Inside Pulse 12

Video Exclusive: Hypertension (DC)

Developer: TDGMods
Publisher: TDGMods
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 2010


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  • stan

    Why is there a comment with a link to this page? Is that to artificially inflate the numbers or something?

    I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this group and this certainly proves that its all true.

  • Stan – you’re an idiot. That’s called a trackback. Pretty much every blog generates one when someone links to something from one site to another.

  • live action trailer for hypertension done by ATBT here:

    more news at:

  • stan

    Calling me an idiot wasn’t a bit nice, Alex

    I am aware of TrackBacks, and they obviously just want to elevate their numbers. Why else would they have provided even more links then?

    They were banned from even talking about this project in the Blood community. So who are they promoting this to, and why’s it being promoted so heavily? They don’t even have any legal rights to use the game resources they’re using, but they’ll still try to get people to pay them!

    Looks like you’re the idiot, Alex.

  • Hey this is boyd Owner and founder of ATBT we are working very closly with Hypertensions team as well as TDGMods and I am there Leagal front so mister “Stan” if you have any problems with the project or anything that is being used or made for the project you need to contact me. And stop wasting time a space with your stupid petty “Untrue” comments. Agin “stan” or anyone else that has any questions or comments leave them personal untill you know exactly what the hell your talking about and send them directly to me ask anyone else youll just be refured to me thank you all and I personaly appologize for the untrue and stupidity from comments we really cant control that

  • To all Intrested patrons the LIVE ACTION trailer is now posted on ATBT’S youtube site here is a link thank you for all your support.

  • Stan – you’re still an idiot. If you knew what a trackback was, you wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place as it’s pretty obvious.

    A trackback is when someone ELSE links to an article. In this case it was When other people link to this particular page, more trackbacks will show up in the comments.

    Seriously, if you’re going to try and troll, have some basic knowledge about how web sites works before you do.

  • stan

    What’s not true Boyd? You were banned from talking about this project on 2 separate forums. You do not have any legal permission from Atari to do anything with Blood, and the donate button on the project site is asking people to pay you. I’m sure that DC disks will still be sold as well.

    You really do seem to be manipulative liars like I’ve read about, and I’m sure that it really does upset you that you have no control over other people’s comments.

  • Jessie

    Yeah and guess what Stan? It’s freeware you coot.

    gotta love the smell of trolls in the morning.

  • Corbin

    Stan (Kurt Fuhr) is an idiot, good observation Alex. Don’t listen to that steaming pile of troll. He’s going to lie out of his ass until his face turns blue.

  • Jessie

    /me grabs a can of trollspray.

    quick wheres the lighter at?

  • Mark B.

    Wow, is this going to turn into another drama session like The Path did? Should I break out the popcorn and the festive hats?

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  • PJ

    Game looks cool. Trolls look idiotic.

  • NICE! This looks like a pretty good title. Is this going to be available for sale from any particular outlet? I’d love to be able to buy this with a Jewel Case and the whole Shebang.