Unboxing Sony PS3 Slim – How Does It Stand Up Next To Older PS3?

Despite already having a Husky PS3, upon seeing the PS3 Slim’s availability at local area Best Buy stores today, I couldn’t resist. After all, I got the PS3 at launch, and its been overheating and freezing in the middle of games, so somehow that rationalized buying the PS3 Slim.

Box from the outside:

Unpacked PS3 Slim:

PS3 Slim Itself:

PS3 Slim Standing Up:

PS3 Slim Buttons:

PS3 Slim vs PS3 Husky Lying Flat:

PS3 Slim vs PS3 Husky Standing Up:

Check out all the pics, including one that shows MY BARE FEET in the gallery below

Full Gallery of Unboxing the PS3 Slim:

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