Pokemon Week: Pokemon Platinum Elite Four Lineups!

Yesterday we showed you the changes in the Sinnoh Gym Leaders in Pokemon Platinum. Now it’s time for the main event. It’s time to see what your last Rival battle, the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion have in store for you.

Rival Battle

After playing through Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, you know what to expect from your hyperactive friend/rival. Back in D/P your rival had the following Pokemon:

If Your Starter is Turwig If Your Starter is Chimchar If Your Starter is Piplup
Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48
Floatzel: Level 49 Rapidash: Level 49 Floatzel: Level 49
Heracross: Level 50 Heracross: Level 50 Heracross: Level 50
Roserade: Level 49 Roserade: Level 49 Rapidash: Level 49
Snorlax: Level 51 Snorlax: Level 51 Snorlax: Level 51
Infernape: Level 53 Empoleon: Level 53 Torterra: Level 53

Oddly enough, with Pokemon Platinum, you’re going to have a much easier time. Not only are your rival lineups the same as in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but they’re actually at a reduced level. This is a change from the Gym Leaders, who are all more powerful in Platinum, with the exception of one (Refer back to my guide on the Gym Leaders to see who!).

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your rival will be carrying in Platinum:

If Your Starter is Turtwig If Your Starter is Cimchar If Your Starter is Piplup
Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48 Staraptor: Level 48
Floatzel: Level 47 Rapidash: Level 47 Floatzel: Level 47
Heracross: Level 48 Heracross: Level 48 Heracross: Level 48
Roserade: Level 47 Roserade: Level 47 Rapidash: Level 47
Snorlax: Level 49 Snorlax: Level 49 Snorlax: Level 49
Infernape: Level 51 Empoleon: Level 51 Torterra: Level 51

So aside from Starraptor, every Pokemon drops by two levels. The toughest Pokemon in any variant of your opponent’s teams with be Staraptor and Snorlax. Staraptor has Close Combat which can put a hurting on you if you don’t have any Electric Type attacks and Snorlax is a straight up pain with its defensive abilities and its move set of Body Slam, Crunch, Earthquake and Rest. If I were you I’d go with something that has a fighting move and either the Pokemon Ability Levitate or a Flying Type. I can think of several fliers that can know Fighting attacks, can you?

The Elite Four

Now here’s where things get tricky. Not only are levels all over the place in comparison to Diamond/Pearl, but you’ll find that the lineups have changed as well!

Elite Four Aaron – The Bug Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Dustox: Level 53 Yanmega: Level 49
Beautifly: Level 53 Scizor: Level 49
Vespiqueen: Level 54 Vespiqueen: Level 50
Heracross: Level 54 Heracross: Level 51
Drapion: Level 57 Drapion: Level 53

Aaron’s Pokemon look to be weaker at first glance due to the level change, but in fact the loss in levels is made up in the fact he has replaced Dustox and Beautifly with the superior Scizor and Yanmega. Both have better stats, moves and with Scizor, harder weaknesses to overcome. Dustox was always just one Psychic away from a knockout, but Scizor? You’re going to NEED a powerful Fire move to take him out. As always, Drapion is what will throw your game plan off, as it is not a bug type at all. Being a Poison and Dark Dual Type means Drapion is only weak to Ground attacks. You can use that same powerful Fire Pokemon to take out Yanmega and Vespiqueen, and it’ll be quite useful against Heracross as well.

