E3 2009 Screens: Line Attack Heroes (Nintendo Wii)

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action
Release Date: 2009

Line Attack Heroes is a fast-paced, melee action game that requires quick thinking and
smart strategy. Players command a line of fierce warriors who launch an attack with a flick
of the Wii Remote™ controller.

“¢ Players are on a quest to discover the missing pieces of a dragon statue. Along the way they encounter a
variety of enemies who have different attack techniques.
“¢ When enemies are conquered, they become a part of the main character’s attack line and impart their
abilities to him.
“¢ Players must use different attack strategies to conquer the various bosses. For example, one attack sends
the line of warriors spinning toward enemies in “crack the whip” fashion while another shoots them all
forward in a straight line. Line Attack Heroes requires players to think fast and strategize when choosing
their heroes and assigning their formations.
“¢ Up to four players can compete or cooperate in multiplayer mode.
“¢ The brilliantly detailed and colorful design of the game showcases a number of interesting stages, including
a kabuki theater and a magical land filled with giant toys.
Warriors, Attack!

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