to one major culprit, and will feature the same style of forensic analysis that the show is known for. The game features the real actors from the show reading their lines, as you assist in hunting for “The Queen of the Hives”. As of this moment, there is no known release date, but we do know it will be released for all three consoles (marking the first time the series will see the PS3), the DS, and PC. The retail for all versions of the game will be $29.99.

Previous CSI games have not performed well critically, though Aaron Sirois and Chuck Platt were a little nicer to Deadly Intent. With our focus on adventure titles, expect us to give the game a full review when it comes out.

The game’s website is located at http://csi.us.ubi.com/fatalconspiracy/


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