Bertha the Ground Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Quagsire: Level 55 Gliscor: Level 53
Sudowoodo: Level 56 Rhyperior: Level 55
Golem: Level 56 Golem: level 52
Whiscash: Level 55 Whiscash: Level 50
Hippowdon: Level 59 Hippowdon: Level 52

Once again, we see a pretty solid drop in levels, especially with poor Hippowdon. However again two weaker Pokemon are replaced by two stronger ones, at least in stats. At first glance, you’re probably thinking, “One flying Pokemon and I’m safe.” Especially when I tell you that all the Pokemon but Whiscash know Earthquake. Well, that’s not exactly true seeing as how Golem and Gliscor know Electric attacks. To be honest, your best bet for many of these is a Pokemon with the Levitate ability and who knows Grass attacks. Grass is super effective on the three Pokemon that have remained from D/P to Platinum, and it’ll take down Rhypherior quickly as well. That just leaves Gliscor and its pesky Ground and Flying combination. Well Water is super effective and Ice does 4x damage. There are tons of Pokemon that are Water and Ice dual type or that have access to both moves. I’m sure you already have a particular favorite picked out.

Flint the Fire Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Rapidash: Level 58 Rapidash: Level 53
Steelix: Level 57 Flareon: Level 55
Drifblim: Level 58 Houndoom: Level 52
Lopunny: Level 57 Magmortar: Level 57
Infernape: Level 61 Infernape: Level 55

Flint was always my least favorite of the bosses in D/P, mainly because he didn’t stick to his type. How are you a master of Fire Pokemon when only two of your Pokemon have the Fire type? He just felt thrown together in a sloppy fashion to help you complete your Pokedex. Not so in Platinum. Yes the Pokemon you have to deal with are lower in level, but at least the theme is consistent. Not only are the non-Fire Types gone, but you’ve got some tough opponents ahead of you. Thankfully you should know what to do with Fire Type Pokemon by now, right? Your biggest challenges here with be Flareon and Houndoom since they’re so offensive minded and you’re probably not expecting them. Magmortar though will disrupt your all Water, all the time strategy with its Thunderbolt and Solarbeam attacks. Rapidash also has Solarbeam and Infernape has Thunder punch, so if you’re going to use Water attacks, make sure they’re not solely by a Water Pokemon.

Lucian the Psychic Master

D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Mr. Mime: Level 59 Mr. Mime: Level 53
Girafarig: Level 59 Espeon: Level 55
Medicham: Level 60 Gallade: Level 59
Alakazam: Level 60 Alakazam: Level 56
Bronzong: Level 63 Bronzong: Level 53

We’re consistently seeing the Elite Four at lower levels in Pokemon Platinum than in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We also see Lucian trading in Girafarig and Medicham for Espeon and Gallade. I understand the recent push by The Pokemon Company to push Gallade as a first tier Pokemon, but I have to admit I liked see Girafarig, which is such an unusual Pokemon being used by the elite four. Espeon is often considered “Mewtwo Lite” so this will make Lucian even tougher. Almost all of Lucian’s Pokemon are weak to Ghost and Dark attacks save Bronzong whose only weakness is Fire. Psychic and Steel are often considered the two hardest types to defeat, so having them both in one Pokemon like Bronzong means you want to take it out quickly.

Cynthia the Pokemon Champion

Pokemon D/P Version Pokemon Platinum Version
Spiritomb: Level 61 Spiritomb: Level 58
Roserade: Level 60 Roserade: Level 58
Gastrodom: Level 60 Togekiss: Level 60
Lucario: Level 63 Lucario: Level 60
Milotic: Level 63 Milotic: Level 58
Garchomp: Level 66 Garchomp: Level 62

There’s only one change to Cynthia’s lineup, but it is a big one. She’s dropped her weak link in Gastrodom for one of the best new Pokemon in Togekiss. Thankfully this Togekiss’ moveset isn’t what it could be. It only knows Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Water Pulze and Shockwave. Hit it with hard Electric, Ice or Rock attacks, and it’ll be done for the count in no time. For the rest of Cyn’s Pokemon, just use the same strategy you used in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and you’ll be fine. After all, they’re the same Pokemon at lower levels and thus weaker. You beat them once, you can easily do it again.

After that, congratulations, you’ve beaten Pokemon Platinum! Give yourselves a hand! Don’t get too cocky though, as the next time you face them, they’ll be far more powerful.


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